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Food Research Topics

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: June 27, 2023
Last update date: March 22, 2024
9 min read

Since food is an integral part of our daily lives, conducting food research is important for ensuring that our food supply is both wholesome and sustainable. The molecular level of food composition to the global effects of food production is all possible research topics in nutrition.

Food thesis topics come with many questions that need to be answered. This article goes over the best choices for your upcoming assignment.

Key Points

  • Food research is a multidisciplinary field incorporating knowledge from different academic fields, such as chemistry, biology, and nutrition.
  • Food research is a fascinating topic since many significant problems must be answered.
  • The advancement of human health, the environment, and the economy could all be impacted significantly by food research.

Which Topics are Best for Food Research Papers?

The study of food spans several disciplines and is interdisciplinary with interesting food topics. As a result, you might need research paper writing help to cover aspects you do not know. The following factors should be taken into account while selecting research topics about food:

  1. Your interests and specialization

What do you feel strongly about? What area of expertise do you have? The research process will be satisfying and successful if you select a topic that interests you and about which you are knowledgeable.

  1. The current state of research

What has been done in this area already? What are the knowledge gaps? Use tips on how to write a research paper title to get the best results. Also, it is crucial to pick a topic that is still being actively investigated to provide new information to the field.

  1. The feasibility of your research

What kind of information and materials will you need to gather? How long will it take for your research to be finished? It’s essential to pick a subject that you can investigate effectively, given your time and resources.

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Controversial Food Research Paper Topics

Food is a subject that generates a lot of debate. There are various viewpoints on what constitutes healthy food, negative calorie foods, processed food vs. health concerns, and how food production affects the environment. If you have issues putting your ideas together, get custom research paper writing help to free yourself from the hassle. As a result, the study of food offers a wealth of research topics, particularly for individuals interested in debating controversial food topics like fast food research topics.

Among the food-related topics in this category are:

  1. Pros and Cons of Veganism
  2. Fast Food Vs. Home Cooked
  3. Food Waste Problem in the United States of America
  4. Food Advertising and Marketing Directed
  5. Food or Foe?
  6. Is Veganism Beneficial or Detrimental to Society?
  7. Is Obesity a Disease in the Contemporary World?
  8. The Ethics of GMOs and Their Safety
  9. The Effects of Meat Consumption on Health
  10. How Food Production Affects the Environment
  11. The Increase in Food Intolerances and Allergies
  12. Plant-Based Diets’ Advantages and Drawbacks in Terms of Health
  13. Health Effects of Fast Food
  14. How Food Affects Culture and Identity
  15. Should We Trust Lab-Made Meat?

Argumentative Food Research Paper Topics

Food argument topics can be a fantastic approach to investigating complex fast food research topics and honing your critical thinking abilities.

Consider the following subjects to write an argumentative food research paper.

  1. How are Fast Food Advertising and Childhood Obesity Related
  2. Why Banning Junk Food Advertisements is Impractical?
  3. The Benefits of Veganism on Animal Rights
  4. Should Meals Containing Genetic Engineering Be Prohibited?
  5. Does the Fast Food Sector Contribute to the Rise in Obesity?
  6. Are Conventionally Farmed Foods Truly Worse for You Than Organic Foods?
  7. Should the Government Impose Restrictions on the Marketing of Harmful Foods to Kids?
  8. What Moral Repercussions Result From Consuming Meat?
  9. How Fast Food Affects Obesity
  10. Genetically Engineered Foods and Morality
  11. Organic Farming’s Long-Term Viability
  12. The Significance of Food Education in the Classroom
  13. Should the Selling of Sugary Drinks Be Regulated by the Government?
  14. Are Conventional Foods Healthier for You Than Organic Foods?
  15. The Correlation Between Cancer and Fast Food

Food Research Paper Topics for Debate

There are many diverse viewpoints on how to produce, eat, and think about food. This makes food debate topics an excellent method to examine these different perspectives and discover more about complex issues like people who want to lose weight, organic foods, and health benefits.

Among the food topics to research are:

  1. Climate Change and Genetically Modified Food
  2. The Crisis of Poverty and Food
  3. Fast Food and a Healthy, Active Lifestyle
  4. Home-Cooked Food
  5. Corrupted Marketing of the Fast Food Industry
  6. Culinary Arts
  7. GMOs: Feeding the World or Killing it
  8. Should we Grow and Eat GMOs
  9. Feeding the Destruction of the American Dream
  10. Starvation in the World
  11. The Resilience of the World’s Food System
  12. The Connection Between Climate Change and Food
  13. Children’s Reactions to Food Advertisement
  14. Fast Food’s Effects on Public Health
  15. Are Canned Foods Even Safe at All?

