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Best Controversial Research Paper Topics

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: December 8, 2022
Last update date: June 20, 2024
7 min read

The life of each student is full of multiple tasks to pass. When it comes to tests or presentations, these tasks do not cause unnecessary questions. However, we all remember those dreaded words: “Do your research and argue one of the given points in essay format.” And in fact, teachers often give such tasks that require a lot of time, deep analysis, and understanding of all the critical points of the given opinions. And we strongly advise you to choose acute and urgent topics. If you are looking for an appropriate theme, we prepared the best controversial topics for research paper.

What Is a Controversial Research Paper?

This type of research paper is an immersion in controversial issues. They can give rise to long debates, where each of the supporters of one or another version gives their arguments or examples. The fundamental goal of a research paper is an in-depth study of a particular theme and analysis of it from different points of view. Usually, it would help if you examined ideas that lead the society to a division into two or more camps according to their judgments from their perspectives of morals, ethics, or experience. To see the best controversial research paper topics, we recommend you to look at the lists of the best essay topics below for your excellent research papers.

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How to Choose Controversial Topics for Research Papers Correctly?

Many students get lost in the variety of interesting topics they would like to choose from. But our team recommends that you select exactly those topics to write about, which, first of all, are part of your interests. This way, you will start completing your assignment with more inspiration. On average, teachers read dozens, if not hundreds, of similar works per month, so they can distinguish the articles where the author’s enthusiasm is obvious. In 2023, many issues are on the agenda, so you will be able to choose exactly the topic that will both be relevant for you and resonate with the reader. The main thing is controversy and precise analysis of research on the selected issue. Therefore, below we provide lists of the best controversial research topics that you can use to compose your paper or for inspiration.

Choosing controversial topics to write a research paper on can be both exciting and daunting. Follow these tips to help you make the best decision:

  1. Brainstorm – Start with an open-ended list of potential topics related to controversial issues, such as the death penalty or abortion. Connecting seemingly unrelated topics, such as sexuality and socioeconomic status, can help you create the best research paper topics.
  2. Identify Your Interests – Think about what aspects of the issue you find particularly intriguing or thought-provoking. Make sure you have enough interest in the topic to sustain your enthusiasm throughout the writing process.
  3. Research – Do further research on topics that interest you to narrow down your list and understand the subject from various points of view. Look for articles, books, and websites to gain a comprehensive understanding.
  4. Clarify Objectives – When researching a topic, it’s imperative to consider why you chose the issue and what objectives you want the paper to achieve. Set clear expectations for yourself, so you know what kind of work is needed for a successful research paper.
  5. Assess Availability of Materials – Before commencing research on a topic, make sure there is enough material available to complete your research in a timely manner. Review scholarly databases and other sources for evidence that can help support your argument.
  6. Be Open-Minded – Always keep an open mind. You may uncover data that does not fit your original perspectives, so it’s important to stay open-minded and not confuse preconceived biases with well-founded evidence-based opinions.
  7. Re-consider – Don’t be afraid to go back and rethink elements of it before writing. It’s crucial to be able to explore multiple facets of complex issues when discussing interesting topics for research papers, so look for different underlying themes that can make your argument stronger.

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Interesting Controversial Research Topics

If you were looking for controversial research topics for college students, the list of the best of them is below:

  1. A Booming Interest to Psychology. Is It Helpful or Destructive?
  2. Teenagers & Healthcare: Why Are Young People Unaware of Their Own Health?
  3. Argumentative Explanation of Social Media Regulations Necessity
  4. The Biology of Good and Evil: Are Our Intentions Related to Genetics or Upbringing?
  5. The Ability to Read Faces in Political Science. Can We Base the Future on Physiognomy?
  6. Computer Science in the United States. If Everyone Becomes a Developer, Who will Teach our Children?
  7. Video Games & Violence Impact on Immature People
  8. Medical Recommendations or Traditional Medicine is Equal to Choose from your Rational Thinking and Grandma’s Advice
  9. Pros and Cons of Beauty Industry for Youngsters. What Is the Impact of Beauty Standards on Our Generation?
  10. Is the Ban on Abortion a Violation of the Human Rights Convention?

