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How to Write an Informative Essay

22 Mar 2017Essay Writing Guides

What is an Informative Essay?

If a lecturer gives you a task to write an informative essay (sometimes called an expository essay), get to know the main features of it. Students may be under delusion that an informative essay is to persuade the audience by giving interesting information.  It’s wrong. The main aim of every informative essay is to educate your reader on a specific topic by providing a how-to, analyzing data, and comparing controversial viewpoints about a certain topic. Check out the main stages of writing a successful informative essay and organize your time wisely.

The main purpose of your essay is to explain the topic to the readers as if you are an expert in the field. An informative essay which captures the attention of the audience deserves the best grade.

Select your Topic

Want to prepare an essay which will be readable for the audience? Pick up the topic which can explain the new aspects of the known phenomena or innovative approaches which appear in various life spheres all along. It might be difficult to choose a topic as this type of essay has to be original, impressive, and meaningful. Out of fresh ideas? Here are the examples of topics for informative essays:

  • How to substitute caffeine drinks with products that produce the same stimulating effect.
  • Positive aspects of plastic surgery or when having plastic surgery is the right thing to do.
  • How to determine that a person is drug-addicted.
  • Is it possible to reduce obesity problems by placing a ban on fast food?
  • Causes and effects of domestic violence as a global issue.

Once you’ve chosen the theme of your informative essay, confirm the required topic parameters. How much information you’ll need to gather? If you still need clarification, ask your lecturers about all the needed details.

How to Start Conducting Research

Gather the needed information through research. Create a concept map with words and phrases connected with your central topic in order to stay focused on the main aspects of your paper. Use only reliable websites, books, and articles to impart accurate information. There are many pages on the Internet containing the content of the low quality and untruthful statistics which can spoil the whole essay. Write out the important citations, research details, and numbers of pages or type them on your computer for keeping all notes in one place.

Steps to Writing a Successful Informative Essay

After you’ve researched, take the gathered information and organize it in an OUTLINE for your plan out what you are going to write in each paragraph. Try not to skip this stage as the more prep work you do before you write the whole essay, the more smoothly the writing process will go.

STRUCTURE of your essay consists of the beginning, the middle, and the conclusion. The beginning includes your thesis statement and has to grab the attention of the audience. The middle of the essay informs the readers of the Who? What? Where? and How? of your topic. Follow the easy formula for each body paragraph: claim – evidence – explanation. The last stage of the writing process is wrapping up your essay. How to conclude your informative essay? The conclusion has the form of short summary which has to remain interesting and engaging and explain the significance of your argument.

  1. What are the Main Tips?
  2. Edit and proofread the completed informative essay and correct all grammar and lexical mistakes.
  3. Check if the formatting meets all the requirements.
  4. Don’t use informal language and don’t try to persuade the audience. It is the main aim of the persuasive essay.

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