Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

This essay will discuss the role and responsibilities of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. It will cover their importance in mental health care, the skills required, and the challenges and rewards of working in mental health nursing. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Health Care.

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Particularly most of the trained nurses theatres a vital role in mental health depending on field of specialty. Hence, in this level my main concept of concern will be based psychiatric nurses with which have chosen to pursue for my masters level. Regardless of the education, I am ascertained by the specialization and exposure as it gives skills to handle some of the technical responsibilities with most of the patients. This practitioners serve primarily in the care of mental health issues by diagnosing the patients who have mental illness and handle the patient and still they can serve as educators for the medical patients and their families.

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Due to the collaboration that they have some challenges face them though the effective access to mental health care has some support within themselves.

Most of them work with individuals, groups, communities by accessing their mental health needs in a certain region. Being in this field one needs to plan and focus on care for the family by having some effectiveness and passion. In addition, you should be in position to asses, diagnose and treat individuals with psychiatric disorders by basing on your skills that you have obtained of prescription and medication practices. The main attempt of accepting to undertake this master’s level is to do some research of some of those psychiatric disorders by identifying patients who need some healthcare reform. The quality of practice gives out a combined effort of its technicality as it makes the practitioner to increase the lifespan of a patient if addressed well and with immediate facts.

Also, it might be a positive way of undertaking the role of health care with primary position of care provider. During the period of study, explanation is given on how medication works if ones comes across a patient with such conditions as this brings out a mindfulness skills. My concern is that the experience it’s vital for a nurse if competent and proficient outcome has to be met as the challenges have to be address by those who have some experience of it. The steps that one undergoes during the training has given experience of how one can create career path in the field of specialization by seeking the interests in a medical specialty.

Another good facts with this nurses is that they do not work under supervision as they have full mandatory of caring for the patients. Through the education section, they are equipped with comprehensive approach which is centered and focused on treating the whole person rather than having a list of invaluable teams in hospitals. Most of the training gives the practitioner some accredited information which makes the earning to increase. Being in this field of nursing needs some keen interest when handling a patient and due to this issue the level of education that one has obtained should be impacted to the patients by diagnosing the disorders in a technical way.

The tools to use and nurse care planning should discern some of this decision making aspects as it provides future care for most of the disorders. Most of the tolls should be used to show safety and care which endures across all the clinicians involved in the patients care. The mode of addressing diagnose to the patient needs some accreditation as errors are not ascertained at all. In conclusion, this practitioners needs some support when issues of critical part of the medical endeavor comes across. This is only maintained by the continuity that they have during the period of training and research. Descriptive ideas of guidance and counselling should also prevail in them as they have to showcase to the patient when they are in the process of treatment.

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