Captivating Controversial Topics for Research

It might be hard to find engaging controversial topics for a research paper, especially for high school students. That’s why you can choose one from the list of unique research paper topic ideas.

  1. Death Penalty Abolition and Life Imprisonment: Which is More Humane?
  2. Police Brutality – Are There Any Exceptions?
  3. In Class or Online: What will Choose an Average College Student
  4. Marijuana Legalization Affects the Number of Youth with Drug Addiction?
  5. Global Warming. Is It Possible to Avoid it?
  6. Film Industry: Negative Side of Our Society
  7. Cognitive Development. How Can We Implement It from the Very Beginning of our Lives?
  8. Psychological Development Brings More Harm Than Good?
  9. Was Religion Created to Limit humanity?
  10. Hedonism&God. Prohibition of the Pleasures in Modern Days

Good Controversial Research Topics

If you are eager to find your perfect controversial topic but don’t know how to formulate it or lack the inspiration to create one – have a glance at the list of research topics for students below. We are sure that you will find the best one for you.

  1. Capital Punishment. Is It a Lesson for The Rest of Society?
  2. Self-Defence Classes. Do We Need Martial Arts as an Official Subject?
  3. Bullying. Are Victims Provoking to be Offended?
  4. Early Marriage: Lifetime Mistake or Great Choice for Youngsters
  5. Humanitarians vs. Technicians: Who Rules the World?
  6. Feminism and Machism: Isn’t It Exaggerated?
  7. If Everyone Has a Right to Vote, Why do We Forget about Prisoners?
  8. Isn’t Atheism a Religion? Main Principals and Theories
  9. When Can We Start Using Social Networks: Psychological Aspect
  10. Censorship in Movies: Is it a Trigger to Engage More Viewers on the Internet?
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Trending Controversial Research Topics

If you don’t just want to hand in your assignment and forget about it but really want to be remembered by the teacher with an up-to-date work theme, look at these top 10 topics that concern every conscious person:

  1. Cryptocurrency and Bear Market: Is There any Free Place on the Market Now?
  2. Thesis Statement in My Course Work: What, How, and Which Tools to Use when Writing
  3. Sustainable Fashion: New Trend, Necessity or Both?
  4. New Money Outfit Style: Do we Try to Go Back to “Old Good Days?”
  5. Future vs. the Past: Which Era is More Appealing?
  6. Mars Colonization and Human Division into Poor and Reach: Will the Earth Become a Cage for Non-Wealthy People?
  7. College Choice: If We Claim Education to be Equally Good in Every College, Why Are We Still Eager to Enter the Most Popular Ones?
  8. Taxes. Should We Suggest a Special Rate for Poor People?
  9. Wars through the World: Will Our Generation Participate in the 3rd World War?
  10. Aliens & God: Did our Ancestors Consider Aliens to Be Gods?

Outstanding Controversial Research Topic Ideas

High school research paper topics often include boring and pretty theoretical themes which do not impress neither students nor teachers. If you want to break the system and hand in an extraordinary and unique paper – look at these themes to choose from to compose the best research possible:

  1. Religious Beliefs vs.Science – What Was in Our Past Eventually?
  2. Beauty Standards for Youth: Is a Perfection Disease of a Nation?
  3. Personal Data: How to Ensure It Is Safe in Hospital?
  4. Vaccines: Is It Rather Placebo Effect?
  5. Astrology, Numerology & Tarot Cards: New Trends in Transfers of Responsibility
  6. Me Too: Pure Hype or Real Pain that Was Held for Decades?
  7. Why Do We Still Fight Against Patriarchy if Matriarchy Is Arising Already?
  8. Shadow Damage of Self-Education to the Labor Market
  9. Are the World Championships a Relic of the Ancient Wars?
  10. Care after Animals in Captivity or Their Disappearance in the Wild. Which is Better?

Each of us has gone through the stage of studying in high school or college and perfectly understands that sometimes the process of studying is boring and becomes a regular routine. That is why in this article, our team has provided 50 unique topics for interesting research paper writing for every student who wants to stand out from the crowd. By writing on these topics, you will be able to delve into relevant and interesting topics that you can research not only to hand in the assignment to the teacher but also to discuss with your friends.

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