Best Ideas For Persuasive Speech

What Makes A Good Persuasive Speech Topic?

College students often struggle with writing persuasive speeches and even more, they struggle with finding good topic ideas for their performance. In fact, it is not that easy to define which topics for a persuasive speech will be interesting, not only to your audience but also for you because the idea should also be significant and relevant. Where do you look for persuasive speech ideas for college? There are many ways for a student to select a good topic. However, to save time and rid yourself of the boring and tedious work, the best specialists from our speech writing services online have prepared a list of 60 great persuasive speech topics for you! All topics are organized into categories. Thus, we are confident that each of you will find something interesting for yourself.

However, before we can get to our list of persuasive speech ideas, we want to give you an idea of what makes a particular topic good for your speech and also give you a few tips that can help you choose the best topic!

Many factors influence the effectiveness of the chosen topic, but here we will discuss the top three:

  1. It should be significant – the topic has to be important, people have to care about it and it should also be understandable to your audience;
  2. It should be familiar to you – in-depth knowledge of the selected topic, as well as your interest in it, are the keys to success, which is why you have to study your topic fully;
  3. There should be a balance – one of the biggest mistakes that university students make when writing a speech about yourself is running to extremes – they choose too controversial, too difficult, or, on the contrary, too easy persuasive speech topics, which is a big mistake!

That is what makes a certain topic good.

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Top 60 Good Persuasive Speech Topics

“About what should I write me a speech?” – This is a question that every person faces before writing a speech for any purpose. To save you some time and energy we have prepared a list of the best ideas which will teach you how to write persuasive speech.


  1. Discuss whether an expulsion is a deserved punishment for students who bully others
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of making a certain number of volunteering hours mandatory for high school students
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of making uniforms mandatory at every school, college, or university (Also, we have some examples of essays about School Uniforms)
  4. Reasons why student GPAs should not be influenced by grades received in gym class
  5. Reasons to prohibit the use of cell phones on school grounds
  6. Effective ways to fight bullying in schools (Also, we have some examples of essays about Bullying)
  7. Reasons to teach boys and girls in separate classrooms
  8. Reasons to make the learning of at least one foreign language a mandatory requirement at all schools
  9. Reasons to award teachers with bonuses when their students perform well on standardized tests
  10. Ways to increase student  interest in learning


  1. Reasons to use reusable bags in our everyday life
  2. Whether Pluto should be considered a planet or not
  3. Benefits of making recycling mandatory for everyone (Also, we have some examples of essays about Recycling)
  4. Should the US government spend more funds on space programs?
  5. What are the main dangers of ocean oil spills? (Also, we have some examples of essays about Water Pollution)
  6. Is it important to be aware of what’s happening in outer space?
  7. Importance of keeping our environment clean
  8. Reasons to donate your body to science
  9. Benefits of conserved oil
  10. Reasons to ban palm oil

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  1. Technology makes kids lazy
  2. Electronics tend to make people less creative
  3. Having printed photos is better than keeping their electronic versions on a computer
  4. The importance of making a backup of computer files several times each day
  5. Search engines are replacing libraries
  6. The influence of technology on humanity’s future
  7. Importance of being aware of the fraud that operates online
  8. Phones prevent us from communicating with each other
  9. Reasons why online music should be free of charge
  10. Ways in which technology has made our lives better and easier


  1. Graffiti should be considered an art
  2. Prove that offensive or inappropriate language has to be removed from classic literature
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of replacing paper books with electronic ones
  4. Reasons to make music and art therapy covered by standard health insurance
  5. The effectiveness of art and music therapy
  6. Importance of cultural education for a young generation
  7. Benefits of encouraging students to participate in cultural events
  8. Benefits of making national museums free for all citizens
  9. Importance of increasing people’s cultural level
  10. Reasons why students should be required to learn to play at least one instrument at school


  1. Why should all internship opportunities be paid?
  2. Did/will Brexit help or harm the UK’s economy? (Also, we have some examples of essays about Brexit)
  3. Why should imported products come with an extra tax?
  4. Reasons to make tipping in restaurants mandatory
  5. Importance of increasing the minimum wage for federal workers (Also, we have some examples of essays about Minimum Wage)
  6. Benefits of free public transport for people over 65
  7. Hazards of the trade deficit with China
  8. Reasons to buy products manufactured in your country
  9. Benefits of Black Friday sales for the county’s economy
  10. Reasons to give bonuses to employees who are biking or walking to work


  1. Niche marketing: is it important for your business?
  2. Why should advertising standards be higher?
  3. Is it ethical for people to eat meat? (Also, we have some examples of essays about Vegetarianism)
  4. Reasons why wearing fur is unethical
  5. Positive influences of fairy tales on young children
  6. Ways to fight domestic abuse (Also, we have some examples of essays about Domestic Abuse)
  7. Reasons to give students an opportunity to have their loans forgiven
  8. Ways to improve the modern banking system
  9. Should the government provide the homeless with shelter? (Also, we have some examples of essays about Homelessness)
  10. Is distributing free condoms in schools good or not?

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