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150 Actual Biology Research Paper Topics

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: May 5, 2022
Last update date: March 22, 2024
14 min read

Biology is one of the most magnetic fields of study these days. If you want to be a biologist or scientist in the future, there is no better time to start than right now. Biology research topics covered in this article will keep you busy and interested. Writing a research paper is one of the best ways to dip your toes into the field. Before doing that, you need to know some good topics for the research paper. They should be suitable for biology students rather than cutting-edge researchers. On Papersowl.com, we provide as many biology research paper examples as possible so that you have a huge choice.

What Is Biology? What Topics Might Biologists Study?

Biology is simply the study of everything that has a form of life. It includes investigations on plants, animals, and everything found in the environment. It is about studying how life forms grow, develop, and interact with each other. Biology essay topics for research encompass all these and more.

This science uncovers many fields where various life forms are studied. It makes sense to look through these fields to help you decide which suits you the best.

  • Plant Biology research topics are about studying the plants around us. They disclose information about their existence as a part of the ecosystem, their life cycle, resources they can give us, their ability to preserve them from climate changes, and so on. There are many ideas to choose from, but you must focus on a specific one.

  • Human Biology research topics are all about us. These topics focus on different body parts, such as the human brain, the human immunological system, the nervous system, etc. In addition, you can discuss DNA modifications in humans and explain why genetic disorders occur in your research projects. Various cell research is also common today.

  • Biology research topics on the environment are in great demand too. For example, climate change is becoming a more significant threat every day. By studying environmental topics in biology for projects and research, we can come up with ways to combat them and preserve ecosystems.

  • Microbiology research topics delve into things we can’t see. There are trillions of microbes and bacteria all around us. Knowing about them is essential to understanding what makes us sick and how to fight against them. All microbiology research paper topics are pretty complicated yet very engaging to include in your paper research.

  • Molecular biology topics dive even deeper into the level of atoms and molecules. The various medicines and drugs we take were all created through molecular-biology research. It is one of the areas full of ideas, but there is yet to be much evidence. Science is advancing in this realm but still needs a lot of time. Topics of molecular biology will need days for research only.

Keep in mind that there are more ideas and variations of this science. We offer more examples in further sections of the article about developmental biology, marine biology, evolutionary biology, etc. Explore them and make your writing appealing and meaningful in the eyes of a professor.

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How to Choose a Topic for Biology Research Paper?

When choosing a biology project topic, you must be aware of one or more fields of science. Biology research is critical to the present world. By doing research, we can learn more about genetic disorders, immune disorders, mental health, natural disease resistance, etc. Knowing about each of these could save lives in the future.

For those who may not have the time or resources to do their own research, there are research paper writing services that can provide assistance with the project. And we are always here to help you find your own topic among interesting biology research topics. Here we prepared some useful tips to follow.

  • Tip 1: The level of interest matters
    Pay attention to one that interests you, and you might have ideas on how to develop the topic. Passion is fundamental in research, after all.
  • Tip 2: Explore the topic
    Try to narrow things down a bit. If the topic is too broad, you may not be able to cover all aspects of it in one research paper. If it is too narrow, the paper could end up too short. Analyze the topic and the ways to approach it. By doing so, you can strike a balance between the two.
  • Tip 3: Discover the recent developments
    To make your research paper touchable with the present day, you must explore the latest developments in the field. You can find out what kind of research has been done recently by looking at journals. Check out research papers, topics, research articles, and other sources.
  • Tip 4: Ensure to get enough resources
    When choosing a topic, make sure it has plenty of resources available. For example, a research paper on xenobiology or cutting-edge nanobiology might sound attractive. Still, you might have difficulties getting data and resources for those unless you are a researcher at a government lab. Data, resources, complex numbers, and statistics are all invaluable to writing a paper about these topics.

That is why we have selected a range of biological topics. The topics on this list are all hopefully exciting topics for research you could write an excellent paper on. We should also add that easy biology topics to research are rare, and a writer usually needs days to prepare and start writing. Yes, biology research topics for high school students are a bit easier, but still, they need time to explore them.

On the other hand, biology research topics for college students are far more complex and detailed. Some people prefer evolutionary biology research paper topics, and we can agree with this claim. These research areas do have a lot of potential and a lot of data to support the claims. Others prefer cell biology research topics that are a bit specific and fun. Anyway, with this article’s list of easy biology research topics, you will surely find the one matching your interest.

For those who may not have the time or resources to do their own research, there are provide assistance with the project.

