APA Research Paper Title Page: How to Write Guide

Research work written in APA formatting must strictly have a title page. This requirement differentiates this formatting standard from others and also gives some special opportunities. The rules for developing it can be both elementary and strict. We will be focused on the APA 7 title page. The previous research paper title page or APA title page was 6.

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Running Head

The running head represents a short form of the title that is represented to the reader throughout the paper. It is placed in the header of each page. While the name may contain as many words as the author needs, the running head consists of a recognizable and concise part of the name of the work concerning the title page.

The running head is typed entirely in capital letters, and Its length cannot exceed 50 words. A Reminder that “Running Head” is written in this exact way and followed by a colon, and goes before the shortened heading. This is how you can make a professional title page using a proper APA title page.

APA Title Page

The title of your work should be located in the center of the page relative to the vertical axis, centered regarding side margins, and typed in the standard font style and size. APA formatting does not obligate but recommends that it should not be very long and contain useless information. Use standard capitalization while writing the title.

Starting from the moment of writing the title, all the text on the title page should be double-spaced. Student papers usually contain a mistake here, so professors will pay close attention to it! Make sure your research paper cover page uses a precise APA format and is error-free.

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Affiliation With The Institution

The institutional affiliation has a huge role in all of this. It is mandatory according to the APA publication manual and should be present in all research papers. If you are a student, you will write school and the department where you are writing research papers for.

If you are a researcher, you will write the institution and department where you have completed the research paper and the actual research.
You can find a title page example with multiple authors. The cover page will include all the authors, with the institutions and departments for each one. University name and department are mandatory to use according to APA guidelines.

The maximum length is not defined. But use a shortened version just in case, and New Roman font works best. Just don't try to write too much here. Be specific and direct.

Details Regarding The Course

Here you will have to provide all the details and information about the course. Make sure to enter the course number and name, the due date, and the name of the instructor name.

Most of the time, the instructor will be your professor, and he or she can help you with the specifics. This is similar to the MLA format.

As always, use short facts and specifics and the full course name on the page. A professional paper will use very short words. This is something that you can see in a student paper and in an abbreviated version.

The due date is pre-set, and you will use the first one agreed upon. There is no way you can change it or make it longer.

Author Note

Author note is the next step you need to complete. This is not something you will see in a new paragraph or start with the first word. It simply means that if you are presenting a professional paper, you can provide ORCID iD, acknowledges (brief only), any changes in affiliation and etc.

Some call this European style, but we believe that all papers should have this if possible. It makes your first page and a student version better. Always use the middle initial and the first letter. Author note is extremely important, keep that in mind. This section goes on the bottom half of the page.

Do Not Include An Image

Some of you will ask should an image be included on the title page or the cover page. The title page is there to provide only the details needed. There is no need to provide an image. Some professors even dislike this dramatically.

According to the modern language association, there are no details or guidelines regarding this and a title page. Your research paper will contain the paper title, page header, sections, and if needed, images, but the cover page will not.

If you have to or must add an image, make sure it is free to use. Only then you can use it on the research paper cover page and don't end up in trouble. The same thing applies to research paper MLA format or MLA style if you prefer. MLA style can be even more complicated when it comes to images, institutional affiliation, and title pages in general.

Don't forget about quotation marks on the student title page and the paper's title if they are needed. Be more focused on the first paragraph and the third paragraph than on this. You can add pictures after the second paragraph.

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Personal Information

After indicating the title of the paper, its author may state his personal information. Personal details are typed directly below the title and use the same formatting style as the aforementioned title, only changing information from the designation of the study to the first and last name of the writer.

According to the same rules, the name of the institution under the auspices of which the research is conducted appears below the author's name. It is as important as the page header.

If you become famous, you will want to share these details in all the papers you write. It is impressive how a simple thing like this can be important.

There is no need to add that all of this makes the whole process look and feel much better.

Page Number

The numbering of the pages in APA coincides with numbering in other formatting styles. The title page is also included in the list of numbered pages. Page numbering should appear in the upper right corner of the header using Arabic numerals. The page number is another mistake you can make.

In a nutshell, nobody likes to read without page number which is even a bigger problem in academic writing. This is why you can see this at any professional version and in professional papers. Page numbers always go in the upper right hand corner, and they are not center-aligned elements.

This simple thing can make your research paper look and feel more advanced and more appealing. Double space is not needed when using the numbers for the pages.

Additional Information

You may ask which `special opportunities` gives a title page. The eye-catching nature of the cover favorably identifies an APA research paper from others.

It is one of a kind, and it is more than just popular. This is why you will have to make sure you understand it completely and know how and when to use it properly.

Keep In Mind

A paper title has a huge role in all of this. It can make your research paper much better when you have a proper research paper title with all the specifics. Don't forget that the page number is important, and also the institutional affiliation elements you have to enter.

This is a small type of writing with one or two lines only, and other pages are much more complex. So, make sure you complete it on the first line and have a perfect sample title.

We know that all of this may sound complicated. At first, it probably is. But, once you have written the page using these guidelines, you will memorize them. You will see how simple they are.

Now you have skills that can make you a much better writer. It is a mandatory thing to know and one that can make your whole education different and better.

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