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150 Best Topic Ideas For Narrative Essay

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: April 26, 2022
Last update date: March 22, 2024
11 min read

In academic practice, the narrative essay is probably one of the key elements to train students in expressing their opinions. It teaches well how to tell a story in a clear, concise manner, that’s why it is so welcome in the language and composition classes.

Narrative essays are not only valuable as such: their contribution lies in the ability to elaborate students’ storytelling and narration skills. To touch the reader’s nerves, you should opt for exciting narrative essay ideas. There are plenty of them – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of essay ideas.

How to Choose a Topic for a Narrative Essay?

When you are selecting a topic for your essay, you should consider some aspects. As a teacher, you should opt for the best narrative essay topics that would be interesting and familiar to your mentees. If you are a mentee yourself, you can be assigned a specific task to write on the topic provided by your teacher or professor. In the opposite case, you have the freedom to choose a topic on your own.

We’ve collected some useful tips on how to efficiently select a narrative speech topic for your paper. They apply to the general principles of narrative essay topic choice. You can write about something special and personal for you, or describe events and subjects that are well-known to everyone. The following rules will be a perfect support for you in the creation of a powerful narrative essay.

  • Opt for relevant topics
    Always consider your audience when picking a topic if you are a teacher. The topic shall be cognizable and meaningful for your audience, be it higher school students or schoolchildren. They must be able to express their thoughts on the subject and relate their personal experiences to it.Obviously, the requirements for younger students are lower, and narrative writing topics shall deal mostly with descriptions or reporting. On the other hand, senior schoolers and students shall be able to write an essay that is also persuasive and reflective.
  • Choose your comfortable writing style
    Experience in studying affairs clearly demonstrates that successful subjects for a narration essay are those you feel comfortable with. Picking up the right idea is the key to a powerful paper as it determines the style of your writing.Think about what you love to tell about. Do you like to describe events in a detailed and vivid manner? Or maybe you are factual and concise? Are you a fan of reflections and self-analysis? Recollecting or imagining, projecting or analyzing, reporting or insightful – if you identify your features, they will be helpful narrative essay prompts.
  • Show your mastery
    Topics are essential, but that’s not the hard and fast rule: always factor into personal proficiency. This is what turns even a dull and merely informative topic into an engaging story. A narration essay is your chance to create a description that would allow your readers to pop into your experiences and share your fun or drama with you.Whether your narration concerns a film, a book, a relationship, a person, or a situation, try to complement it with a touch of personal attitude. Discourse upon the lessons you’ve learned, describe a turning point of your life or reflect on why an event from your past is so memorable. Try to convey this in the essay outline, and you’ll see how fascinating it might be. The more so as there are plenty of brilliant topics for narrative writing.

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Some Tips for Writing Narrative Essays

Narration may be both rewarding and challenging. To maximize your rewarding experience and minimize the tough aspects of essay writing, follow our tips recovered from the students’ practice.

1. Aim at telling a story

A narration essay stands foremost for a narration. Whether you are describing events, discussing situations, or recollecting the past, your story should be engaging and have a plot. You may introduce the elements that make your story individual. These include arguments, reflections, and opinions, but the focus of this type of essay is narrative.

3. Keep to an outline

The conventional structure is not required, however, it assists in organizing your thoughts properly and preserving accuracy and distinctiveness. The introduction and conclusion parts do not differ much from those in other academic papers. The body part, in turn, presents a story that may tackle moral, practical, psychological, or other problems. This clearly distinguishes your narration from all the others. This is why personal narrative topics shall be thoroughly picked.

3. Make a plan

Draft the events and characters to be introduced in your story. Don’t feel like you are limited by the structure you create. A plan is a guide rather than a mold for your text, so try making it comfortable for you. Drafting your essay before you start writing may also be helpful. This way you can break down the nuances and see what’s lacking for an immersive story.

4. Remain individual

While good narrative topics circulate in the school and college assignments, you are still able to make your essay personalized. To start with, you have your own stories to be told. Then, you might express your own opinions that are unconventional. Also, you can present the lessons you’ve learned from the story. In the end, your author’s style will surely add points to your paper.