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Top Research Biology Paper Topics

This section contains a large selection of research biology paper topics. You will be able to find one that will suit you the best. The only thing left is to decide what variation of science you prefer. Whether you’re interested in microbiology, genetics, or any other type of science, you’ll find a topic to get you started. If you’re ever stuck or need some extra help, you can always pay someone to write your paper for you. So, take a look, and choose the perfect topic for your project!

15 Developmental Biology Topics For Research

Exploring the processes of how cells grow and develop is exciting. The human body contains millions of cells, and it’s interesting to research their behavior under different conditions. If you feel like writing about it, you can find some interesting biology topics below.

  1. How do stem cells form different tissues?
  2. How are tumors formed?
  3. Duplication of genomes
  4. Plasticity of development
  5. Different birth defects
  6. Interactions between genes and the environment
  7. Anticancer drugs mixtures
  8. Developmental diseases: Origin
  9. Drosophila Oogenesis
  10. Most deadly viruses
  11. Most deadly bacteria in the world
  12. How do germs affect cells?
  13. How does leukemia start?
  14. Development of the cardiovascular system in children
  15. How do autoimmune diseases start and affect the human body?

15 Immune System Biology Research Topics

For decades, many scientists and immunologists have studied the human immune system and tried to explain its reaction to various pathogens. This area allows you to deepen into it and reveal how a body protects itself from harmful impact. Look over the biology research questions below and find your match-up.

  1. How does the human body’s immune system work?
  2. The human immune system: How to strengthen it?
  3. What makes the immunological system weaker?
  4. The notion of auto-immune diseases and their effect on the body’s immune system
  5. The global HIV/aids epidemic
  6. What methods are used to prevent the spread of hives?
  7. Living with auto-immune diseases
  8. Genetics and the immune system: effects and consequences
  9. How do immune disorders affect the body, and what causes them?
  10. Are allergies signs of worrying about an immune disorder?
  11. DNA modification in solving immune disorders
  12. Stress as the biggest ruiner of the immunological system
  13. Vaccines as strong supporters of the immunological system
  14. The perception of vaccines in society
  15. Why do some people refuse vaccines and put others around them in danger?

15 Cell Biology Research Topics

Cell study might seem challenging yet very engaging. It will be a good idea to compare various types of cells and compare them in animals and plants. Make your choice from the list of cell biology research topics below.

  1. The structure of an animal cell
  2. Mitochondria and its meaning in cell development
  3. Cells classification and their functions
  4. Red blood cells and their function in transporting oxygen
  5. White blood cells and their responsibility to fight diseases
  6. How are plant cells different from animal cells?
  7. What would it be if animals had a function to photosynthesize?
  8. Single-celled organisms: What is it, and how do they work?
  9. What processes do cells go through in division?
  10. Invasion of bacteria into the body
  11. Viruses – alive or not?
  12. Fungi: their reproduction and distribution
  13. Cancer cells: Why are they so dangerous?
  14. What methods are used to kill cancer cells?
  15. The role of stem cells and their potential in a body
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15 DNA Research Topics

The variety of biology research topics for college students might impress you a lot. This is a science with a large field of investigation, disclosing much scientific information to use in your project. The notion of DNA and its gist are also excellent options to write about.

  1. The structure of the human DNA
  2. The main components of a DNA chain
  3. Why does DNA have a double-helix spiral structure?
  4. The purpose of chromosomes
  5. MRNA and its relation to DNA
  6. Do single-celled organisms have DNA?
  7. Do viruses have DNA?
  8. What happens if you have too many or too few chromosomes?
  9. Analyzing the structure of DNA using computers
  10. Uses for the DNA of extinct organisms like mammoths and dinosaurs
  11. Storing non-genetic information in DNA
  12. Can you write a computer program into human DNA?
  13. How does radiation affect DNA?
  14. Modifying DNA to treat aids
  15. Can we fight cancer through DNA modification?

15 Molecular Biology Research Topics

Do you prefer to research molecules’ chemical and physical composition? We gathered some molecular biology research topics to make your choice easier.

  1. The structure and components of a gene
  2. How do molecules move in and out of a cell?
  3. The basic building blocks of life
  4. How are drugs designed for humans?
  5. How is a vaccine designed to target a specific disease?
  6. Dominant genes vs. recessive genes
  7. Prion disease – why is it so dangerous?
  8. Hormones and their function in the body
  9. Developing artificial hormones from other animals
  10. How to carry out a western blot?
  11. Testing and analyzing DNA using PCR
  12. The three-dimensional structure of a molecule
  13. What is DNA transcription, and how is it used?
  14. The structure of a prion
  15. What is the central dogma of molecular biology?

