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Great Psychology Research Paper Topics

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: May 4, 2023
Last update date: March 22, 2024
13 min read

If you are looking for psychology research topics to help you write a better paper and complete it in less time, this page is for you. We will present various research paper topics and give you important details you need to include in your creation. This is not an easy type of writing. You can see a lot of controversial topics in psychology for research paper and a lot more psychology research topics for high school students that are too complicated and require research or even conducting an experiment. Psychology research topics for college students are even more important and even more complicated due to their nature.

These papers usually need a week or even a month to be completed. It is no wonder why so many students want to buy psychology paper and get over it in a minute. If you are one of them, you can use help from our writers. Some are even therapists, so they can help you more than you can imagine. We will also present to you research topics in psychology for college students so you can get more basic types of help if you need it or at least get some inspiration.

Psychology Research Paper Definition and Purpose

All interesting psychology research topics are designed to focus on psychology. You will have to write about a condition, disorder, experiment, or even a literature review. Keep in mind that you can also write about psychology research topics on social media or social elements of society. Yes, psychology affects that as well. The best psychology research topics are complex, and they can even mandate that you perform complete research and provide a lab report. These psychology research topics in 2023 are all common and very popular at the moment. We must add that personality psychology research topics can be extremely difficult.

The first thing here is to know how to write a psychology research paper well and get the grade you are looking for. Always keep in mind that you must use accurate and trustworthy data and research details. The false data here is a huge mistake and something that will cost you a grade. Luckily there are interesting psychology topics that will keep you busy. In a nutshell, these essays aim to present your findings or understanding of a topic. This affects all topics about psychology, and each psychology research paper will have to be unique, have a good balance, and answer all the questions a reader may have.

Writing Tips for Psychology Research Papers

There are a lot of tips we can give you here. These can be used for all unique psychology research topics and can help you write the paper you will be happy with. You will use these tips if you are writing undergraduate research topics psychology, or any other. They are mandatory and will help you get the desired grade. You can use them when writing psychology research topics, cognitive psychology, or any other type. Anyway, here are the tips you are going to need.

  1. Choose the topic you will love. This can help. You will be more interested in conducting proper research and can enjoy writing. If possible, pick a topic that means something to you. All psychology topics for research can be fun.
  2. Keep all things simple. You need to write a research paper that is well-researched, simple, and answers all the questions directly. Psychology research topics and clinical psychology are a bit different, but you should use the same tip here.
  3. Choose trustworthy sources. When writing on any general psychology topics, you need to use a good source or better-said sources. This is true for all research paper writings due to a simple reason. A research paper must be 100% accurate. Good psychology research topics will be perfect if you use this type of help.
  4. Start soon. All good topics are complicated, so you will need a lot of time to complete them. This means starting as soon as you can. Using this tip, you will have enough time to write and get help if you need it. If you don’t have the time, you can write my research paper type of help and get the research essay done within minutes. Yes, it does work well.

Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

All of these research paper topics are basically a combination of science here and society. As such, we can see all the topics that are common and actually look related more to philosophy than anything else. Nevertheless, these are common topics, and they are very interesting. You will probably have to write good psychology on something like this.

  1. What effects does racism have?
  2. Gender role in the modern world
  3. Side effects of gender discrimination
  4. Peer pressure and the effect it has on teenagers
  5. Violent cartoons and their Effect on small children
  6. How divorce will affect a child
  7. Explain homophobia
  8. Explain social depression
  9. Social cognition: What is it?
  10. Social Issues and Culture

Clinical Psychology Research Paper Topics

This part of the science will examine and reveal the behavior of people and how they act and react in everyday life. These may touch on behavioral therapy and also cognitive development in one way or another. Below are a few paper topics that are very common, and you will probably have to write on some of them.

  1. Discrimination from health workers explained
  2. Human development in developing and developed countries
  3. Multitasking explained by therapists
  4. Religion as a factor in the development
  5. PTSD Analysis and how it affects people
  6. Internet addiction and which problems it does cause
  7. Stress in marriages: How does it affect people and marriage?
  8. Adult separation anxiety and the Effect on Children
  9. Impact of Patients in Asylums on Staff
  10. Why do people prefer to watch sports rather than participate

Experimental Psychology Research Paper Topics

When we mention psychology, many of you will instantly think of multiple personalities or something similar. This part of the content is a bit different. Here it is mostly about experiments that were conducted all over the world and found how our brain works, how disorders work, and so much more. Keep in mind that you may have to conduct your own experiment if you have to write on this topic. Many people will need research paper help or at least guidance in order to complete it. These are some of the hardest essays you will have to complete in your life.

  1. Colors and the effect they have on our mood
  2. How can breakfast affect our personality and mood during that day?
  3. The worst medical experiments in history
  4. Explain dehumanization in poisons
  5. Mood freezing: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
  6. Controlling aggression, but how?
  7. Cloning can help couples without children
  8. Group belonging and the link to an individual belonging
  9. Violence and internet use link
  10. Explain double foot in the door

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Developmental Psychology Research Paper Topics

These can be very hard but can be very rewarding as well. As you can assume, good cognitive psychology research topics here will be about forming personality in children, problems, and all the rest that may affect that. Yes, you will write about children most of the time, so you may want to pay close attention to the data you are using. The psychological elements here are massive and very important.

