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Explanatory Essay Topics for Students

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: June 23, 2023
Last update date: June 20, 2024
7 min read

Are you a student struggling to write a good explanatory essay? Then you’ve come to the right place. The following prompts are designed for students wanting to write unique explanatory essays.

Our article will inspire you to write compelling explanatory essays. If you struggle to pick a topic, explanatory writing essay help will come in handy. Professional authors provide expert guidance that guarantees excellent grades. So grab your pen and paper, and get ready for the best explanatory essay ideas to spark your imagination.

Key Points

  • Good explanatory essay topics explain an issue or concept without arguing for or against it
  • A compelling topic should make students curious and lead to a credible explanatory essay
  • To find great topics, students should research and write an essay on something they enjoy
  • Students need to make sure there are enough sources to support their arguments

How to Select Students’ Explanatory Essay Topics?

An explanatory essay needs to strike a balance between the demands of the curriculum and the student’s interests. But the end goal is for students to express their thoughts clearly. Picking topics that leave room for different viewpoints is the most important rule for explanatory essay writing. With this in mind, consider the following points on how to choose the best topic.

  • Interesting and engaging
    Visit the library and get your research game on. Instead of writing about the same old ideas, try and put a spin on a subject you want to learn more about. This is going to make the task more fun to write.
  • Scope and complexity
    If you write an explanatory essay that’s too broad, you’ll struggle to cover it within the word limit. But if it’s too narrow, you won’t have enough information to support your arguments.
  • Relevance
    Write an explanatory essay explaining a current issue or trend. In doing so, you’ll prove your understanding of current events. And show how you apply critical thinking skills in the real world.

Interesting Explanatory Essay Topics

Explanatory writing on something interesting ranges from simple to complex. For younger students, the topics are usually as straightforward as their favorite book. Older students tend to look at more complex issues like cyberbullying or global warming. It depends on what you’re interested in, as long as the paper is engaging for you and your readers. Think about current social media trends or what’s making headlines. Research topical events while thinking about how to write an explanatory essay on the following interesting topics.

  1. The Implications Of Social Media On Mental Wellness
  2. E-Commerce Vs. Retail (Write A Comparison-Contrast Essay Explaining The Pros And Cons)
  3. The History And Impact Of Hip-Hop Culture
  4. Working From Home: The Positive And Negative Impacts
  5. Analyze The Writing Of Your Favorite Book With A Literature Review
  6. What Character Deserves The Most Sympathy In Game Of Thrones?
  7. The Influence Of Ai On Modern Art
  8. Write An Essay Explaining Why A Person’s Dream Home Is Either In The City Or In The Country
  9. A Cultural Perspective Of Tattoos
  10. Describe The Role Of Fashion In Society

Explanatory Essay Topics For College Students

At the college level, explanatory essay writing is a bit more advanced. With these, students need to research evidence and examples, writing them clearly. With these explanatory prompts, you’ll prove your analytical skills and ability to think critically.

  1. Career Success And School Education
  2. Describe The Significance Of College Athletics
  3. School And College Greek Life: Origins And Influence
  4. The Role Of Diversity In Higher Education
  5. Write An Essay On Student Loans And College Graduates
  6. Online Learning (Write A Comparison-Contrast Essay Explaining The Pros And Cons)
  7. The Importance Of Internships For College Students
  8. School Students’ Mental Health And Social Media
  9. The Effect Of College Majors On Employment Prospects
  10. The Role Of School Education In Personal Growth And Development

Expository Essays on Science and Technology

When it comes to writing about science and technology, the possibilities for students are endless. From the advancements in astronomy to the impact of modern engineering, there are tons of fascinating ideas to research. Write an explanatory essay describing any of the following suggestions. You’ll learn things you didn’t realize were possible.

  1. How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Humanity In The Future?
  2. The Effects Of Climate Change
  3. What Impact Has AI Had On The Music Industry?
  4. Product Development For New Technologies
  5. The Interest And Societal Development
  6. Is Genetic Engineering Ethical?
  7. Space Exploration In The Future
  8. Does AI Help Or Hinder The Film Industry?
  9. Video Games: Social Impact And Development
  10. How Renewable Energy Sources Affect The Environment

Expository Essay Ideas On Personal Experience

There’s nothing better than writing a paper on personal experiences. Even though you don’t need to express your opinion in such an explanatory essay, knowing how to write an opinion essay will come in handy. Since basic writing rules apply to all paper types. Sharing stories is a great way for students to connect with their work. It’s also perfect for self-reflection. One possible topic includes a good friend who influenced you (in a good way or not). Or your writing could take a twist and describe a typical day in the life of the average blue-collar worker.

  1. Personal Growth And Development After A Life Changing Event
  2. How Personal Experience Shapes Identity
  3. A Difficult Personal Experience Teaches Us Valuable Lessons
  4. How Travel Changes Mindset
  5. A Mentor’s Influence On Personal And Professional Success
  6. Relationships And Psychological Well-Being
  7. The Negative Influence Of Hypnosis On Overcoming Phobia
  8. Mindfulness And Emotional Well-Being: Hobbies
  9. The Influence Of Personal Values On Decision-Making
  10. Is One Good Friend Better Than Many Acquaintances?

