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5 Tips on How to Write a Research Paper without Plagiarism

Every student faces a dilemma of how to not plagiarize a research paper. This is not as easy as ABC. When writing a research paper, you should base your work on the findings of well-known scientists. Bear in mind: there are no sources you can use by directly copying from them. There are students who believe that there is nothing horrible in copying somebody's thoughts.

It is a misconception! If the sentences you’ve taken from a certain published source are detected, you risk getting a low grade and damaging your reputation. The worst consequence of copying another author's ideas is taking legal responsibility because this is considered theft. It doesn't matter what you steal: goods in a supermarket or ideas from somebody's text.

How Much Plagiarism Is Allowed in a Research Paper?

Treat copying somebody’s ideas with the utmost seriousness. When copying and pasting other writers' thoughts and presenting them as your own, you plagiarize your work depriving it of value. Such an approach to composing papers won't lead to anything good. Learn how to avoid copying using a synonym method as well as other effective tricks when composing your work.

What to do if you have no idea on how to change certain ideas without plagiarizing, especially if the assignment is very specific. Do you lack skills in paraphrasing texts with technical terms? Let's  answer the question “How much copying is allowed?”

If you ask your teacher how much he or she can accept as the norm, you will get the immediate answer: “Zero.” There is nothing surprising! You should be able to paraphrase and rewrite. When assigning research assignments, teachers want you to demonstrate great skill and to form your own opinion on a certain topic.

When stealing somebody's thoughts, you disappoint teachers by violating copyright. Plagiarism can be avoided by paraphrasing. Express somebody’s thoughts in a manner nobody can recognize where you have taken them from. This is an effective way to fight taking thoughts from other publications.

Use quotes bearing in mind: quotations in a research paper should be less than 20%. Have you found a quote suitable for the beginning? Begin with a citation. It is a common practice to cite a famous person at the end as well. Include only quotes being able to add value to your report. Take a step towards original research and follow the useful tips below.

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5 Tips on How Not Plagiarize a Research Paper

There is no need to add the fact plagiarism is a huge problem for most writers, even novelists. This is something that you will need to avoid at all costs and something that you will need to understand. Luckily for you, we can present a few tips and secrets that can help you in this matter and will have a huge, positive effect on your tasks and your writing. Now you can learn all about these tips.

  1. Express the main ideas using your own words


Green gas emissions will rise, and they have been doing that for a long time, temperature to the extreme levels and will cause the green-gas effect. This leads to astonishing issues with less water, hurricanes and fires.

Green gas emissions have a huge, negative effect on the whole planet. These will increase the temperature, and cause fires and hurricanes. They make life on earth impossible, and this is a huge problem. 

How to write a research paper without plagiarizing? A simple description here would be to paraphrase a professional author. You don't have to provide specifics that are attributed to the original author using this method, but you are still looking at a professional result. Knowing how to prevent plagiarism can have a huge effect on your education and your writing. You can use this tip for all the main points out there. Just make sure to know how to avoid plagiarism by changing the words and the order of words in the sentences.

  1. Use a plagiarism checker

The use of plagiarism detection tools has been a common thing and something that most students have been using for a long time. Some students choose to take shortcuts and even want to know how to copy a research paper without plagiarizing. A free plagiarism checker can help. Anyway, you are looking at a few benefits such as:

  • Make sure that there are no mistakes with the citations you have used
  • Detects all types of plagiarism you may know about
  • Helps you see where the issues are, so you can replace them in your own words
  • Find the most common types of plagiarism in seconds
  1. Use quotation marks if you can't do without a certain sentence

Let's say that you need to use a sentence from another author. You will need to use it properly and adapt your knowledge base. It is always better to say something in your own words, but if you really want to use sentences from other authors, you can. Here is how.

The sentence you would like to use: “Arts and culture undoubtedly flourished in the ’20s as a shared American pop culture emerged thanks to the advent of radio broadcasting, widely circulated magazines and movies”.

Using the wrong citation: Arts and culture undoubtedly flourished in the ’20s due to the increase in popularity of American pop culture, which was all possible thanks to widely circulated magazines and movies.

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Proper method: ''Arts and culture undoubtedly flourished in the ’20s'' due to the increase in popularity in American pop culture, which was all possible thanks to ''widely circulated magazines and movies''. (Thulin, 2021).
Using a paraphrased or summarized method is always easier. In addition, you will want to use a proper method that is used in your school or at college. You can talk to your professor about this and don't make a mistake.

  1. Conduct in-depth research to have a clear picture of what a paper is about

Yes, there are online paraphrasing tools that can help. But the first thing you need to know is what the topic is all about. You can keep track of your sources if that will help you. In general, here we have a few topics explained, so you can understand all about the main idea you need to write about.

  • Alcohol and drug abuse at college campuses- It is a straightforward topic, and you need to focus on how, why and which issues this type of abuse cases for students.
  • How you can decrease air pollution inside the house. Here, you will have to explain all the methods that can avoid or decrease air pollution inside the house.
  • Purpose of placebo process. Explain what the placebo is and how it can help or not help.
  1. Make a list of references in the research paper

Always use the reference list that is mandatory these days. Here is the example below.


  • Alvarez, E., & Tippins, S. (2019). Socialization agents that Puerto Rican college students use to make financial decisions. Journal of Social Change, 11(1), 75–85. 
  • Laplante, J. P., & Nolin, C. (2014). Consultas and socially responsible investing in Guatemala: A case study examining Maya perspectives on the Indigenous right to free, prior, and informed consent. Society & Natural Resources, 27, 231–248.
  • Jerrentrup, A., Mueller, T., Glowalla, U., Herder, M., Henrichs, N., Neubauer, A., & Schaefer, J. R. (2018). Teaching medicine with the help of “Dr. House.” PLoS ONE, 13(3).

The Final Word

It is important to add that you must use all of these points, and you need to implement them in all papers you write. The results will be fantastic, and you can finally stop worrying about any complications, issues and anything else that can make your work problematic. Luckily, these points are simple and easy to understand.

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