  1. What kind of effect does bullying has on children?
  2. Violent PC games and their effect on behavior?
  3. Too much time online: How will children react?
  4. Abusive parents: Huge problem these days
  5. Are gender roles in children still present?
  6. Abused children’s personality issues
  7. Mental health issues: Long-term effects
  8. Things that can cause faster aging
  9. Medications and their Effect on your mental health
  10. Sleeping disorder and the effect it has on your mental health

Criminal Psychology Research Paper Topics

Some of you may believe that this is a part of forensic psychology. In general, here, you will have to write why a person will commit a crime and whether any mental issues or links made him do that. You may also have to write about one criminal’s prevention, details, and specifics.

  1. Brain dysfunction and criminals
  2. Psychological traits of a serial killer
  3. What is needed to ”make” a serial killer
  4. Are criminals made or born
  5. How childhood and abuse make criminals
  6. Worst serial killers in history
  7. Prevention of criminal behavior
  8. Differences between criminals and ordinary people
  9. Common disorders of criminals
  10. What starts violent behavior

Cultural Psychology Research Paper Topics

For the lack of a better word, here you will have to write about how culture affects our mind when forming or later in life. Try to remember that your essay must be well-organized. A too-broad or even too-narrow paper will make the reader get lost in your words. This is not something you will want. The psychological factors are of extreme importance.

  1. Analyzing culture and its development of it
  2. Comparing two different cultures
  3. Culture and its Effects on People
  4. How cultures around the world view sex
  5. Definition of global culture
  6. Explain multicultural communities
  7. Nationalism and culture are compared and explained
  8. Do animals have culture?
  9. Culture of isolated communities
  10. Check different cultures and the languages

Health Psychology Research Paper Topics

Here you may have to touch anxiety disorders or anything else. In general, you will have to write an essay about brain health. Some ideas focus completely on disorders, while others focus on keeping your mind healthy and dealing with all sorts of issues. For most people, these titles are very amusing and can be very beneficial. You will basically have to cover different psychological elements of the science.

  1. Rare mental problems
  2. Stress and it has on the mind
  3. Substance abuse and the side effects
  4. Why is depression so common these days?
  5. The mental health of young people
  6. Postpartum depression and the treatment
  7. The mental health of Native Americans
  8. Common disorders in children
  9. How mental problems affect the physical condition
  10. Understanding all eating disorders

Sports Psychology Research Paper Topics

You may have to write about the mind of athletes or how they are affected in the world. The psychological factors here are very powerful and massive, the lack of a better word. These ideas are simple and will keep you busy and interested, especially if you are into sports. Now you can see the best examples of papers related to sports psychology.

  1. Use of neuro-linguistic programming in sports
  2. Doping in sports: How does it change the sport and the athlete?
  3. Sport aggression is explained and defined
  4. Attention and concentration in shooting sports
  5. How can you reduce aggression in sports fans
  6. Emotion and Needs in Sports for Women
  7. Children of professional athletes: Differences to ordinary children
  8. Gender studies: Modern problems in sports
  9. Mental Recovery of athletes after Trauma
  10. Personality and choosing to do sports

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Educational Psychology Research Paper Topics

The psychological elements here are all about education and the effects it has on the mind. This is a simple definition. We can add that you will have to complete paper topics that are also focused on education later in life and the effects they have on our minds.

  1. Bullying and the effects it has on education and the mind
  2. Importance of proper teacher program for children
  3. Child Abuse and its link to Education
  4. How memory loss affects education
  5. Education of children with special needs
  6. Anxiety and depression as huge issues for education
  7. What motivates children to continue with higher education?
  8. Goals, gender, and result in education
  9. Parental Involvement for Children at School
  10. Perspectives of attention-seeking students

Social Media Psychology Research Paper Topics

Don’t think that here you will have to enjoy paper writing that is all about Facebook and Instagram. You will have to prove how these platforms affect our mental health. You can write about pros, cons, and so much more, so you do need to conduct a lot of research and include tons of details. Here are great ideas that you will like.

  1. Is Facebook beneficial for humans?
  2. Instagram: pros and cons for the mind
  3. Twitter and the effects it has on education
  4. Addiction to social platforms
  5. Cyberbullying and Facebook link
  6. Doing Business and the Correlation with Facebook or Instagram
  7. Is real-world communication affected by Facebook and similar platforms
  8. Are these sites killing our productivity?
  9. Advantages of using these platforms
  10. Downsides of using these platforms

Abnormal Psychology Research Paper Topics

The main goal here is to explain or research disorders and explain them to people. You will have to use accurate and latest data in order to justify your claims. You may have to explain eating disorders but also severe psychosis.

