APA Research Paper Outline: Examples and Template

There are three commonly used APA examples for an outline, based upon setting sections in a numerical sequence. We have gathered all the templates in this article so you can understand everything clearly. Let’s see how APA formatting style works and how an outline in APA looks.

The Basic APA Outline Format

Here is an example of a simple outline for the topic "Directing a Play for Scholars" looks.

I. Choose a Play

A. Ask other qualified people

B. Think about your own experience

(1) Think about your own school literature courses

(2) Refer to your non-academic knowledge

a) what did your parents advise you

b) your own literature preferences

II. Begin preparation

A. Select actors

1. Invite those you are familiar with

a. Choose those you have had experience working with

(1) Call those who were professional

(2) Give another chance for lesser candidates

2. Invite those you are not familiar with

a. Ask another director

b. Ask a familiar actor for a recommendation

B. Start rehearsal

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Full Sentence Outline Format

This format is almost similar to the previous one. The distinction is that this way of writing the plan requires complete sentences for each subheading. Numeric approaches are the same.

I. Directing scholastic plays is a very important educational experience.

A. Taking part in staging, scholars develop creatively with a focus on creativity.

This format implies using APA citation rules if needed. Other writing plan templates do not allow one to use other author’s thoughts.

Decimal Outline Format

1.0. Choose the play

1.1. Ask other qualified people

1.2. Think about your own experience

1.2.1. Remember school literature courses

1.2.2. Return to your non-scholastic knowledge

Example Of Outline For College Research Paper In APA Format

If you are not quite sure what format and structure to follow when creating an outline for an APA research paper, you should check out the example provided below.

I) Introduction – the first section of your paper that aims to grab the reader’s attention and clarify the topic and main objectives of your work.

A) Hook – Start with a fact, question, quote or something else to capture attention.

B) Make a statement of the paper’s main problem.

C) Background – Your goal is to tell the readers about the nature and background of a specific problem and provide enough information to better understand the idea of your work.

D) Thesis – Make a short statement on your work’s focus.

II) Body – This section in your paper will consist of 3-5 parts, each focusing on a separate idea. Each part should have the following structure:

A) Main idea (topic sentence)

B) Research concept

C) Supporting details

D) Transition to the next part

III) Summary – Briefly summarize all the points you’ve made.

IV) Conclusion – The final part of your work that restates the thesis statement, makes a reflection on the work you have done and is an opportunity for you to suggest possible uses of the results.

V) Reference page.

The research paper outline examples given above are long-established ways of composing a plan but still comply with APA writing standards.

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Although some students skip writing an outline for their research papers and underestimate its usefulness, it plays a big role in your success. With a good outline, you increase your chances of writing a high-quality paper. An outline completes several important functions:

  • It helps you to follow the right structure.
  • It contains all the ideas, evidence, and points you should include, so you won’t leave something out.
  • It helps you focus on the task and contributes to a faster writing process.

Therefore, making an outline is important! Never skip this step and you will easily handle all your assignments!

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