Research Paper Topics on Food Safety

Food safety research is vital to ensure that our food is safe to eat. This creates a lot of controversy, especially with packaged foods and Genetically Modified Foods. Food consumption and safety can be researched from a variety of arguments, such as:

  1. Food Security in the USA and Third World
  2. Child Food Insecurity
  3. GMOs and World Hunger
  4. Food Insecurities on Development in Early Childhood
  5. Fall of Ancient Civilizations Due to Agriculture
  6. Food Insecurity Among Asian Americans
  7. The United States Faces Poverty and Hunger
  8. College Food Insecurity: how Big is the Problem?
  9. Are G.M.O. Foods Safe?
  10. GMO Food Labeling
  11. Food Insecurity on College Campuses: Prevalence, Consequences, and Solutions
  12. The Effects of Food Insecurity in the Community
  13. Food Insecurity at Berkeley
  14. Food Insecurity in the Bronx
  15. Food Insecurity in Mozambique: Going to Bed in Debt and Waking Up Hungry

Research Paper Topics on Food Justice

As a complicated and diverse issue, food justice lends itself to many potential research topics. Also, follow the guidelines on the structure of a research paper guide to avoid downgrading. The following are some exciting food justice topics:

  1. An Analysis of the Healthcare Policy
  2. Health Concerns and the Impact of Food Deserts
  3. The Role That Food Banks Play in Tackling Hunger
  4. The Relationship Between Environmental Justice and Food
  5. The Challenges and Opportunities of Creating More Equitable and Sustainable Food Systems
  6. The Role of Food Justice in Social Movements
  7. Effects of Food Insecurity on Health Consequences
  8. Food Aid Programs Like Food Banks’ Contribution to Lowering Food Insecurity
  9. The Opportunities and Problems of Urban Agriculture
  10. The Environmental Effects of Food Production
  11. The Moral Implications of Food Biotechnology
  12. The Effects of Food Insecurity on Health
  13. The Purpose of Food Banks and Other Initiatives on Providing Food Support
  14. Problems With Food Production and Delivery in Low-Income Areas
  15. The Impact of Our Food System on the Environment
  16. The impact of our food system on the environment
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Research Paper Topics on Food Waste

Food excesses result in a significant loss of resources, including labor, land, water, and energy. It also adds to other environmental issues, such as climate change, food poisoning, and food safety.

The subject of food excesses lends itself to a wide range of research paper topics.

Possible food research paper topic ideas include:

  1. Reducing Food Waste
  2. Food Waste Causes and Effects
  3. Food Wastage Behavior of Consumers in UMD
  4. Food Waste in the United States
  5. Food Waste Affects Everyone
  6. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  7. Global Food Waste: How to Effectively and Efficiently Battle Food Waste
  8. Reducing Food Waste in Australia
  9. Food Wastage – Global Environmental Problem
  10. Food Waste: Starbucks Coffee Company
  11. Who is Actually the Biggest Fan of Your Food Waste?
  12. Grocery Store Food Waste
  13. Food Waste: Reducing the Transport of Cows
  14. Food Waste Due to Poor Products
  15. Love Food Hate Waste

Research Paper Topics on Food and Nutrition

Human nutrition and health depend on food. As a result, there is a ton of research being done on food and nutrition topics.

This study examines a variety of food and poor nutrition topics, including:

  1. Are GMO Foods Better than Organic Foods
  2. Quality of Food from Fast Food Franchises
  3. Traditional Food Against Fast Food
  4. Poor Nutrition and its Effects on Learning
  5. A Look into Veganism and Plant-Based Diets
  6. Why you should Eat Breakfast
  7. Might a Vegan Diet be Healthy or Even Healthier?
  8. The Malnutrition and Overweight
  9. Disease and Nutrition Gloria Lyles West Coast University, Ontario
  10. Flavors Leave a Bad Taste
  11. How Nutrition Can Help Avoid Chronic Disorders
  12. The Consequences of a Vegan Diet on Heart Health the Impacts of Food Processing on Nutrient Content
  13. The Contribution of Fiber to Colon Cancer Prevention
  14. Junk Foods and Their Risk Factors
  15. The Role Junk Food Plays in the Increasing Levels of Diabetes in Children

Research Paper Topics in Food Science Studies

Food topics in science range from creating healthy diet items to examining how junk food impacts human health and how food businesses can sell healthy food.