  1. Can PC games affect our minds?
  2. Pros and cons of making marijuana legal
  3. Prevention of teen suicide
  4. ICD 10 classification of mental disorders
  5. Mental problems caused by technology
  6. History of abnormal psychology
  7. How effective CBT is for treating anxiety in children
  8. All about aggression
  9. Most severe mental disorders
  10. Extremely rare disorders in humans
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Cognitive Psychology Research Paper Topics

This part of the science will affect all the details about memory, language use, processing of information, and so much more of one person. As you can see, the topics are mostly focused on problems and solutions. You need to stay focused while writing and pay close attention to details.

  1. Autism and how it affects modern society
  2. How can you recover from losing your memory?
  3. Judgment in the decision-making process
  4. Measuring the attention span of your child
  5. Why will you encounter your memories?
  6. What factors affect problem-solving in children?
  7. How speech disorders affect children
  8. Why will you repress some of your memory?
  9. Can we use experiments to measure cognitive capability?
  10. Explain human memories and how they are formed

Controversial Psychology Research Paper Topics

So, what are the most controversial topics in psychology?

  1. Is it ethical to have clients as Facebook friends?
  2. Homosexuality.
  3. Ethics of the Milgram experiment.
  4. Are women always the victims, or are they also perpetrators of domestic violence?
  5. Crime as a justification for coping with past trauma – how justified is it?
  6. Social networks, online dating, and their impact on teenagers.
  7. Ethics surrounding the Stanford prison experiment.
  8. The adult content in cartoons and animes.
  9. Fetishes and sexually deviant behavior.
  10. Child sexual abuse – when a parent is a perpetrator.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology is one of the most popular fields here since it studies the cognitive development of an individual throughout the entire lifespan. When you write your paper, you might want to check PapersOwl to make things easier. Here, we have some general ideas on where you might want to start:

  1. The effects of social media on adolescent development: A critical review of research.
  2. How do parenting styles influence the development of emotional regulation in children?
  3. The impact of early childhood experiences on adult attachment styles.
  4. The role of peer relationships in adolescent identity development.
  5. Examining the long-term effects of childhood trauma on adult mental health and well-being.
  6. The importance of cultural and ethnic identity in the development of racial attitudes and prejudice.
  7. Gender identity development: A critical analysis of current theories.
  8. The effects of poverty on child development: An overview of current research.
  9. The development of empathy and prosocial behavior in children: The role of parenting and socialization.
  10. Examining the effects of technology on infant and toddler development: A review of current literature.

Child Psychology

This is yet another exciting field of psychology that focuses on the peculiarities in the development of the child. This is also a prolific ground for finding a proper topic for your paper:

  1. Influence of video games on Children
  2. The emotional development of a child
  3. The role of play in child development: A review of current literature.
  4. The effects of parenting styles on child socialization and emotional development.
  5. The impact of divorce and family conflict on child adjustment and well-being.
  6. How to promote positive sibling relationships in childhood and adolescence.
  7. The relationship between childhood ADHD and academic achievement: A meta-analysis.
  8. The effects of media exposure on child behavior and attitudes: An overview of research.
  9. The development of moral reasoning in children and adolescents.
  10. The effects of child abuse and neglect on mental health outcomes in adulthood.
  11. The importance of temperament in child development: A review of current theories.
  12. How cultural values and beliefs influence parenting practices and child development.
  13. Does death metal make children smarter?
  14. Society and children’s cognitive development.

There are more branches of psychology you might want to discuss, so you need to consider your specialization when choosing a proper topic for your study. There are different psychology essay samples, so you just need to pick the one that suits you best and would potentially make for a great paper.

Psychology Research Paper Tips

  • Do not expect choosing a psychology topic for your paper to be quick or easy! Remember, research takes quite a long time and usually takes even more time than you expect, so do not choose a topic that doesn’t excite you. It is easier to stay motivated and keep writing your project paper when you choose something you are genuinely interested in and passionate about.

  • After you’ve decided on what you are going to write, the next step is to start searching for some information about it. Take a deep breath and begin your research by looking through encyclopedias, textbooks, and pay attention to all the sources that are cited in the readings. Pay a visit to the library, and use its catalogs to search for different books. You can also look through online databases like PsycNET or PsycINFO to find more recent information.

  • We hope you have found our examples useful. So, feel free to use any of them while working on your assignment! We understand how hard and challenging school tasks are, so if you are struggling with them, you can buy psychology papers, don’t be afraid to contact us – we will do it for you!

  • Selecting the proper topic is the most important part of approaching any paper, especially when it comes to complex disciplines such as psychology. There are many branches in this discipline, so choosing one perfect topic might be even more challenging than it seems. That is why we have some general suggestions for you so you could choose your perfect topic yourself.


Now you will have to find a good topic and start your paper writing task. This can be complicated and will take a lot of time, so you may want to stay focused and pay close attention to the details, specifics, and so much more. Always remember that you can get help when you need it and get over a task you don’t like. Don’t forget that you can choose a title you are passionate about that will keep you interested in writing for as long as possible.

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