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7 Step Guide To Write A Persuasive Speech

14 May 2018

Are you wondering what a persuasive speech is? Have you ever questioned yourself how to write a persuasive speech without any previous experience? In brief, it is a text containing crucial information on a topic to convince the audience (whether it is your classroom or a big scientific meeting) of your opinion. An effective persuasive speech should be clear, concise, and argumentative so that it is easy to see the statement you want to communicate. The sentences and words of it should be not academic, not complicated or hard to understand.

Persuasive talks can be written on any subject or any social issue about which you have a certain opinion and want to share it with somebody. They are aimed at drawing people’s attention to the importance of understanding a social issue and one’s thoughts about it or even a call to action. It is not a problem to use a speech writing service to ease your life and have some spare time.

What Is a Persuasive Speech and the Purpose of It?

As we have mentioned before, a persuasive speech is an appealing and inspiring talk you give to an audience that should comprehend the issues you talk about and the processes you criticize or praise. The structure of it is quite simple: there should be a thesis that reflects the main text thesis and confirms that the author’s purpose is to inform the audience, not only to persuade it.

In the main body, there is evidence and a probable solution to the problem the speaker offers. In the end, the need for an appropriate conclusion appears as well as a call to action.  

What is the purpose of a convincing speech?

  • Provide the audience with the basic data about the issue
  • Get the listeners to understand why the topic is important and how it is related to a person’s everyday life (remember that when you write your speech, you need to make it practical)
  • Make the audience accept some inferior intellectual thoughts, problems, solutions, and critique
  • Get proper feedback from society as a whole to understand our world better.

7 Steps in Writing a Persuasive Speech

In fact, persuasive speech writing is not an easy process. Therefore, you may need some help at a certain point. If you are not used to an academic essay writing service, that is not a problem. A lot of college students use such websites these days. Just find some credible services and get started.

In any discussion, if you want to convince the listeners, you need to go through some vital persuasive speech steps: at the beginning, you describe a problem and why it is important to talk about it (this is a persuasive speech introduction). Then, in the second paragraph, you speak about possible solutions, or you propose your arguments to reaffirm the thesis statement.

You may persuade people by having statistics from some official sources or some facts that are already proven. Sometimes you can cite somebody famous the audience respects to sound more persuasive. Finally, try to create a powerful outline for a persuasive speech to summarize what you have said previously. That is the basic persuasive speech structure you can use while writing your paper.

All in all, those 7 steps include: writing a topic, creating some great arguments to make sure the audience understands you, making up a proper conclusion that reflects what you have just said, thinking about some possible calls to action you can include in a talk, writing a full text including all three main parts, proofreading your text, and choosing a format from the persuasive speech formats list. If you do this in an appropriate order, that will be the best solution.


In this article, we have tried to persuade you that it is easy to persuade an audience while composing a text to have great impact. You are able to write the text for a speech yourself or delegate your responsibilities to one of the best writing services. The advantages of the second option are obvious: free time, a text’s quality, flexible deadlines and reasonable prices. Nonetheless, do not neglect your opportunity to become a writer yourself as it is a wonderful experience.

Composing inspiring talks is not a simple task to do if you are a beginner in the writing sphere. Whether it is a college assignment or your personal business, it will not seem easy when it comes to the writing process - be prepared for that. This work is quite harder than doing homework or an essay as it requires brainstorming your main statement variants and possible arguments to support it. It is vital that you consider those seven steps for writing that our experts have given above.

If you fail to follow our pieces of advice, you risk missing something important when composing your convincing talk. For example, if you have no passion for your topic or have no idea what your conclusion will be like, then more than likely your audience will not take you seriously. Know your weaknesses, strengths, and topics of interest, follow your passion, and you will certainly come up with a great text.

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