15 Neurobiology Research Topics

The more you dive into science, the more exciting things you find. That’s about biology. Here, you can choose biology research topics for high school and try to reveal more simply.

  1. Nervous system: its structure and function
  2. Neurons as unique cells playing a central role in the nervous system
  3. What is the maximum reaction speed in a human?
  4. Reaction speed: how to improve it?
  5. Research on Organic Farming
  6. What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease?
  7. Why do we feel happy or sad?
  8. Headaches in terms of Neurobiology
  9. What are the reasons for neurobiological degeneration?
  10. Myths and reality of Amnesia
  11. What causes Alzheimer’s Disease, and what are the consequences of the disease?
  12. What is the treatment for Spinal Cord Injury?
  13. Studies on Narcolepsy and Insomnia: What are the causes?
  14. Is there a connection between Mental Health and Neurobiology?
  15. Emotions in terms of their reflection in the brain

15 Abortion, Human cloning, and Genetic Researches Topics

There are so many scientific researches and theories that society accepts or neglects. You can operate different notions and try to explain them, reflecting their advantages and downsides for a human being. We gathered some enticing life science research topics for high school students that might interest you.

  1. The controversy around abortion: legal or not?
  2. Can abortion be safe?
  3. Human cloning – reality vs. science-fiction
  4. The goals of cloning humans
  5. Are human cloning and transplantation ethical?
  6. Having a “perfect child” through gene therapy: Is it a myth?
  7. How far has gene therapy gone in genetic research?
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of gene therapy
  9. How gene therapy can help beat cancer
  10. How gene therapy can eliminate diabetes
  11. The opportunity to edit genes by CRISPR
  12. DNA modifications in humans to enhance our abilities – an ethical dilemma
  13. Will expensive gene therapy widen the gap between the rich and the poor?
  14. Cloning: the good and the Bad for a Generation
  15. The disadvantages of cloning
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15 Environmental and Ecology Topics for Your Research

The nature around us is so enormous and includes many branches to investigate. If you are keen on the environment and how ecology affects it, the list of follow-up biology paper topics might be helpful to you.

  1. The theory of evolution
  2. How does natural selection work?
  3. How do living organisms adapt to their environment?
  4. The concept of divergent and convergent evolution
  5. Building a sustainable environment
  6. Development of environment-friendly cities
  7. How to control population growth?
  8. Why have recycling resources become so essential in the modern world?
  9. The effect of plastic on the environment
  10. What are the global consequences of deforestation?
  11. What can we expect when losing biodiversity?
  12. Ecological damage: How to prevent it?
  13. How can GMO products affect ecology?
  14. Cloning endangered or extinct species: Is it a good idea?
  15. Is climate change the main reason for disrupting ecology?

15 Plant Pathology Biology Research Topics

Many factors impact human health and the quality of food products matters. These easy biology research topics will be useful if you want to describe the connection between those two concepts.

  1. How do plants protect themselves from diseases?
  2. How to increase the plant’s resistance to diseases?
  3. Diseases distribution among plants
  4. The banana pandemic
  5. How do herbicides influence plants?
  6. Corn blight
  7. Can any plant diseases affect humans?
  8. The issue of stem rust and its impact on wheat
  9. What approaches are used to struggle against invasive plants and affected weeds?
  10. Fertilizers: their pros and cons on plants
  11. Plant disease genetics: its system and structure
  12. What is the connection between ecological changes and plant diseases?
  13. Modifications on food production because of plant diseases
  14. How do fungal and viral diseases appear in plants?
  15. The sweet potato virus

15 Animals Biology Research Topics

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like animals. If you are curious about animals scientifically, here you are with biology research paper topics in this field.

  1. Classification of animals
  2. Land-based life: its evolution history
  3. Controversies about keeping animals as pets
  4. Is it ethical to test drugs and products on animals?
  5. Why do nature reserves against zoos?
  6. Evidence on prehistoric aquatic animals growing giant
  7. What species of animals are vegan?
  8. Animals and their social behavior
  9. Primate behavior
  10. How intelligent can other primates be?
  11. Are wolves and dogs intelligent?
  12. Domesticating animals
  13. Hibernation in animals
  14. Why animals migrate
  15. Should we bring back extinct animals?
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15 Marine Biology Research Topics

The marine theme is engaging as it reveals so many interesting facts about life forms dwelling under the water. You can make your paper look captivating using biology topics in marine below.

