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165 Opinion Essay Topics to Write About

One of the most challenging tasks in writing an opinion essay is choosing the topic. A good opinion essay topic is one that allows the writer to express their views and beliefs on a current event or a controversial issue. It's crucial to opt for a theme that piques your interests and has the scope to allow you to present your opinion.

In this blog post, you will find opinion essay topics on different genres, from education to politics and even sports.

What is An Opinion Essay?

Opinion essays are essays in which the author presents and defends their point of view on a particular issue. The opinion presented is supported through relevant evidence and examples.

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Good Opinion Essay Topic: How to Choose

There are a few things to consider when brainstorming opinion essay topic ideas.

  • Is the topic something you're interested in?
  • Can you come up with a strong personal opinion on the topic?
  • Is the topic something that can be debated?
  • Is the topic something that people will want to read about?

Opinion Essay Topics for High School

There is a variety of opinion writing ideas that high school students can choose from. Some popular opinion topics, for example, include: the significance of staying physically fit, the importance of eating habits, implications of eating disorders, how government control religious practices, etc. The important point to note while selecting an opinion essay topic is to consider your personal beliefs and interests.

  1. The benefits of a college education
  2. Impact of social media on adolescent growth
  3. The pros and cons of standardised testing
  4. The importance of physical education
  5. The benefits of extracurricular activities
  6. The effects of bullying on teen development
  7. Why are family bonds important?
  8. An opinion essay on the benefits of positive self-esteem
  9. The effects of teenage pregnancy on teen development
  10. The pros and cons of co-ed schooling
  11. The importance of volunteer work
  12. The benefits of a healthy diet
  13. The effects of teenage drinking and drug use
  14. Is time management suitable for students?
  15. The importance of a good education

Opinion Essay Topics for College Students

A college student usually navigates through a plethora of different controversial issues and dilemma during his/her education. Students who want to express their thoughts and ideas while also engaging in a meaningful debate can use an opinion essay writing as an opportunity. From campus violence related issues to gun laws, students get the chance to put their views and beliefs ahead. Some good opinion essay topics that are relevant to the experiences are as follows:

  1. The impact of social media on the development of teenage social skills
  2. The benefits of studying abroad for college students
  3. The effects of a college education on future income potential
  4. The importance of internships for college students
  5. The value of a liberal arts education
  6. How to choose the right college for you
  7. How to pay for college
  8. The role of college athletics in the educational experience
  9. How to balance work and school
  10. The challenges of returning to school as an adult
  11. The impact of technology on the college experience
  12. The changing role of the professor in the classroom
  13. The benefits of study groups
  14. How to stay motivated in college
  15. The importance of college graduation

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Personal Opinion Essay Topics

Topics for personal opinion essays can encompass everything from current events to personal experiences. When selecting a topic for an opinion essay, it's crucial to ensure that you have a strong stance and can back it up with solid evidence. Opinion topics provide an opportunity to persuade others and introduce them to a diverse range of perspectives.

  1. The impact of social media on personal relationships
  2. The benefits of a healthy diet
  3. The dangers of smoking
  4. The importance of regular exercise
  5. The effects of stress on the body
  6. The benefits of getting a good night's sleep
  7. The dangers of drinking alcohol
  8. The importance of staying safe online
  9. The effects of technology on the brain
  10. The benefits of meditation
  11. The dangers of using too much screen time
  12. The benefits of a positive outlook on life
  13. The effects of gratitude on happiness
  14. The importance of spending time with loved ones
  15. The importance of taking time for oneself

Public Opinion Essay Topics

Public opinion refers to the attitudes and views held by a substantial segment of society regarding a specific issue. These opinions are typically impacted by a range of factors, such as government policies, personal experiences, and cultural values. Here are some ideas for public opinion essay topics to consider:

  1. How does the media shape public opinion?
  2. Are there any benefits to having a public opinion?
  3. How much impact do social networking platforms have on us?
  4. Does the public have a right to know everything?
  5. How can we ensure that the public’s opinion is heard?
  6. How does angry parenting affect children
  7. The pros and cons of health insurance
  8. Modern pop stars and their influence on the youth
  9. Does the government have a responsibility to act on the opinion of the public?
  10. Is it possible to have a collective opinion?
  11. How can we ensure that public opinion is not impacted by fake news?
  12. Who should be responsible for shaping the opinion of the common man?
  13. Analysing the impact of media coverage on public
  14. The effectiveness of military training programs
  15. The pros and cons of using medical marijuana