The following are some examples of food science research topics:

  1. The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food
  2. The Effect of Food Advertisements on Diet
  3. The Effects of Eating Junk Food on Health
  4. Industry Analysis of the Fast Food Industry
  5. Organic Food for a Healthy Life
  6. The History of Fast Food
  7. History 202 / Food: a Global History
  8. Development and Standardization of Tools Regarding Junk Food Consumption
  9. Social Psychology of Food Consumption, Health Sciences, and Consumer Behavior
  10. The Effects of GMOs in Today’s World
  11. How to Set Healthy Fitness and Diet Goals
  12. Design and Fabrication of Rice Planting Machine
  13. Is Veganism Detrimental to One’s Health
  14. Genetically Modified Plants
  15. Environmental Science GMFS: our Savior or Destroyer

Food Research Paper Topics for College Students

Since food is such an integral part of our daily lives, food topics research is essential for ensuring we practice healthy eating.

Writing research papers is a common requirement for college students, and food science topics research can be an excellent approach to learning more, especially in fast food chains, food safety guides, genetically modified food, packaged food, stored foods, food additives, organic food, and food allergies.

College students can select from a wide range of food-related research topics, including:

  1. Cooking is my Passion
  2. Food Menu and its Design
  3. The Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants in China
  4. How did Food Stamps Begin?
  5. Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant
  6. Consider the Food Business and Explore Three Economic Concepts
  7. Healthy Baking the Ultimate Health Guide
  8. How to Become a Chef after Growing Up Nowadays
  9. Main Goal of Farming
  10. In Vitro Meat And Animal Welfare
  11. The Creation of Novel Food Processing Techniques
  12. Climate Change’s Effects on Food Production
  13. The Impact of Various Diets on Human Health and the Safety of Meals Containing Genetically Engineered Ingredients
  14. The Role of Public Health in Ensuring Food Safety
  15. Why We Should All Go Vegan

Research Paper Topics on Eating Disorders

Factors like the prevalence of the fast food industry make eating disorder research relevant. It can aid in improving our comprehension of the root causes of food addiction, developing more potent therapies, and preventing this disorder.

On the subject of eating disorders, the best food research paper topics could be investigated, such as:

  1. Problem: Childhood Obesity in America
  2. Fast Food Globalization
  3. Fast Food and Negative Consequences on Human Health
  4. Junk Food: Everywhere and Accessible for All People
  5. Keto Diet and Type Diabetes
  6. Childhood Obesity – Causes and Potential Long-Term Effects
  7. Childhood Obesity and Risks Factors
  8. An Eating Disorder Doesn’t Come out of Nowhere
  9. Childhood Obesity is an Epidemic in the USA
  10. The Causes and Preventions of Childhood Obesity
  11. Tackling Childhood Obesity in Rural Mississippi
  12. Childhood Obesity and Unhealthy Diets
  13. Child and Adolescent Obesity in the United States
  14. The best Cure for Eating Disorders is Family Treatment
  15. Childhood Obesity Rate Can be Decreased

Research Paper Topics on Fast Food

Junk foods are widely available in the food industry enterprises and negatively influence our economy, ecology, and health. In light of this, various intriguing research areas must be investigated, including fast food restaurants, slow food movement, food handling processes, and nutritional deficiency.

Among the fast food essay topics for research papers are:

  1. The Ritual of Fast Food by Margaret Visser
  2. The Dangers of Fast Foods
  3. The Demise of Public Transportation and the Rise of Fast Food
  4. Taco Bell
  5. Industry Analysis of the Fast Food Industry
  6. Fast Food in Modern World
  7. The North American Fast Food Industry
  8. What is Junk Food
  9. Should Fast Food be Banned
  10. What does Fast Food do to the Brain
  11. Junk Food should be Taxed
  12. Convenience and Popularity of Fast Food
  13. Is Fast Food to Blame?
  14. Why Parents and Schools Shouldn’t Ban Junk Food
  15. Fast Food is the Main Cause of Diabetes and Obesity


New subjects are constantly developing in the dynamic field of food research. We can learn more about quick-service restaurants, the environment, and human health by researching food. We can also create new food technologies to aid food security during food processing.

So, consider embarking on a culinary research expedition to change the world. Good luck!

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