  1. How acidification affects aquatic environments
  2. Evolution in the deep sea
  3. What’s the meaning of camouflage mechanism in sea life?
  4. Consequences of oil spills on marine life
  5. Oldest marine species
  6. How do whales communicate with each other?
  7. How blind fish navigate
  8. Are marine shows and aquariums ethical?
  9. The biology and life cycle of seabirds
  10. How jellyfish are immortal
  11. Plankton ecology
  12. Difference between freshwater and seawater marine life
  13. Coral reefs: their importance and evolution
  14. Saving and restoring coral reefs
  15. Life in the deep-sea ocean trenches

15 Zoology Research Topics

Zoology can be an excellent choice to write about if you are close to animal studies. Look at biology topics to research and choose the one that fits your interest most.

  1. Asian elephants and human speech patterns
  2. Oyster genomes and adaptation
  3. Darwin’s work in the Galápagos Islands
  4. Asian carp: Invasive species analysis
  5. Giant squids: Fact vs. fiction
  6. Coyote and wolf hybrid species in the United States
  7. Parasites and disease
  8. Migration patterns of killer bees
  9. The treatment of species in Melville’s Moby Dick
  10. Biodiversity and plankton
  11. The role of camels and the development of Africa and the Middle East
  12. Muskellunge and adaptive creek mechanisms to small water
  13. Ants and cooperative behavior among species
  14. Animal communication and the origin of language
  15. Speech in African Gray Parrots

15 Genetics Research Topics

Writing about modifications caused on the gene level is pretty challenging but very fascinating. You can select one among the biological questions for research and bring up a meaningful paper.

  1. Genetics and its role in cancer studies
  2. Can genetic code be confidential?
  3. Is it possible to choose the sex of a person before birth?
  4. Genetics as a ray of hope for children with an intellectual disability
  5. What factors in human genetics affect behavior?
  6. Is it somehow possible to improve human personality through genetics?
  7. Are there any living cells in the gene?
  8. Fighting HIV with gene mutations
  9. Genetic mutations
  10. How addictive substances affect genes
  11. Genetic testing: is it necessary?
  12. Cloning: positive or negative outcome for future generations
  13. Pros and cons of genetic engineering
  14. Is the world ready for the bioethics revolution?
  15. The linkage between genetics and obesity

15 Biotechnology Research Topics

The way scientists conduct research today is magnificent. Implementing high-tech innovations in biology research brings new opportunities to study the world. What are these opportunities? Explore biotechnology research topics for college students and disclose the best options for you.

  1. Biotechnology used in plant research
  2. What is the contribution of biotechnology to food?
  3. Pharmacogenetics: What is it, and how it works?
  4. How are anti-cancer drugs produced to be effective?
  5. Nanotechnology in DNA: How to isolate it?
  6. Recent nanotechnology used in HIV treatment
  7. What biotech apps are used to detect foodborne pathogens in food systems?
  8. Genotypes research: Why are they tolerant and sensitive to heavy metal?
  9. High-tech solutions in diagnosing cancer
  10. Forensic DNA and its latest developments
  11. Metabolic changes at the level of cells
  12. Nanotechnology in improving treatments for respiratory viruses
  13. The latest biotech discoveries
  14. Digital evolution: bioresearch and its transformation
  15. The concept of vaccine development
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15 Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

Knowing how life forms started their existence is fundamental. And more interesting is to look through the evolution of many processes. If you find this trend of research more engaging, we outlined evolutionary biology research paper topics to diversify your choice.

  1. Darwin’s concept’s impact on science
  2. The evolution concept by Lamarck
  3. Origins of the evolutionary theory
  4. Evolution acceptance: a belief vs. a theory?
  5. Evolutionary in microbiology
  6. Development of robotics
  7. Revealing differences: human brain & animal brain
  8. Preservation of biological resources
  9. Transformations in aging
  10. Adaptive genetic system
  11. Morphometrics’ history
  12. Developmental theory and population genomics
  13. Bacteria ecology’s evolution
  14. Biological changes: impact and evolution
  15. Infectious diseases and their profession

The world of science and biology is vast, making research tedious. Use our list of interesting biology research topics to choose the best issue to write your own paper.

However, it is still hard to prepare a high-quality biology research paper, even with a brilliant topic. Not all college students can do it. Do you feel like you need some help? Then buy biology paper from our professional writers! Our experts will choose the best biology experimental research topics for you and can bring up top-level papers within the shortest time. Additionally, if you need help with a statistics project related to biology, our team of experienced professionals is equipped to provide you with the utmost quality of research and analysis.

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