Topics for Social Media Opinion Essays

Online social platforms have become a significant part of our daily existence. They affect various aspects of our lives in various ways. Hence, there is a multitude of potential essay topics to consider. Here are a few examples of opinion essay topics to keep in mind:

  1. How have online social platforms changed the way we communicate?
  2. Online social platforms shaping the way we think
  3. Influence of social media on human behaviour
  4. How can we use online social platforms for our benefit?
  5. Drawbacks of using digital social platforms
  6. Ways how online social platforms impact mental health
  7. Is your physical health impacted due to excessive use of online social apps?
  8. Influence of social media platforms on relationships.
  9. How does excessive use of social media affect our productivity?
  10. Is it ethical for parents to have access to social media control tools
  11. How are political leaders using online social apps for their benefit?
  12. How is social media shaping our societal norms?
  13. Unleashing the power of social media platforms and online communication
  14. Do online social platforms affect our control over privacy?
  15. Navigating the dark side of online social platforms and their threat to our society

Sports Opinion Essay Topics

If you're a sports fan, there are many aspects of sports that make for great opinion essay topics. Whether you choose to write about the impact of sports on youth growth or the evolving nature of the sports world, make sure to present a clear, well-supported opinion backed by relevant research and data. Students also opt for university essays for sale which provide a solution to get high-quality opinion essays Here are some sports related topics you can choose from for your opinion essay:

  1. The impact of sports on society
  2. An opinion essay on the business of sports
  3. Sports and its contribution to national identity
  4. The impact of sports on individual development
  5. The positive and negative effects of sports on mental health
  6. Sports and the media
  7. Sports and gender
  8. Sports and disability
  9. Elite sports and the exploitation of athletes
  10. Amateur sports and the benefits for participants
  11. Sports and obesity
  12. Sports and violence
  13. Sports and gambling today and in the past decades
  14. The impact of sports on international relations
  15. Envisioning the future of sports, trends and predictions

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Topics in Psychology for Opinion Essay

Psychology is a captivating field of study that has sparked numerous opinions and debates for years. If you're seeking thought-provoking topics for your opinion essay within psychology, there are many fascinating options to choose from:

  1. How does the human brain process information?
  2. How do different cultures perceive mental illness?
  3. How does the media affect the way people view mental illness?
  4. What are the benefits of therapy?
  5. What are the different types of therapy?
  6. Assessing the Efficiency of Various Therapeutic Approaches
  7. How do family dynamics affect mental health?
  8. An opinion essay on stress and its effect on mental health?
  9. How does trauma affect mental health?
  10. How does poverty affect mental health?
  11. How does immigration affect mental health?
  12. How does discrimination affect mental health?
  13. How does social media affect mental health?
  14. Do Internal online platforms affect mental health?
  15. Technological advancement in the field of psychology

Political Science Opinion Essay Topics

The study of politics provides numerous opportunities for crafting thought-provoking opinion essays. There is a range of topics to choose from, covering everything from local politics to international governance and political control instrument. Here are some opinion essay topics that you can choose from relevant to the subject of political science:

  1. The impact of social media on political participation
  2. The impact of campaign finance on the political process
  3. The role of the media in shaping public opinion
  4. How does the voting system impact the political outcomes
  5. The impact of political polarisation on legislative productivity
  6. The impact of gerrymandering on electoral outcomes
  7. The impact of term limits on the quality of representation
  8. The impact of redistricting on political representation
  9. Campaign advertising and its effect on voter behaviour
  10. Political dynasties and how they shape political competition
  11. The role and effect of youth engagement in the political process
  12. The impact of women's participation in politics
  13. Does ethnic diversity contribute to political outcomes?
  14. Religious diversity and how it shapes political outcomes
  15. The influence of social media on political division

Thought-Provoking Opinion Writing Topics

A powerful way to communicate and engage your perspective with society is by opinion writing For instance, you can write about artificial intelligence, slavery controversy, global warming, any philosophy essay topics, or modern society. In all cases, a successful opinion essay is one that resonates with you at a personal level. Here are some essay topics to help you with choosing the perfect one:

  1. What is the key to academic success?
  2. Does Asian culture dominate the business world?
  3. Eating disorders- is the media to blame?
  4. Vulgar power display and its impact on society - is this a good thing?
  5. Is the current drinking age too high?
  6. Are angry parents to blame for behavioural problems in children?
  7. What are your personal views on domestic violence?
  8. Is modern culture based on the ideology of feminism?
  9. Do we need to rethink the way we approach education?
  10. Is the internet a positive or negative force in our lives?
  11. Should we be worried about the rise of artificial intelligence?
  12. How do we deal with the challenges of globalisation and economic inequality?
  13. What is the future of the human race?
  14. Should we be more environmentally conscious and take steps to help with global warming?
  15. How can we create a better world?

