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Top Nutrition Research Paper Topics for Students

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: July 4, 2023
Last update date: March 22, 2024
4 min read

Sometimes, coming up with an interesting topic is much more challenging than even writing a 10-page essay. After all, there are so many unique themes you could divulge, and choosing the only one that would suit your needs best can be overwhelming.

To narrow down your list of potential nutrition topics for research, it’s in your best interest to start with broader themes that spark your interest. For example, do you want to know more about how food impacts health and disease? Are you more interested in the psychological and emotional connection to food? Perhaps you’ve always been curious about nutrition and muscle development or weight loss?

Once you have a general direction, you’d like to go in, and finding suitable topics becomes much easier.

But if you’re still struggling with finding inspiration for your next essay, you should check out PapersOwl’s nutrition research paper topic suggestions. We’ve compiled a list of dozens of unique topics that’ll help you finish your assignment.

And if you need more than just suggestions, you can always find nutrition and nursing papers for sale on our platform.

Without further ado, let’s get into some of the best topic ideas!

Nutrition Research Topics for College Students

The following are some of the best nutrition research paper topics for college students who want to learn more about the themes that directly affect them. And in case you need assistance with writing any of the following topics, you can order custom research papers and receive authentic, plagiarism-free content written by nutrition experts.

  1. Stress eating a growing problem among college students
  2. The cause and effects of Freshman 15
  3. How healthy foods can help deal with mental health issues
  4. Sleep and nutrition –how they relate to each other
  5. How healthy eating impacts a college athlete’s performance
  6. Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
  7. Why women are more likely to suffer from anemia
  8. Preventing/curing hangovers with smarter food choices
  9. The impact of social media on students’ dietary choices
  10. What are superfoods, and can they be beneficial?
  11. The rising popularity of the paleo diet
  12. What makes fast food so addictive?
  13. Most common eating disorders among college students
  14. Diet and mood – how they’re intertwined
  15. Can healthy foods improve cognition and brain power?

Interesting Nutrition Topics for Research Paper

If you’d prefer a bit more exciting topic that encourages debate and gets your readers immersed, take a look at the following nutrition research paper topic suggestions.

  1. Overcoming unhealthy emotional relationship with food
  2. The intricate relationship between smoking and weight
  3. How sleep moderates ghrelin and leptin levels
  4. Cannabinoids as nutritional supplements
  5. Prevalence of diabetes among college students
  6. How helpful are gummy vitamins?
  7. Genetic predispositions for becoming obese
  8. How parents’ eating habits impact children’s dietary choices
  9. Preventing eating disorders in teens and young adults
  10. How the body positivity movement can be harmful to young adults
  11. In-depth review of US school lunches – what needs to change?
  12. Preventing chronic diseases with better food choices
  13. Is overhydration more dangerous than dehydration?
  14. The impact of social media on women’s body image
  15. Hormones and nutrition – how are they connected?

Research Topics in Nutrition and Dietetics

Analyzing diets and their impact on our health and fitness is always intriguing. Learn more about nutrition and dietetics with some of the following nutrition research topics:

  1. Keto diet and risk considerations
  2. Dietary changes during the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Nutrition vs. physical activity for healthy weight management
  4. Methods for improving physical fitness while limiting calorie intake
  5. In-depth analysis of yo-yo dieting
  6. How going vegan impacts health
  7. Dietary fats – the good and the bad
  8. The dark side of the juice cleanse
  9. The role of proteins in weight loss
  10. How popular diet trends affect your health
  11. Is intermittent fasting a good way to lose weight?
  12. In-depth analysis of compulsive eating disorder Pica
  13. Harmful trends that promote eating disorders
  14. How to ensure proper nutrient intake on a plant-based diet
  15. Are vegan foods always healthier?

Sports Nutrition Topics for Research

Student-athletes always want to know more about how food and nutrition impact their performance. The following topics can be just as useful to them as they are to med students.

  1. Prevalence of eating disorders among female athletes
  2. How plant-based diets impact athletes’ performance
  3. How much protein you need for optimal muscle development
  4. The role of BCAA’s in weightlifting performance among seniors
  5. Is when you eat just as important as what you eat?
  6. The impact of food choices on muscle recovery
  7. Maintaining electrolyte balance during endurance training
  8. The role of creatine in improving athletic performance
  9. How to safely cut weight ahead of a competition
  10. Effects of dietary fibers on carbohydrate uptake and absorption
  11. What athletes need to know about BMI
  12. Most effective supplements for bone and tendon health in combat athletes
  13. How caffeine impacts athletic performance
  14. In-depth analysis or Peri-Workout nutrition for strength athletes
  15. Examining the effects of low-carb diet trends on athletic performance

Other Popular Nutrition Paper Topics

Miscellaneous topics can often be some of the most interesting ones, especially since few students ever opt for them. Browse through these ten unique topics and choose the one that suits you best.

Once you’ve found a great topic, writing becomes a much easier task. But if you can’t find the time for your paper, a quick search for services that can “write my research paper for me” could be a God-send.

  1. Infant brain development and nutrition
  2. How a mother’s dietary choices impact the quality of breastmilk
  3. Symptoms of malnutrition among children
  4. Immune system and diet – how they’re connected
  5. The real science behind GMO food
  6. The effects of thermal processing on nutrients
  7. Factors contributing to obesity among young Americans
  8. Different nutritional needs among different age groups
  9. Dietary differences between low-income and high-income households
  10. Foods that boost serotonin levels


Exploring the ways how human bodies work and react has interested people for thousands of years. No wonder there are a lot of engaging dietary and nursing research topics for modern students to choose from. You’ve already got acquainted with 70 of our top nutrition topics for research papers, so gather inspiration from our list and get started with your essay!

If you need further assistance with your writing, PapersOwl’s experts are available 24/7. Contact us, and place your order for custom nutrition papers.

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