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Research Paper Topics for High School Students

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: January 10, 2023
Last update date: May 29, 2024
5 min read

Research papers are common assignments in high school systems worldwide. They serve as a method for students to convey what they have learned from in-depth analysis on a specific subject. But why are they so prevalent in high schools?

The reason is that writing a well-structured and organized research paper teaches students essential academic skills such as making critical connections, expressing understanding, summarizing complex data, and effectively communicating their findings.

The process begins with selecting from various potential research paper topics. Students must identify a topic that not only interests them but also has sufficient scope to explore in depth.
Selecting a good research paper topic is key to connecting with your audience — usually, your teachers and classmates. However, choosing the best topic can be tough. This is often because there are so many options available or it’s unclear what makes a topic both doable and interesting.

To help students with this important first step in the research paper process, we’ve created this guide. It provides strategies for picking the right topics and features a diverse list of more than 50 research ideas. These suggestions aim to improve academic performance by covering a variety of subjects, giving students a strong start for their research projects.

How to Choose High School Research Paper Topics

Choosing the right research paper topic is key, especially with so many suitable options for high school. The process might seem overwhelming, but learning how to narrow down your options can make it easier to handle.

Consider the Scope and Time Commitment

The first thing to consider is the amount of time you have to complete your paper. Topics that are too broad can be exhausting and may make it difficult to finish the paper on time. It’s best to choose topics that are not too broad yet detailed enough to explore within your deadline. Well-defined topics help you stay focused and organized, making your research and writing processes more efficient.

Align the Topic with Your Interests

Motivation plays a key role in the success of your research. Select a research paper topic that aligns with your personal interests and that you find interesting. This will keep you engaged and energized throughout the writing process.

If you’re struggling or the deadline is near and your paper isn’t ready, remember there are resources to help, like buying a research paper to meet your academic needs. But ideally, with the right topic and careful planning, you should be able to finish your assignment on your own.

Use Resources and Guides

To aid in your topic selection, refer to guides and lists that offer a variety of research ideas. These resources aim to inspire and give you a good start for your research paper. They cover a wide range of topics and are designed to meet various academic needs. By picking a topic from these lists, you can boost your performance and kickstart your research project smoothly, leading to a good research paper.

Most Interesting & Easy Research Topics for High School students

We’ve sorted the all research paper ideas into categories to make your academic exploration easier. Your personal interest is crucial when choosing a topic, so we suggest exploring the category that interests you the most. If you’re short on time, remember that here at PapersOWL, we are ready to provide a custom research paper tailored to your needs.

Education Research Topics

If you are interested in education, you should consider choosing an education research topic for high school students. Below you can find ten topics you can use as inspiration.

  1. Should High Schools Impose Mandatory Vaccination on Students?
  2. The Benefits of Charter Schools for the Public Education System
  3. Homeschooling vs. Traditional Schooling: Which One Better Sets Students for Success?
  4. Should Public Education Continue to Promote Diversity? Why?
  5. The Most Beneficial Funding Programs for Students
  6. The Effects of the Rising Price of College Tuitions on High School Students
  7. Discuss the Most Noteworthy Advantages and Disadvantages of Standardized Testing
  8. What Are the Alternatives to Standardized Testing?
  9. Does a Gap Year Between High School and College Set Students for Success?
  10. Identify and Discuss the Major Benefits of Group Projects for High Schoolers
  11. The Role of Technology in Modern Education
  12. The Impact of COVID-19 on Educational Systems Worldwide
  13. Addressing the Achievement Gap in Education
  14. The Impact of AI on Personalized Learning
  15. Online Learning: Pros and Cons in Modern Education
  16. The Role of E-Learning Platforms in Modern Education
  17. Strategies to Integrate AI into Classroom
  18. The Ethical Implications of Using AI in Student Surveillance

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Research Topics about World History

