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Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For College Student

04 Oct 2018Essay Writing Guides

An essay is an attempt to communicate information, opinions, or feelings, and it usually presents an argument on a topic. In an academic context, an essay is an exercise student can explore and clarify his or her ideas on a subject. 

If you are thinking about how to write a persuasive essay, you need to know that writing an essay is a complex process. Issues such as choosing a topic and conducting thorough research are involved with the chosen topic. The analysis of the paper and the design of the arguments also need to support the issues presented. Therefore, an important focus will be placed on the steps to create a strong persuasive essay. Choosing an engaging and persuasive essay topic will set the rules of construction and its final form.

How To Choose An Interesting Topic For Persuasive Essay

Hiring a persuasive essay writing service can be an option when you are facing some problems in creating an essay. Professional help can be found online with people who have skills in this domain – an important option if you have to make a speech about atopic and your grade is split between an oral presentation and the written one.

What You Should Know When Writing A Persuasive Essay

The first step in making an essay is to find a relevant topic to not only make the task more engaging but to motivate yourself to help write a more convincing essay. At this stage, it is also necessary to narrow down the topic by adopting a particular position towards a subject or a sub-topic.

If you have problems establishing a position on the subject you want to address, brainstorm with others or work individually and write down the ideas that go through your mind, no matter how irrelevant or strange they may seem. This is part of writing tips for case study analysis – so being creative is key. At the next stage, start to make connections between ideas and group them into sub-topics developing them and explore in detail.

Funny Cause And Persuasive Essay Topics

If you are looking for funny and interesting persuasive topics, you should consider these topics for a persuasive essay:

  1. Blondes are best in science
  2. Humour can improve your work results.
  3. Men cheat more than women.
  4. Drinking wine every day can make you healthier.
  5. Homework should be forbidden.
  6. Why is it important to unfriend your parents on Facebook?
  7. Moms can be excellent football players.
  8. Debatable essays should be made with important speakers.
  9. “Family Guy” can be a life model for children.
  10. Men love pink more than women.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

When you want a good essay and impress your audience you can check these solutions for your persuasive essay:

  1. Work hard in the workplace to feel better.
  2. Choose your clothes for your dream job.
  3. Why do people feel the importance to always be right?
  4. Do embarrassing situations make people change their life?
  5. People who experience devastating situations appreciate their life more.
  6. Why should people try new things?
  7. If you want something strong, how do you succeed?
  8. Self-confident makes you successful.
  9. Hobbies improve your personal skills.
  10. Is music an efficient stress reliever in reducing depression?
  11. The possibility of facing a war.
  12. Homework writing assignments should be replaced with oral presentations.
  13. Collecting cars or dolls is the most boring hobby in the world.
  14. Students of any age should keep their phones with them.
  15. School cafeterias should implement more rigorous health policies.
  16. Colleges should provide their students with free food.
  17. Can money make your life better?
  18. Should students study each day?
  19. Why do children love pets?
  20. What is more important - recycling or donating?

Best Persuasive Essay Topics In 2018

For college, try these trendy persuasive essay topics 2018!

  1. Every American should learn to speak a second language from primary school.
  2. Every immigrant should learn to speak fluent English.
  3. High school campuses should be safeguarded by soldiers.
  4. The legal drinking age should be 18 as it is in other countries.
  5. Kids under 12 shouldn't have a Facebook account.
  6. Standardized examinations should be removed.
  7. Every family should create a survival plan.
  8. Parents should discuss drugs with their children from primary school age.
  9. Racial offenses should be banned.
  10. Gun possession should be firmly controlled.
  11. Yearly driving examinations should be required for novice drivers.
  12. All Americans have a constitutional right to health care.
  13. Pregnant couples should receive free training for parenting.
  14. Children need better sex education.
  15. School examinations are not realistic.
  16. Violent video games can trigger people to act aggressively in real life.
  17. Nuclear power should be prohibited.
  18. Climate change should be the most important political concern.
  19. Medical marijuana should universally be legal.
  20. People should go to prison if they beat or injure their pets.

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