How to write an Outline of a Research paper in MLA Style?

Today we are going to help you understand all about the MLA research paper outline. This is something you will need to write and has a huge effect on your paper. The outline is basically a plan for your MLA paper, and it has a huge role. You will use it to organize all the paragraphs, sections, main ideas, and more.

Usually, students use bullet points to make all of this easier. MLA outline is important and can help you complete the task in less time, provide better information, eliminate mistakes, and so much more. An outline is mandatory or highly recommended for all writings, and you can really benefit from it. A research paper outline is something your professor will recommend you write!

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Thesis Statement Of Research MLA Paper Outline

Before you even start with the MLA paper, you need to write a thesis. It is important for any paper, and it is essential. It goes before the research paper outline, and it is an explanation of the paper, the ideas, and the main elements you will use. It should be 6-7 lines, but you can make it shorter if you like. Once you have it, you can proceed to the college research paper outline and use the bullets we have mentioned above. It is important to add that the thesis is not an introduction for an outline, essay, or anything similar. It is not abstract, either.

Headings And Subheadings Of Research MLA Paper Outline

Now you will have to organize the ideas you will use. According to modern language associations, these have to be well-organized and important. In simple terms, do not use vague or unimportant pieces of information. You will create headings, and then you will create subheadings. A structured research paper outline will have as many headings/subheadings as you need in order to explain the topic in detail.

MLA format may be beneficial in this case scenario. An outline in MLA format will present all the main ideas. The key element is not to provide more or less the information you need. If you do, a reader will not be interested, and you will end up with a bad paper. In addition, the outline must not use vague, inaccurate, or completely irrelevant ideas. You will have to use this for any MLA paper and most essays in general. The goal is to stay accurate and detailed but not go extreme. Use times new roman to keep things simple. Consider style 6th edition.

Creating an MLA outline for a research paper is essential to the writing process. An outline helps to ensure that your work remains focused and organized throughout the writing process. If you are struggling to create an outline, an online paper writer can help you create an outline that is comprehensive and effective.

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Check-list Of a Good MLA Outline For A Research Paper

  • In cases where you are allowed to indicate corrections on printed research papers, use carets (ʸ) to show it. Correction is easy if you are submitting an electronic copy.
  • Write complete sentences to support your thesis statement.
  • All capital letters should be followed by phrases that offer proof, support evidence, or an explanation of the main idea.
  • Use examples and statistics to expound your points.  Here is an example:

The Template of MLA Research Paper Outline

Alphanumeric outline example

Now, look at a sample template of the MLA research paper outline below. The theme of it is "Research on the effects of global warming":

MLA Research Paper Outline Template - Alphanumeric

Decimal outline example

Here we have an example. It is ideal for an MLA outline and uses a proper MLA format, so you can always modify it and apply it to your specific needs and goals. If this is too complicated for you or you need help, you can always use "Write my research paper" services and get the job done in a minute. This is ideal if you need a complicated college research paper outline MLA or you just don't have time. Anyway, here is an example of a decimal MLA outline. The theme is "Facebook is a great place for making new friends":

Research Paper Outline MLA - Decimal

Frequently Asked Questions About Mla Outline

What is an MLA Outline?

An outline in MLA format is precise as you think. It is a plan you will use to write the assignment. It consists of the headings, subheadings, and ideas you will have to use. Basically, this is a path you will take while writing, and it will reflect how your complete task will look at the end.

According to the modern language association, this is mandatory, and something all of you need to complete first. It eliminates mistakes and makes the whole task easier. Now you have a plan. You may want to follow these steps here and get the job done in less time and expect a better grade.

How to write an Outline for a Research Paper MLA?

You will have to start by explaining the main idea of your essay. Then you will start with defining the headings. Add all the subheadings now and try to focus each one on an important part of the writing. Each one should explain the idea. This is the guide on what you will write later on. The idea must be relevant, accurate, and simple if possible. Do not use ideas that are inaccurate, have flaws, or are completely irrelevant to the essay. These can make a reader get bored and not interested.

When does the page numbering of the MLA Research Title Page begin?

It should start with the first page. It always uses Arabic numbers, and all pages should be numbered. The numbers will have to be present in the upper right corner of the page, and there are no exceptions. The only expectation is that some professors will ask you not to number the first page. If that is mandatory, you will start from the second page using number 2 and move on. Numbers must be 0.5 inches from the top, and they must be flush with the proper margin.

How to Set the Outline of a Research Paper in MLA Style in Google Docs?

Formatting your research in this case scenario is simple. You will have to start a new document and click on the file/new/template. From there, you will have to search for the MLA template and open it when you find it. Then start with the main idea at the top. You will now have to write the headings followed by or containing the subheadings.

As you can see, the whole process is super easy and far easier than when using other platforms. There is no need to adjust all the settings and optimize the content manually. Keep in mind that you should use font sizes 12, 11.5, or 11.

How to Set the Outline of a Research Paper in MLA Style in Word?

To start with your research paper outline in Word, start a new document. Click on no spacing and choose font and size. Write the main idea. Click on multi-level numbering and define multiple-level numbering then. Change the values. They should be A., I., 1. and so on (enter formatting for number). Choose the number style for this number in I, II, III for the first level, A, B, C for the third level, and 1, 2, 3 for the third level. Now you can start writing.

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