  1. The Origin Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict And Possible Resolutions
  2. The History Of The USA Occupation Of Iraq
  3. Choose A Famous Assassinated World Leader And Discuss What Led To The Assassination
  4. Discuss A Historical Invention And How It Changed The Lives Of People Worldwide
  5. Has The World’s Leading Countries’ Response To Climate Change Improved Or Declined Over The Last Decade?
  6. How The President Of Belarus Manages To Stay In Power For Over 25 Years
  7. Which Event In World History Had The Most Impact On Your Country?
  8. The Influence of Ancient Civilizations on Modern Society
  9. The Role of the Silk Road in Connecting Cultures
  10. The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on World History
  11. Colonialism and Its Long-Term Effects on Colonized Nations
  12. The Cold War: Causes, Major Events, and Lasting Impacts
  13. The Role of Women in Shaping World History
  14. The Role of Women in World War I and II
  15. Decolonization Movements Post-World War II
  16. The Effect of Technological Advancements on Warfare Throughout History
  17. Three Kingdoms Period in Chinese History
  18. Albigensian Crusade and Its Impact on Medieval Europe
  19. Italian Front in World War I
  20. History and Influence of the Mongolian Empire
  21. Greco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek Kingdoms
  22. Great Game: Anglo-Russian Rivalry in Central Asia
  23. Three Kingdoms Period in Chinese History
  24. Cultural and Historical Significance of the Abbasid Caliphate

Healthcare Research Topics

  1. The Benefits and Risks of Telemedicine
  2. The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Healthcare Systems
  3. Mental Health Awareness in High Schools
  4. The Role of Vaccination in Public Health
  5. Obesity and Its Impact on Health in Adolescents
  6. The Future of Personalized Medicine
  7. The Ethics of Genetic Engineering in Healthcare
  8. How AI is Revolutionizing Healthcare Diagnostics
  9. Access to Healthcare in Rural vs. Urban Areas
  10. The Importance of Preventive Healthcare
  11. Healthcare Disparities Among Different Socioeconomic Groups
  12. The Effects of Climate Change on Public Health
  13. The Role of Technology in Managing Chronic Diseases
  14. Nutrition and Its Impact on Adolescent Health
  15. The Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies on Healthcare Policies
  16. The Pros and Cons of Universal Healthcare Systems
  17. Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Causes and Solutions
  18. The Role of Mental Health Services in Schools
  19. The Impact of Social Media on Teen Health Behaviors
  20. The Advancements in Cancer Treatments

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Finance Research Topics

  1. How Cryptocurrency is Changing the Financial Landscape
  2. Impact of Globalization on Financial Markets
  3. Ethical Investing: Benefits and Challenges
  4. Microfinance and Its Role in Economies Development
  5. Influence of Interest Rates on Economic Growth
  6. The Financial Implications of Student Loan Debt
  7. Sustainable Finance and Its Growing Importance
  8. The Role of Central Banks in Stabilizing Economies
  9. How AI is Transforming Financial Services
  10. Online Banking: Security and Convenience
  11. The Effects of Economic Recessions on Small Businesses
  12. The Evolution of Stock Markets Over the Last Century
  13. The Financial Impact of Natural Disasters
  14. Personal Finance Education: Should It Be Mandatory in Schools?
  15. The Future of Digital Payments
  16. Challenges of Implementing Universal Basic Income
  17. Impact of Tax Policies on Economic Inequality
  18. Role of Hedge Funds in Financial Markets
  19. The Rise of Robo-Advisors in Personal Finance Management

Mental Health Topics

Here are some relevant and significant mental health research topics for high school research papers. These topics are here to inspire and guide you in your research:

