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Animal Research Topics Unleashed: Fauna Frontiers

Last update date: February 22, 2024
7 min read

Contrary to popular belief, animal research topics are not only used by veterinarians. They are also pursued by students majoring in Healthcare, Sound Engineering, and even subjects like Fashion Studies and Chemistry. Of course, it may require writing an excellent custom research paper because the trick here is to tailor things to what you need. The most challenging, however, is to choose your topic correctly and avoid being vague about what you must explore. Even if you would like to explore environmental issues, using animal research topics will be essential. You need to provide an explanation of your reasoning and the negative effects of human interaction with flora and fauna.

How to Choose Animals Research Topics?

While there may be no universal topic that will reflect all sides of animal-related research, consider those subjects that you know well. It must inspire you and be an area where you feel comfortable. If you love marine life and can provide personal research examples, it would be good to choose something that will suit a reflection journal. Alternatively, consider animal topics for research papers that can be supported by reliable sources and statistical information.

Start with an outline or a list of arguments that you would like to explore. Once done, continue with the wording for your topic that introduces the problem and offers a solution. You may also pose a research question about a problem or make a claim that will be supported by what you include in your paper. Always refer to your grading rubric and choose your research paper type accordingly. For example, your nursing research paper may talk about the use of animals for rehabilitation purposes, while a legal student may talk about animal rights in various countries. It all should be approached through the lens of what you learn as a primary subject!

50+ Most Interesting & Easy Animal Research Topics

Animal Physiology Research Topics

As you might already know, animal physiology studies anything related to the physical processes, changes in behaviors, breeding patterns, and more. As you think about choosing the animal physiology branch, always narrow things down if possible.

  1. Life-supporting properties of trained dogs in the wilderness.
  2. Homeostatic processes in migrating birds and the global warming challenges.
  3. The changes in circadian pacemakers and the processes of aging.
  4. The changes in flora and related metabolomic-based processes.
  5. Self-healing practices and digestive enzyme aspects.
  6. Food intake and glucose stimulation methods.
  7. Insensitivity to insulin: causes and consequences among domestic animals.
  8. Muscle cells development and fat management.
  9. Fish and Shellfish immunology processes in relation to Covid-19 studies.
  10. The role of mammals in the prevention of aquatic toxicology.

Controversial Animal Topics

This aspect of animal research essay writing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it is necessary to explore the facts and provide information that represents both sides of the debate. Stay sensitive and avoid being too graphic unless it is necessary. Below are some ideas to consider:

  1. The cultural practices of whaling in the Faroe Islands and Iceland.
  2. Animal testing and vaccination practices in Asian countries.
  3. The use of horses, camels, and donkeys to entertain tourists in the Middle East.
  4. The consequences of irresponsible dog breeding practices.
  5. Climate change and the subsequent loss of the natural habitat.
  6. The dark truth about the ivory trade.
  7. The use of pets for advertisement and promotional purposes.
  8. Animal rights protection and restrictions of breeding.
  9. SPA for the pets: a natural development or immoral practice?
  10. Animal trading and certification issues.

Animal Rights Topics For Research Paper

The subject of animal rights is popular among students coming from all academic disciplines. Since you can approach it via the philosophical, legal, or medical lens, think about how to reflect your primary skills. It will make your research of animal right topics sound more confident.

  1. The regulation of puppy mills and breeding in the United States.
  2. The legal aspect of animal sports and related regulation.
  3. How should one treat pets that have been abandoned by the owners?
  4. Clothing industry and legal regulations: from trading to advertisement.
  5. The use of innovative methods in medical research and experimentation.
  6. Animal ethics and the theological aspect of animal rights.
  7. Training your dog well: what are the basic behavior rules to consider?
  8. The breeding limitations and the farming practices in the United Kingdom.
  9. Animal rights in the United States vs regulations in Canada.
  10. Animal trading: what country should be held responsible for animal mistreatment?

Interesting Animal Research Topics

  1. Why do elephants remember everything and how does their brain work?
  2. Perception of love and affection among dogs vs cats.
  3. The communication methods used by the dolphins.
  4. Do horses feel the spirit of the competition during the ride?
  5. Perception of children and the elderly by mammals.
  6. Survival in the wilderness and the hunt for water.
  7. The navigation system of the working bee.
  8. How has technology changed domestic animals and their habits?
  9. The use of dogs in the world’s rescue operations: unusual case studies.
  10. Establishment of emotional bonds with dogs vs cats.

