The Importance of Professional Bearing in the Military

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The Importance of Professional Bearing in the Military

This essay will discuss the importance of professional bearing in the military, exploring how it impacts discipline, morale, and effectiveness. It will define what professional bearing entails, including aspects of appearance, conduct, and attitude. The piece will examine the role of professional bearing in leadership, teamwork, and representing military values. It will also discuss the consequences of failing to maintain professional bearing and how the military instills and enforces these standards among its members. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Army Sharp.

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What makes our Military one of the most significant fighting forces is not our weapons or tactical abilities but how we conduct ourselves. One way we achieve that is professional bearing in the military. Military bearing is the key component to why we are such a sturdy and well-respected establishment. When you look throughout the entire military, you see sophistication and uniformness across the nation. Professional bearing revolves around proper appearance, physical fitness, customs, and courtesies. That is what intimidates the enemy and sets it aside from the average civilian.

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These characteristics show the basis for why professional bearing in the military is what molds us and makes us proud of what we represent.

Pride in oneself starts with pride in self-appearance. Military men and women have to appear and act professionally to “conduct themselves so as to bring credit upon the Corps, the Military Service, and their country” (NCO Creed). Everywhere you go, civilians can point out that you are military regardless in uniform or civilian. Public appearance has to be appealing to others. You have to carry yourself as a confident and knowledgeable person. Having basic cleanliness like being clean-shaven, having a fresh haircut, having good personal hygiene, and having acceptable clothing matters when setting the proper examples. We carry the military standards on our backs, and because of that, females and males have to make sure they are always in regulation. That shows we carry ourselves with honor and pride. We have to keep that professional bearing, so we set examples to everyone that we are standard and think of ourselves highly.

Military bearing is the root that every soldier practices in order to carry out good discipline and ethics throughout their career. (Bartleby) Physical fitness is a good way to show that discipline. Ever since physical training in the Military, Non-Commissioned Officers showed that confidence and leadership were key to good ethics. When it comes to physical fitness and your MOS, your platoon Sergeant should push you and your platoon to look good and professional. Meeting the standards of height and weight shows a great example of how to carry yourself as a leader. Being in very well shape or exceeding the APFT with a 300 score exemplifies what the military wants for that professional appearance. It is your duty to set and maintain the standard. No one wants to lead from the back of the formation. You have to show your soldiers what it takes to keep that bearing of a good Non-Commissioned Officer. “How leaders carry themselves when displaying military bearing and appearance sends a clear signal: I am proud of my uniform, my unit, and my country” (Jeffrey Bennet)

Customs and Courtesies are the backbones of all military bearing and professionalism. On your first day in the military, customs get implanted in your brain until your last day in service. For example, in one of the branches of the military, like the Army, you respect your senior enlisted personnel. At Basic Combat Training, they teach you to go to parade rest and acknowledge everyone by their title or rank. The most important courtesy to do for the Commissioned Officers of the Military is the proper execution of the hand salute. You stand at attention and answer respectfully with either “Yes Ma’am,” “No Ma’am,” “Yes Sir,” or “No Sir.” When not in uniform, you still need and will practice those military bearings toward civilians. You cannot represent yourself as a disrespectful individual. With customs, there is Drill and Ceremony. You have to execute the proper body movements, like the position of attention. You have to keep that military bearing and stand as still as possible with your fingers curled to set a good leadership example. Even leading the drill and ceremony comes with a lot of expertise and maturity. Always execute with performance and courtesy with your subordinates.

In conclusion, professional bearing in the military is the key component to why we are such a sturdy and well-respected establishment. The lack of professionalism has and can lead to a subordinate losing his or her career in the military. There also can be the consequence of losing the trust, confidence, and respect of your soldiers or leadership from the lack of setting the proper examples. Lead by example, as the Army says, and be a service member that shows professionalism. Military bearing and professionalism will always play an important role in leadership and military history for generations to come.


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