  1. Discuss The Main Ways Stress Affects The Body
  2. Can Daily Exercises Benefit Mental Health? How?
  3. Should More Counselors Work In High Schools? Why?
  4. Discuss The Major Factors That Contribute To Poor Mental And Physical Well-Being
  5. In What Ways Has The Worldwide Pandemic Affected People’s Mental Health?
  6. Explore The Relationship Between Social Media And Mental Health Disorders
  7. How The Public School System Cares For The Mental Health Of Students
  8. What Is The Most Effective Psychotherapy For High Schoolers?
  9. Impact of Bullying on Mental Health
  10. Role of Nutrition in Mental Health
  11. Cultural Differences in Mental Health Perceptions and Treatment
  12. Mindfulness Practices Effectiveness in Schools
  13. Family Dynamics Influence on Adolescent Mental Health
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Science Research Topics

Science is one of those fields where there is always something new you can research. If you need a science research topic for high school students, feel free to use any of the following.

  1. How Can Civilization Save Coral Reefs?
  2. What Are Black Holes, And What Is Their Role?
  3. Explain Sugar Chemistry That Enables Us To Make Candies
  4. What Are The Biggest Successes Of The Epa In The Last Decade?
  5. Is There A Way To Reverse Climate Change? How?
  6. What Solutions Does Science Offer To Resolve The Drinking Water Crisis In The Future?
  7. Ways to Save Coral Reefs
  8. Black Holes and Their Role
  9. Sugar Chemistry in Candy Making
  10. Biggest Successes of the EPA in the Last Decade
  11. Reversing Climate Change
  12. Scientific Solutions for the Drinking Water Crisis
  13. The Role of CRISPR in Genetic Engineering
  14. Impacts of Space Exploration on Earth Science
  15. Developments in Renewable Energy Technologies
  16. The Effects of Microplastics on Marine Life
  17. Nanotechnology in Medicine
  18. Quantum Computing and Its Potential Uses
  19. Studying the Human Genome Project
  20. Advancements in Vaccine Development

Music research topics

Many teenagers find inspiration in music, so why not choose some music high school research paper topics.

  1. In What Way Music Education Benefits High School Students?
  2. How Famous Musicians Impact Pop Music
  3. Classification Of Music Instruments: Discuss The Sachs-Hornbostel System
  4. Did Sound Effect Technology Change The Music Industry? How?
  5. How Did Online Streaming Platforms Help Music Evolve?
  6. How Does Music Software Emulate Sounds Of Different Instruments?


Our environment has been a hot topic for quite some time now. There is a lot of research to back up your claims and make logical assumptions. Here are some environmental high school research topics you can choose from.

  1. What Is The Impact Of Offshore Drilling On The Environment?
  2. Do We Need Climate Change Legislation? Why?
  3. Are Ecotourism And Tropical Fishing Viable Ways To Save And Recuperate Endangered Areas And Animals?
  4. The Impact Of Disposable Products On The Environment
  5. Discuss The Benefits Of Green Buildings To Our Environment
  6. Find And Discuss A Large-Scale Recent Project That Helped Restore Balance In An Area


Many students struggle with having to find good entrepreneurship research paper ideas for high school. This is why we’ve developed a list of topics to inspire your research.

  1. What Is Entrepreneurship?
  2. Are People Born With An Entrepreneurial Spirit, Or Can You Learn It?
  3. Discuss The Major Entrepreneurship Theories
  4. Does Entrepreneurship Affect The Growth Of The Economy?
  5. Which Character Traits Are Commonly Found In Successful Entrepreneurs?
  6. The Pros And Cons Of Having A Traditional Job And Being An Entrepreneur
  7. Discuss Entrepreneurship As One Of The Solutions To Unemployment
  8. What Is Crowdfunding, And How It’s Related To Entrepreneurship
  9. The Most Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face
  10. How Social Media Made A Lot Of Successful Entrepreneurs


Hopefully, you’ll find these high school research paper topics inspirational. The categories are there to help you choose easily. Here at PapersOwl, we know how hard it is to complete all assignments in time and ace all your grades. If you are struggling with writing, feel free to contact us about our writing services, and we’ll help you come on top of your research paper assignment no matter how complex it is.

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