5. Choose a writing narrative thoroughly

Stories may be told third-person or first-person. Weigh the pros and cons of each type of narration and opt for the one reflecting your objective. Personal experiences are usually written in first-person, and epic narratives may be third-person. Though, unconventional approaches may be an interesting artistic device making your essay even more intriguing.

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Narrative Essay Topics for Students

We’ve analyzed trainees’ experience in writing narrative paragraphs and selected narrative essay topics for college and school students. This profound list covers a wide range of subjects, so pick one!

Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

High school students normally feel comfortable about describing their study routine. Below you’ll find interesting topics to convey some of the things at school familiar to every pupil.

  1. My favorite class
  2. An unexpected day-off
  3. My favorite teacher
  4. My most memorable participation in a sports event
  5. My harshest debate competition
  6. My best role in a school theatre
  7. My after-school activities
  8. My routine travel to school
  9. My funny prom night adventure
  10. My worst lost match
  11. The craziest incident on my campus
  12. The subject I don’t like
  13. How I failed an exam
  14. How I got through an exam
  15. How I got caught cheating

Good Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

Just like high schoolers, students at colleges and universities are fond of talking about their everyday matters. Whether a topic about students’ affairs or reflection on new relationships, the most popular narrative topics for college students are collected here.

  1. My first day at the higher school
  2. My last day with my schoolmates
  3. My favorite course
  4. Meeting my better half
  5. The story of my split-up
  6. My brightest high school moment
  7. How I met my old friend
  8. My favourite professor
  9. A funny adventure on my campus
  10. The most symbolic episode from my college life
  11. The day I moved
  12. How I traveled to my college
  13. My first impressions of the college campus
  14. How I met my roommate
  15. My first friends at college

Topics for essays on themes:

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Each of us had moments in life the story of which would be interesting to others. Develop your narration mastery and tell the world a story about the very best, most memorable, extremely scary, or awkward situations. Our list is here to assist you.

  1. The happiest event ever
  2. The saddest moment in my life
  3. The worst moment of my life
  4. The best moment of my life
  5. If I start my life all over again, I’d…
  6. The most frightening episode of my life
  7. The most dramatic decision I had to make
  8. The life-changing event in my life
  9. The greatest risk I took
  10. The day I decided to move
  11. The worst decision of my life
  12. Getting lost abroad
  13. The most disastrous trip
  14. How I grew up in a city
  15. How I grew up in a village

Personal Experience Narrative Essay Topics

Personal experiences are way more exciting for writers. Unfortunately, personal narrative essays are not always just as fascinating for listeners unless they are presented in an entertaining manner. We’re sure that the ideas for personal narratives below will help you pick your topic to maximize readers’ engagement.

  1. The moment of my life I’m proud of
  2. My first visiting an opera house
  3. The weirdest accident I witnessed
  4. How I first tried Asian cuisine
  5. My most memorable birthday present
  6. If I was a character in a book
  7. The memory I wish I lived through again
  8. If I was my favourite movie superhero
  9. How I lost a thing that wasn’t mine
  10. My first travel to the sea
  11. What makes me unique
  12. My first trip into the wild
  13. My first job interview
  14. My most significant loss
  15. My most memorable Christmas

Narrative Essay Topics About Childhood

Childhood is probably the sweetest period of our lives and the one with the most number of insights. The most powerful experiences come from it, and most of our reflections are related to a child’s perception in this or that way. Check out our list of captivating topics about childhood and pick one.

  1. My first memories ever
  2. My first pet
  3. The role model of my childhood
  4. The first time I met my uncle/aunt
  5. The first time I got to a hospital
  6. My first big sports competition
  7. My first day at school
  8. The first time at a stadium
  9. My best visit to a children’s entertainment park
  10. My favourite preschool teacher
  11. My first time on the airplane
  12. My most memorable picnic
  13. The scariest incident of my childhood
  14. My childhood phobias
  15. The funniest incident of my childhood
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Relationship Narrative Essay Topics

Writing about this huge layer of experience – relationships – is surely thrilling. We’ve picked just some of the great variety of narrative topics about relationships for you. Even if you don’t find here exactly what you want to talk about, you’ll definitely hit upon an appropriate idea.

