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Different Types of Case Study

Written by Sarina Jones
Posted: November 24, 2021
Last update date: June 20, 2024
7 min read

Writing with the use of the different types of case study methods is a bittersweet experience. First, you have to go through the herculean task of collecting data to analyze. This is the part where, if you have no grit, you just might give up passing your elephant through the needle. However, once you scale through this, the rest becomes a piece of cake. So, the real question is, how dedicated are you to following through to the end?

These research methods represent one of the best ways to learn in a classroom. This is because when a student can go through real-life examples, learning becomes faster and more effective.

However, there are different types and formats used in research methodology. Generally, all of them are used to provide answers to a question that can only be analyzed through a data breakdown. In this piece, you will learn about all the forms and types of research, as well as the ways they are applied to answer questions in basic daily living.

What Is The Case Study Research Method?

It's an approach to treating essays like case studies, giving a long and detailed explanation. This means that when a topic is given, it is treated like a real-life scenario in which the key issues are identified and solutions provided after in-depth research.

A rule of thumb states that the purpose of case studies is to apply a procedure where the writer relies on a unique case more than a few others, to which they write down solutions to the problem identified. These projects are favored in many educational institutions. They have served as great tools to develop the thinking of first-year students who have never done any research previously. Focusing only on a project for an extended period is also another great way to explore ideas, as it lets writers prepare materials for future projects.

This concept initially appeared in the work of a 19th-century economist and sociologist. He studied family budgets and was the first person who applied the knowledge of case studies in social science. The process has since gained more popularity and credibility. It has even become a favorite of many a student. However, some aren't familiar with how to develop this type of text. They usually resort to hiring a case study writing service, a service provider that helps with all the hard lifting for them. Also, there is a common belief that this is among the most common types of case study in sociology.

However, it can also be used in other fields, such as clinical and administrative fields, education, social work, sociology, anthropology, political science, social work, education, etc. This is because case studies are great choices to use to study in school as they target one line of action.

Furthermore, those who work in different fields have learned how to incorporate case studies into their research process. Consequently, this allows the student to research deeper and more carefully to unravel the whole matter.

Thus, it focuses on letting people learn how to research to reach practical conclusions through the proper learning of data collection and analysis.

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What Are The Types Of Case Study?

Now that we have understood the way a case study research methodology works, the next question is, what are the types of case studies in research?

There are different case study examples for students in this piece that are used for several purposes. They are all differentiated based on differences in their design. Their main goal includes analyzing the various problems that arise within a particular topic, entity, group, organization, environment, or scenario. These kinds of studies, which cover a writing case study analysis, have various types of case studies in qualitative research which would be discussed below;

  • Illustrative
  • Exploratory
  • Cumulative
  • Critical Instance
  • Intrinsic
  • Descriptive

Illustrative Case Study

This type of case study research design appears in scenarios with an existing hypothesis or opinion. It aims to create a typical occurrence to help understand the existing idea being worked upon. It's one of the most popular variations of research methodology and is renowned for its descriptive nature. They aim to explain all the details relating to that particular subject matter.

To begin this, you must first create a description. An example is the use of an essay service to write long papers. Then, you try to find connections between the subject of the text and external evidence.

Once you can establish the evidence that points to a connection, you can conclude the study. The results will reveal how to develop another theory. This type makes use of concrete results and utilizes quantitative data to gain deeper insight into the topic being studied.

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Exploratory Case Study

In simple terms, such a study focuses on an initial project conducted before going ahead with an otherwise large-scale investigation. Usually, it is designed in the form of a self-contained document where it primarily centers on real-life contexts and situations. This type is commonly used in the social sciences, like political sciences, for research.

Generally, this type of case study helps to easily identify the possible research questions and methods, for example, the case study APA format, that will suit a large investigation. This helps to serve as the starting point for investigating studies.

As such, the main goal is to identify any loophole that calls for further investigation. Thus, it provides an effective way to search deeper into the smaller bits of a larger case study format.

Cumulative Case Study

It can be described as one of the main types of qualitative research studies. This is because it is a great tool to collect information from several sources simultaneously. This case study method aims to summarize past studies without sharing additional information or spending time carrying out new investigations. Here, it reflects a type of data analysis.

In addition, it can be used to find patterns between multiple articles and essays, and help see discrepancies in pieces with similar opinions or base theories. Overall, it will also cause a deeper understanding of a complex topic.

Critical Instance Case Study

A critical case study examines the cause and effect of a particular event or scenario on the environment around it. To generate some main points, the process requires that you look critically at the main idea to identify what makes it special and different.

Thus, this study focuses on investigating the numerous sources for unique interests or none. This case study method can be applied to analyze a universal contention. This will help identify the problem hidden in that study.

Intrinsic Case Study

This type of investigation focus is on a Single and unique Individual. This study can also include the people close to the Researcher. The point is to understand how subjects and their history intertwine among themselves to better understand all about them. This simply means studying the subject from the perspective of their surroundings.

Furthermore, the term "intrinsic" encourages researchers who have a genuine interest in a situation to use this approach whose goal is to properly understand the case study at hand in a given situation.

Descriptive Case Study

You need to create a descriptive study format for most hypothesis. It starts with explicitly describing what you are attempting to study. Then you should find links connecting what you’re studying and what has already been said about it.

Having achieved this, you should be able to draw conclusions and know how to extend the findings in your report. Summarily, this method involves starting with a descriptive theory. After which, the results are then observed, set into categories, and the information gathered is compared to an already existing theory.

Main Goal Of Writing Case Study

The main goal is to identify new knowledge about an entity while performing further research. This makes this method a good teaching tool to give a student in-depth knowledge about certain case study topics. This shows a rich history and amazing development for its users.

The entire process of writing, from collecting information to working with past research, analyzing data, and writing the paper's content, is tasking and will require a lot of research. However, as daunting as it may seem, it can be quite an intriguing experience. As such, your go-to cheat code as a writer is to identify the goals of the study before starting the research.

What Are The Benefits Of a Case Study?

Having learned all of the aforementioned, why should you buy a case study or write one? These benefits include:

  1. You gather a lot of information about the topic from the extensive research you'll carry out.
  2. You will have all the essential information to create a solid hypothesis (idea).
  3. You build a solid claim for further research to explain the current knowledge you have.
  4. You build brand trust and loyalty through the quality and efficiency of your work.
  5. You can create a compelling story where the details are intriguing enough to hook the reader.

And that's all on different case study types. Undoubtedly, it's an important aspect of the present-day educational sector. Most students have to deal with this type of academic work before graduating. However, they also have to be familiar with the different types of writing to be able to work out the intricacies of this method. If you are looking for information on research studies and the individual types of case study, you'll find the information in this article very useful.


What are the subjects of case study?

During the preparation, there must be ideas that will help explain concepts. The subject of a case study points to the main theme of a study. These matters include Individuals, Crowds, Locations, Organizations, and Events.

What are the five methods of collecting data?

At the core of using a case method is your ability to collect data properly to establish your case and hypothesis. Thus, its success relies on the strength of the collection of data. There are five methods of collecting data, and they include:
  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Direct Observations
  • Document Review
  • Questionnaire and Survey

What is the objective of a case study method?

It has a central objective to allow the writer to apply written guidelines to human-related circumstances. This objective has a goal to help the researchers understand the core of the problem to be solved and identify key issues related to the application. As such, easy understanding is inevitable.
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