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Plessy v. Ferguson was a landmark Supreme Court case in 1896 that upheld racial segregation under the “separate but equal” doctrine, a decision that remained in place until overturned by Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. Essays on this case might explore its legal, social, and political implications, its role in the entrenchment of Jim Crow laws, or its impact on American race relations. The case serves as a crucial point of analysis for discussions on racial injustice, legal history, and the evolution of civil rights jurisprudence in the United States. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Plessy v. Ferguson you can find at PapersOwl Website. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

About Plessy v Ferguson

Dissent :Harlan
Dates :Apr 13, 1896 – May 18, 1896
Majority :Brown, joined by Fuller, Field, Gray, Shiras, White, Peckham
Prior :Ex parte Plessy, 11 So. 948 (La. 1892)
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