  1. My first romantic date
  2. How my best friend changed my life
  3. How I first met my best friend
  4. The saddest moment in a relationship I experienced
  5. A turning point in my important relationship
  6. My role model relationship from a book/movie
  7. My first romantic relationship
  8. What my parents mean to me
  9. The best advice about relationships I got
  10. Why is my significant other so important to me
  11. The situation that helped me fix my ruined relationship
  12. The best memories I share with my friends
  13. My first confession
  14. How I helped someone with depression
  15. A film/book about relationships that stroke me

Personal Narrative Essay About Friendship

Friendships often determine our paths in life, and most people love telling stories. These are about their adventures with friends or reflections on the effects of getting cozy with other people. From the list below, you may pick one of the best friendship topics for narrative essay papers.

  1. My best friend from a summer camp
  2. How I reconnected with my friend after a quarrel
  3. How I covered my friend
  4. How I first met my online friend live
  5. How I helped my friend reconnect with his/her loved one
  6. The coolest adventure with my best friend
  7. The first time at my friend’s place
  8. My worst quarrel with my friend
  9. How I first met my best friend
  10. My best older friend
  11. How my foe turned into my friend
  12. The toughest situation I and my friend went through
  13. My friend’s sister/brother
  14. The situation where I had to choose between two friends
  15. How I met a friend on the Internet

Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

How about writing on culture? The variety of topics is enormous, and you can write here in different styles and tonalities. Find out effective narrative paragraph topics dedicated to traditions, holidays, or cultural events below.

  1. My favourite holiday
  2. How we celebrate Christmas
  3. The best Christmas present I got
  4. My best Christmas
  5. My saddest Christmas
  6. The holiday which is most significant for me
  7. Our family traditions for Easter
  8. How I took part in holidays abroad
  9. The scariest Halloween I ever had
  10. Home alone on a holiday night
  11. The most memorable cultural event I visited
  12. The festival I love most
  13. What I was thankful for this Thanksgiving Day
  14. My family traditions
  15. A foreign holiday tradition that I love most

Personal Narrative Stories Ideas on Traveling and Holidays

This segment of subjects covers individual experiences. Respectively, it has to do with reflections, opinions, and feelings. Our list of personal narrative ideas related to trips and celebrations is here for your convenience.

  1. My best entertainment on winter holidays
  2. My first traveling abroad
  3. How I first visited a warm country in winter
  4. How I missed my flight/train/bus
  5. The happiest moment during the holidays
  6. Making a new friend during the holidays
  7. My first time traveling alone
  8. My most memorable holiday ever
  9. The saddest incident on a holiday
  10. My best visit to a foreign city on holiday
  11. My best travel to a big city
  12. The worst quarrel while on holiday
  13. The best encounters during the holiday
  14. My best trip to a countryside
  15. How I returned home after a long vacation

Narrative Argument Essay Topics

Strong argumentation is one of the indications of a successful academic paper and a prerequisite for a higher grade. You should pick a topic you are confident in to provide your effective arguments as your objective is to persuade your readers. Opt for a narrative essay topic that speaks to you.

  1. The toughest decision between right and wrong
  2. The choice I regret
  3. How I helped a friend against the rules
  4. Involvement in a conflict between other people
  5. Getting caught lying
  6. How I let down a friend following the rules
  7. How I shifted the blame to someone else
  8. The toughest yet most important experience
  9. Helping someone for personal benefit
  10. The prank I played on my friend
  11. Ignoring bullying
  12. How my friend took the blame for me
  13. Does justice actually exist?
  14. Ignoring the wrong behavior of others
  15. Eavesdropping

When writing a narrative essay, it is important to choose an interesting topic that can engage your readers. Finding the right topic can be a challenge, but there is no need to worry as there are many resources available, such as online essay writers, that can help you choose the best topic for your narrative essay.


Whether a personal experience essay, a story about your best childhood birthday, a narration about your most meaningful travel, or the way you reacted to essential world events, are all worth writing. Bear in mind that each of them requires research, adhering to a structure, and planning. Focus on what’s inspiring for you and may be of interest to your readers, and you’ll get a list of the narrative ideas working best for you.

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