History Opinion Essay Topics

History is a realm that lets you get a glimpse of the past and understand how events of the past shaped the world of today. There are many opinion essay topics that you can choose from, including the events leading up to World War, civil wars, and colonialism. Here are some opinion essay topics you can choose from if you are interested in history:

  1. How has the role of women changed in society over the past few decades?
  2. How has modern culture affected the way we view traditional values?
  3. How do different cultures view slavery and the slave trade?
  4. How does the rest of the world view our country and its politics?
  5. How did World War II affect the entire world?
  6. How has the internet changed the way we research and learn about history?
  7. How do different cultures celebrate holidays and traditions?
  8. What are some lesser-known historical facts about your own country?
  9. What are some controversial topics in history that are still debated today?
  10. How do we remember and commemorate historical events?
  11. How do we balance historical accuracy with the artistic license when telling historical stories?
  12. What is the future of historical research and scholarship?
  13. How do we ensure that the lessons of history are not forgotten?
  14. What is the impact of historical revisionism on our understanding of the past?
  15. How does history shape our understanding of the present and future?

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Environment Opinion Essay Topics

We cannot deny the fact that the environment is an important part of our planet, and it has a paramount impact on all of us. If you are an environment enthusiast, then you must be searching for an opinion essay topic that translates your beliefs. Here are several opinion essay topics that you can choose from:

  1. What is the ecological impact of global warming?
  2. What is the negative impact of technological advancement on the environment?
  3. What is the ecological impact of mass-produced chicken?
  4. What is the impact of ecology education on the environment?
  5. What is the impact of environmental awareness on the world?
  6. The devastating effects of climate change on our planet.
  7. What is the impact of human activity on the environment?
  8. Vanishing forests, vanishing future: the consequences of deforestation
  9. What is the impact of pollution on the environment?
  10. Overpopulation and its impact on the environment: the truth or a hidden agenda
  11. What is the impact of capitalism on the environment?
  12. What is the impact of consumerism on the environment?
  13. What is the impact of globalisation on the environment?
  14. The environmental toll of the industrial revolution
  15. The environmental footprint of the digital age

Education Opinion Essay Topics

Societies growth and development depend on education. There are several opinion essay topics that can be explored in the field of education. This can include the role of technology in the education system, gender bias faced by students, and unequal access to quality education. Here are some opinion essay topics on education that you can choose from.

  1. How can academic writing help students achieve academic success?
  2. What are the benefits of distance learning for high school students?
  3. Personal skills that students develop in single gender schools.
  4. Is sex education necessary in the school curriculum?
  5. How effective is home-schooling as an educational option?
  6. Is it a challenging task to educate modern children?
  7. What are the flaws of the current educational system?
  8. How can the school curriculum be improved?
  9. What is the impact of age difference on the educational process?
  10. How do modern children spend their free time?
  11. What are the benefits of challenging tasks for students?
  12. How can students balance their academic and personal lives?
  13. Is there a way to reduce stress in the educational process?
  14. The negative impact that single gender schools can have on students.
  15. What are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for students?

Topics for Opinion Essays on Literature

Literature is a landscape that is rich and offers the opportunity to explore the intangible such as human experience and emotions. One of the most common requests by students is "write an essay for me", as they try to navigate through a plethora of topics to choose from. To make your life easier, here are some opinion essay topics that you can take inspiration from if you are in the field of education.

  1. Classic books that everyone should read
  2. The different types of literature and their purposes
  3. The impact of Martin Luther King's message on literature
  4. The representation of women in classic literature
  5. The representation of minorities in classic literature
  6. The different ways that classic literature has been interpreted
  7. How to use literature to explore social issues
  8. Why can literature be used to explore personal issues?
  9. The political issues tackled in world literature
  10. A retrospective of historical issues through literature works
  11. How can literature be used to understand philosophical issues?
  12. An exploration of religious issues through secular literature
  13. How psychological issues are depicted in literature
  14. The figure of the artist in literature
  15. The ways that literature can be used to explore any other type of issue

Opinion topics are not easy to decide on. But, if you want to write a winning essay, you need to pick a topic that you have a good understanding of. No matter if you're writing about education, politics, or sports, it's important to have solid evidence and examples to back up your opinion. This way, you can write an interesting and convincing essay that will have a lasting impact on your reader.

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