Explanatory Essay Topics About History

To write an explanatory essay on historical studies, school students analyze historical events or concepts. The most common essay types examine different perspectives and challenge conventional narratives.

  1. The Impact Of The Renaissance On Culture in Europe
  2. Industrial Revolution: How It Has Changed The Way We Live
  3. The Role Of Women In World War Ii
  4. Describe Why The Cold War Was Called “Cold”?
  5. America’s Response To The Civil Rights Movement
  6. How The Great Depression Changed The Way We Live
  7. The Role Of Religion In The Colonization Of The Americas
  8. How Martin Luther King Jr Became The Most Influential Person In America
  9. War In Vietnam: Causes And Consequences
  10. Explain The Use Of Propaganda In World War I

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Explanatory Essay Topics To Get Creative

Creative explanatory essays help school students prove their writing skills. No matter if you’re writing about quantum physics or a vegetable garden. Remember to choose your own topic that’ll make your explanatory paper a joy to write as well as read. If you’re still looking for inspiration, consider these essays for sale that cover all types of subjects. Expert writers know what it takes to create something special and craft a paper that deserves an excellent grade. Plus, you’re guaranteed timely delivery and compliance with all your requirements. Meanwhile, take a look at these topics, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

  1. Contemporary Culture And The Art Of Storytelling
  2. Mental Well-Being And Humor
  3. The Role Of Imagination In Problem-Solving
  4. How Creativity Affects The Brain
  5. Why Do We Procrastinate?
  6. Explain Why Graffiti Is Considered Art
  7. Is Cultural Identity Shaped By Music?
  8. The Process Of Creating A New Invention: From Idea To Sales
  9. Do Secondary Characters Receive Enough Development In Stories?
  10. Audience Reception Of The Circus From The 19th Century To Today (Write An Essay Explaining How Things Have Changed And Why)

Explanatory Essay Ideas for Advanced Writing

When writing explanatory synthesis essay topics, it’s important for students to showcase their abilities. You’ll do this by helping the reader understand the subject. This is because advanced explanatory essay writing goes beyond the surface level. So when considering topics for explanatory essay writing, choose one that allows for multiple angles and interpretations.

  1. The Psychology Of Decision-Making And Its Social Consequences
  2. Explain The Treatment Of Addiction
  3. How Has Artificial Intelligence Affected Job Automation? (Write A Comparison-Contrast Essay Explaining Job Loss)
  4. Impact Of Globalization On History And Culture
  5. The Effects Of Social Class On Opportunities (Positive Or Negative Effect)
  6. Corporate Responsibility And Ethics In Business
  7. Modern Work Culture And The Gig Economy
  8. Immigration Impact On The Past And Present
  9. Memory And Its Effects On Cognition
  10. The Social Response To Political Polarization

Social Issue Explanatory Essay Topics

To write an explanatory essay on social issues, school students examine and explain a societal problem. Examples include poverty, climate change, and racial discrimination. Practicing and improving cohesive writing skills is essential to excel in crafting such essays. This is because students need to connect their ideas logically to maintain the smooth flow of information in their papers.

  1. The Effects Of Global Warming
  2. How Has Feminism Changed The World?
  3. How Does Plastic Use Impact The Environment?
  4. Influence Of Media On Public Opinion
  5. The Impact Of Income Inequality On Societal Structures
  6. Black Lives Matter: An Anthology
  7. Marginalized Communities And Climate Change
  8. Explain How Education Reduces Social Inequality
  9. Society And Social Media
  10. The Development And Impact Of LGBTQ+ Rights Movements

Health Related Explanatory Essay Topics

Well-being covers a broad range of subjects. Some general topics for school students include mental or personal health and healthcare. You might also write an explanatory essay on more specific topics. These include less talked about health issues such as eating disorders, schizophrenia, and autism.

  1. Nutrition And How It Affects The Mind (Positive Or Negative Effect)
  2. How Does Technology Affect Sleep And Mental Well-Being?
  3. The Impact Of Stress On Mental And Physical Functioning
  4. A Historical Overview Of The Opioid Overdose Epidemic
  5. Addiction And Its Impact On The Body
  6. Does Exercise Affect Mental Well-being?
  7. Explain The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health
  8. Social Isolation (Write An Essay Explaining The Mental And Physical Side Effects)
  9. The Impact Of Public Health Policy On Access To Care
  10. Mindfulness And Mental Wellness

Explanatory Essay Topics: Takeaway

Choosing the right explanatory essay topic is so important when it comes to getting a good grade at school. Writing a paper on something you’re interested in tends to make research less boring and your writing more compelling.

And don’t worry about what other students are writing. Just make sure you research, outline your topic ideas, and write following a structure. Having a plan means you’ll be well on your way to writing a unique and persuasive explanatory essay paper.

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