Veterinary Topics For Research Paper

In the majority of cases, you may refer to your veterinary branch first and proceed from there or take a look at the variety of veterinary research topics that we have presented below. Remember to quote every citation and idea that has been taken from other sources to avoid plagiarism.

  1. How to establish immune responses in chickens by using disease vaccine prevention methods?
  2. How do low doses of ketamine affect healthy dogs during epidural anesthesia?
  3. The use of biomarkers for therapeutic purposes and the role of pet owners.
  4. RNA genetic analysis and the use of AI-based endometria research to establish common sequences.
  5. What do we know about canine coronavirus research: pros and cons of artificial modeling.
  6. Egg production changes related to air pollution and chemical vapors.
  7. Wildlife surveillance ethics in the United States: pros and cons of modern remote monitoring.
  8. What are the causes and consequences of selenium deficiency and how can this aspect be addressed by the tissue analysis.
  9. Veterinary cardiology principles and the use of knowledge sourced from human cardio-vascular research.
  10. Canine immunopathologies and the high levels of stress caused by Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing.

Animal Testing Research Topics

Even though this subject seems to be discussed everywhere these days, finding good animals topics to write about that deal with animal testing is not easy. Think about what are the underlying reasons for testing and what forces scientists to use it as a method. It will help you come up with ideas and better exploration strategies.

  1. Does finding a cure without the use of animals represent only an economical challenge?
  2. Genetic research in the United States and the use of animals for research purposes.
  3. Should animal cloning and illegal breeding practices be banned?
  4. Beauty products industry and animal testing controversies.
  5. Stell Cell Research: the role of animals in the current advancement.
  6. Cell modulation and modeling as the replacement of animal testing.
  7. Animal experimentation and the history of the world’s vaccination methods.
  8. Does animal testing lead to safety in relation to emerging diseases?
  9. Animal lifespan and the research objectives for medical testing.
  10. Current human testing practices: do they represent an alternative to animal testing?

Animal Cruelty Topics

Warning: writing about animal cruelty subject is not for everyone, which is why you must be aware that the facts and statistics you may find will be shocking. It should be explored only if you are ready to embrace this disturbing subject. At the same time, you can explore milder animal cruelty cases like using pets as influencers on social media or the use of donkeys at the beaches to entertain tourists. There is always something to think about!

  1. The practice of cockfighting.
  2. The cultural heritage of bull-fighting in Spain.
  3. The use of monkeys for entertaining purposes.
  4. How are animal rights obeyed during filming practices?
  5. The use of pets as animal beauty promoters and social media influencers.
  6. Illegal farming practices in Asian countries and the Middle East.
  7. How can dog hunters be identified and punished?
  8. Why does whaling still continue in the Faroe Islands?
  9. The use of natural fur during beauty commercials.
  10. Vegetarian foods production: how justified it is for natural animal habitat?

Research Questions about Animals

When you would like to take a general approach to animals research, it is good to come up with a research question as a part of your thesis statement or main argumentation. See these animals research paper examples:

  1. The use of canines in cancer research methods: what breeds fit the most?.
  2. Pig kidney transplantation methods: what are the core genetic aspects.
  3. The use of rats in the decrease of immune diseases: why do they represent the most fitting species?
  4. Blood transfusions and the use of animal cardio-vascular system principles: what are the points to consider?
  5. Can animal behavior patterns be helpful for use in human mental diseases?
  6. Animal Welfare Regulations: are there mechanisms to have an impact on animal care?
  7. The use of dangerous dog breeds in the world: should such breeding be regulated like gun control?
  8. Improvement of cognitive functions among children who are dog owners: what is the role of the animals in question?.
  9. PTSD among military veterans: how can we use the animals to help the healing processes?
  10. The study of myocardial infarction in primates vs canine studies: why dogs represent better research models?

Get Professional Help for Your Animal Research Paper

Without a doubt, it is easy to get stuck with a multitude of topics and ideas. If you are planning to write about animal rights but do not know how to include certain animal physiology principles, it is safer to consider timely help with research paper. Our skilled team of specialists in this field will provide you with relevant sources and will help you polish things to perfection when you need assistance or do not know how to continue.

The same relates to checking your existing draft and citations in terms of plagiarism and originality. Writing about animals is never easy, which is why we know how you feel and also realize what your college professors expect to see. Take a look at our research topics about animals, trust us with your concerns and we shall help you achieve success!


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