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How To Write A Comparison Essay

As we navigate our lives we can’t help but notice the elements in our environment. Whether it’s the latest car, a fashion trend or even some experiences. Think about your favorite Mexican restaurant, then visit another, automatically you’re likely to size them up to each other. So when your professors assign you homework to compare two samples in a case study, it may seem natural. But at the college level, something happens, Our natural ability to compare vacates us. You may be stuck wondering how to write a comparison essay. This is a common dilemma many students face. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to walk you through the steps of constructing the perfect paper. Below you’ll find tips how to formulate your outline and what to include, and more importantly how to go about it. So read on to learn how the pros write a comparison essay.

What Is A Comparison Essay?

As it sounds your comparative essay should analyze two objects, events, or theories and determine the similarities and differences. The overall goal of the paper is for the reader to clearly identify how the studied criteria are the same and where they diverge. In a marketing class you may be tasked with to evaluate two similar products and develop a plan to demonstrate their features and benefits. Or in a psychology class you may have an in depth look at two therapy techniques and then evaluate the results of a particular case study. The critical component of your paper is that you need to ensure your findings are backed up with empirical data. While you may feel one subject is “better” than an other, it is important to give examples to prove your position. Information that can be weighed or measured such as a devices performance or the results of a process is strong evidence to support a claim.

Choosing A Great Topic For A Comparison Essay?

What you write about could make or break your paper. As in any academic work, a good comparison and contrast essay will have a purpose that adds value. For this, consider topics that useful in your discipline. Effective compare and contrast topics should expand the universe of knowledge or valid claims which have not yet been proven. A few examples of topics include:

  • Economics: Fiscal Policy vs Monetary Policy – An analysis of the great depression and the era of stagflation
  • Political Science: Obama and Bush – Inspirational speaker vs. humble demeanor
  • Literature: Faulkner and Hemingway – A paradox of prose
  • Philosophy: Existentialism and Utilitarianism
  • Law: Applications of Common Law vs Statue Law Regarding Property

In addition to these academic subjects, you may also be tasked to write a good application comparison essay when you enter college. These topics could be more light-hearted and include comparing your youth with you adolescent years, or to compare two close friends.

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Steps To Write Comparison Essay

If you’re wondering how to write a comparison essay fast, there are a few tricks to make the most of your time. Follow these steps professional writers use and you’re sure to get your paper done to meet the tightest deadlines.

Brainstorm on a scratch pad: You may be used to using your computer for everything, but for organizing your ideas, old-fashioned scratch paper works best. Draw a side by side chart and start listing out the characteristics of your subjects. Mention all the pros and cons, physical characteristics, as well as processes and applications that each possesses.

Build your outline: With your data table you can start the compare and contrast outline. Check the required length of your paper and start building a paragraph structure that will meet any bullet points and suffice the word count. Be sure to start off with your most interesting points to keep the reader engaged.

Draft your paper: Be sure to include a catchy title that is on point with the contents of your work. As a general rule try not to go over 12 words in your title. Also note that the thesis statement for comparison and contrast essay should relate to every section of your text.

Review your work: Now it’s time to smooth out some rough patches in your initial draft and fine tune some sections. Pay special attention to retain your paper’s focus and to meet all the task requirements. Many students get stuck on this phase and while they’ve met the requirements, are not happy with the final product. In this case a comparison essay to buy is a great alternative. Hiring a specialist in your subject is the best way to get a good grade.

Comparison Essay Format

Universities are real sticklers for formatting. This may seem as an annoyance for many students, but academic work should be consistent across disciplines to aid analysts to efficiently reference work and apply it to their own studies. You may be required to write a comparison essay in MLA format or APA depending on your course. So armed with the latest style guide of your choice, let’s get down to how to write a good comparison essay outline.

Compare And Contrast Outline

A good essay outline will contain at minimum the three core sections – introduction, body, and conclusion. Often times the intro can be the most difficult to write and it should be reserved for last. Once you have all your ideas laid out, it is much easier to hammer out a solid beginning to inform the reader what is to follow. You can pick out an interesting fact in your paper to write a strong hook to lure your readers in. Also, you’ll be able to tighten up your compare and contrast thesis to give a stronger impression.

Comparison Essay Outline Example

In this example we’ll lay out a comparison and contrast essay point by point. In our structure we’ve elected to speak about similarities and follow up with differences and applied an extended conclusion with an analysis and then the actual concluding paragraph for the scope of the paper.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

We all have our opinions and curiosities and it is a fun experience to share them with the world. And you can through an effective compare and contrast paper. Just be sure to pick subjects that can be analyzed and backup your conclusions with data and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the inner workings of the world. Sometimes you may find a lack of inspiration for a topic or are stressed to get a high grade. We are here to help 24/7/365 to get you out of a jam and write your papers for you in your time of need. So reach out to us, we are standing by.

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