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35 Best Debate Topics For College Students

13 Mar 2018Student Tips

The debate is a usual and powerful practice in colleges, which is an essential part of the academic program and also quite an engaging activity for young people despite the fact that many students have problems while they are preparing to debate.

The most common difficulty is to choose debate topics for students. It should be a theme you are interested in and, at the same time, it should be actual for your class or another public you are speaking to. So how to find this kind of topic? We have prepared some tips on how to choose college debate topics for college students. If you have to prepare an essay, we also can help you to do it, using the best essay writing service for students.

How To Choose A Debate Topic?

Where to find some easy debate topics? There are many things to debate about but it is not very easy to choose the right topic that will be interesting to the most students. Here are a few tips on how to make a right choice:

  • Think about some themes that interest you – what sort of discussions do you like the most? You can pick something from the curriculum also. This way, you will be able to help the other students to learn better the things they will have on their tests and the themes they may face in the future. It is possible to work with this the way you work with your essay topic ideas.
  • Also, keep in mind that your discussion topics must fit the other students’ levels – some of them can be unable to handle the topic that has too many aspects to consider. Highly complex issues should fit the students with a great standard of reasoning. But the most of students usually come up with a few arguments and these arguments rarely relate to the opposing parties points. In this situation, the debate can become confusing or embarrassing. Make a list of suitable debate questions.
  • Consider your students’ access to research all necessary materials – if other students must make a big research while preparing for the debate, it can’t be a good debate. This is something you have to keep in mind. For example, when you pick a theme in modern art and literature with many specific terms and present it to the math class, your debate won’t have good results. Do not forget to prepare your personal speech or buy it from a reliable speech writing service.
  • Do not forget about time! All the students must have enough time to prepare for the debate, so it is reasonable to pick up a topic that the students are studying now or one that they have already studied. This way, they will be able to come up with good and clever arguments.
  • While debating, assume that you are right – in order to succeed, you have to be completely sure in your position and have some strong supporting facts.
  • Do not insult the opposition. Be polite in every situation that could happen.

Best Ideas For Debate Topics For College Students

Below you can find a list with the best debate topics for college students, you can use them while preparing for the debate or get inspired by them to create your own theme:

  1. Tests on animals: should animals be used for scientific achievements?
  2. Cell phones and smartphones. Are they completely safe for us?
  3. Ecology: the best ways to protect our nature and ideas on how to save the environment
  4. The guns: should adults have the right to carry them and, thus, be able to defend themselves?
  5. Home teaching: is it better than teaching at school?
  6. Adoption: pros and cons of adoptions and reasons why people should adopt children instead of having their own children
  7. Marijuana: explain why recreational marijuana should or should not be legal
  8. Our votes: do they really matter?
  9. The same-sex marriage. Should it be legalized?
  10. Discuss the climate change and the reasons or human activity that cause global climate changes think what people can we do about this
  11. Smoking: describe the effective methods to quit smoking and explain why smoking is reasonable or not
  12. Books and TV: what is more interesting and what is more useful?
  13. Games and television. What is better?
  14. Social networking: discuss how social networks are useful or harmful to our society
  15. Social networking restriction: explain why social networks should be available for children or why should they be restricted to over-18s
  16. Euthanasia: is it justified?
  17. Computer tablets. Should they be allowed at school?
  18. Drinks: discuss what are the reasons why alcohol drinks should or should not be available for young people who are less than 21 years old
  19. Homework at school: give your opinion on why homework should be banned or whether it is an essential part of our studies that teaches us to work independently
  20. God: are there any true proofs of his existence?
  21. Abortion. Should it be legal?
  22. Discuss how social media can make people more or less sociable and give a few examples that prove its usefulness for us
  23. School uniform: explain why students should wear school uniforms or why should they have a choice
  24. Intellectual property: discuss whether it is necessary to reserve rights for different types of intellectual property
  25. Is college education really that useful and essential?
  26. Sports and drugs. Should drugs be accepted for sportsmen?
  27. Standardized tests: explain in which ways they are improving education in America and all over the world
  28. Discuss the necessity of vaccination for little children or give counterarguments against it
  29. Legalization of drugs: describe how can it decrease the level of organized crimes
  30. Future cities: how would they look like after 200 years?
  31. Religion. Can religious belief make you happy?
  32. Explain why all the plastic packages should be out of use
  33. Explain how can science and religion coexist
  34. Prostitution: what if prostitution was legal?
  35. Is Google the best search engine or should we use another one?

The discussion can help you to talk about hot and interesting topics and learn others point of view. It can also allow you to go through stage fear. While performing at such an event, all the students learn to think spontaneously and defend their points of view politely.

We hope these tips and ideas will be useful for both students and teachers when they are preparing for the debate.

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