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Case Study Topics on Various Academic Subjects

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: February 20, 2023
Last update date: June 20, 2024
10 min read

Choosing a topic for a case study can be difficult, but this list of case study topics on various academic subjects can help make the process a little easier. From Business to Law to History! This comprehensive list offers a diverse range of case study topics for anyone seeking to delve into the fascinating world of case studies.

Each topic includes a brief description of the subject, so students can get a better idea of what they will be studying if they want to write a case study.

What Is a Case Study?

A Case Study is an intensive analysis of an individual, group, event, or phenomenon. Case studies have become a valuable tool in psychology, sociology, and business research, offering an in-depth examination of a subject through qualitative or quantitative methods.

Whether you’re a student, researcher, or business professional, writing an effective case stud is essential to your success. If you are wondering how to write a case study, then read on. Follow these expert tips to create a clear, concise, and organized masterpiece that will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

  • Begin your case study by introducing the subject and offering a riveting overview of the situation.

  • Paint a picture of the problem or issue at the center of your case study.

  • Outline the steps that were taken to address the problem.

  • Describe the results of the intervention.

  • Discuss any possible implications or future directions.

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How to Find Awesome Case Study Topics?

One of the most important skills for any student is the ability to write in-depth analysis. This is especially important when it comes to academic writing. However, many students find it difficult to come up with topics for their case studies. If you are one of those students, don’t worry – we are here to help.


Crafting a great case study involves more than just choosing the right topic. There are countless case study topics, select one that is interesting to you, applicable in your field of expertise and allows for extensive research.


Now that you’ve chosen a topic, it’s time to really dive into the research phase. Make sure you have an in-depth understanding of what your writing. The content should be well-researched and well-informed. Start by reading as many articles and books as possible while taking notes along the way.


With your confident grasp of the subject, you’re ready to begin putting words on paper. Start with the rough draft – this will help you devise a basic shape or framework of your argument! Revisiting and refining this template comes next; ensure that each point is formulated clearly so there’s no room for confusion or misinterpretation.


Finally, you want to make sure that you have a good attitude and professional success. This means working hard and staying motivated. If you can do these things, you will become a student who stand outs from the crowd.

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Case Study Ideas and Topics to Get Inspired

Our comprehensive list of case study topics is here to help! From students and researchers, to professionals across industries – these thought-provoking subjects can jumpstart creativity, enable deeper insights into research findings and steer you toward the next big breakthrough. Here are some topics and ideas you can get inspired from.

Top Notch Business Case Study Topics

Elevate your education and enhance your business acumen with our top-notch business case study topics for students. These engaging and thought-provoking case studies will challenge your mind, expand your horizons, help you succeed in the fast-paced world of business. If you are looking for some case study help online, you can take notes. Here are some business case study topics you can take inspiration from:

  1. How do modern businesses manage their individual financial responsibility?
  2. What are the different corporate planning styles and how do they impact operations?
  3. What operations management styles are most successful and why?
  4. How do particular companies develop their brands and what methods work best?
  5. How do global economic changes impact business decisions and strategies?
  6. What are the latest social media marketing trends and how should businesses adjust?
  7. How does technology impact brand development methods?
  8. How do ethical considerations impact business decisions and strategies?
  9. What strategies should businesses use for data analysis in order to succeed in a competitive market?
  10. How can businesses stay ahead of the curve by adapting the steve jobs marketing style?

MBA Case Study Topic Ideas

The goal of an MBA case study is to help students understand the complexities of real-world business decision-making and develop their analytical and problem-solving skills using qualitative or quantitative research method. Here are some example marketing case study topics:

  1. Investigating the effectiveness of customer relationship management strategies employed by corporations.
  2. Examining the impact of corporate management specialists on organizational efficiency.
  3. Analyzing the role of female personnel in the workforce and its impact on business.
  4. Investigating the effectiveness of different training programs for employees.
  5. Comparing and contrasting different motivational techniques for employees.
  6. Analyzing the impact of organizational culture on employee productivity using qualitative or quantitative data.
  7. Studying the effects of workplace stress of a particular company and related mental aspects.
  8. Investigating the benefits of using technology to improve workplace efficiency.
  9. Investing the discrimination faced by the female personnel workforce.
  10. The importance of stakeholder engagement in shaping a company’s strategic management.

Education Case Study Topics

Education shapes the minds of our future, so it’s no surprise that case studies in this field can offer an insightful look into both present and potential opportunities.

From teachers learning how to use new technologies effectively in K-12 classrooms to policy makers developing strategies for education reform efforts, these thought-provoking topics highlight just some of the many facets within the ever evolving educational sector. Here are some education case study topics you can take note from:

  1. Summer Camp Education: Worth the Investment?
  2. The Correct Method for Research in the Scientific Community.
  3. Strategic Thinking and Leadership Training in Education.
  4. Research Methodologies and Their Effectiveness.
  5. The Development Strategy for Education.
  6. The Use of Technology in Teaching Methods.
  7. The Influence of Culture on Education.
  8. The Effect of Poverty on Education.
  9. Homeschooling: The Pros and Cons.
  10. Examining improper examination methods and how to improve the system.
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Psychology Case Study Topics

The purpose of psychology case studies is to understand an individuals or a groups behaviour and emotions through in-depth study.

There are a wide range of topics and areas that can be explored in psychology. These are pertaining to abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, or cognitive psychology. While choosing a topic for psychology case study its important to select a topic that is compelling and informative. Here are some informative case study topics that you can choose from:

  1. The Effects of Mental Aspects on Physical Health.
  2. The Relationship between Childhood Abuse Victims and their Adult Lives.
  3. Workplace Leadership and its Effect on Employee Mental Health.
  4. Child Abuse Victims Standing Up to Their Abusers: Related Mental Aspects.
  5. Anti-Discrimination Act Controversies and their Effects on Mental Health.
  6. Female Personnel in the Workforce and their Mental Health.
  7. Self-Defense Tactics and their Effects on Mental Health.
  8. The Healthcare System in America and its Effects on Mental Health.
  9. How to Motivate Children in Difficult Situations.
  10. The Use of Psychology in Court Cases.

Environmental Science Case Study Topics

If you are interested in analyzing the real-world issues then its a good option to choose an environmental science case study options. These topics analyze real world issues using scientific data and analysis.

There are a wide range of topics that come under environmental science. For example how to promote environmental protection, green energy systems and how they impact the carbon dioxide emission reports, earthquake prevention systems, and more. Several times students are looking to purchase a case study online, and help with choosing a topic. Here are some case study topics that you can take inspiration from if you are an aspiring environmental scientist or practitioner.

  1. The role of scientific community in promoting environmental protection.
  2. The impact of business environment on environment.
  3. The effectiveness of environmental protection policies and global warming campaigns.
  4. The challenges of implementing policies for the protection of environment.
  5. The role of environmental science in mitigating climate change.
  6. The impact of climate change on businesses.
  7. The role of environmental science in safeguarding biodiversity.
  8. The impact of biodiversity loss on businesses.
  9. The role of environmental science in ensuring sustainable development.
  10. The impact of unsustainable development on business environment.

Management Case Study Topics

Management case studies offer a practical approach to problem-solving in the business field. They examine real-life scenarios, covering topics like organizational behavior, marketing, and finance.

Studying these case studies helps students and professionals develop effective strategies to address business challenges in today’s fast-paced global marketplace. It does not matter if you are interested in the data transfer methods or quality production differences.

  1. Personnel Management Issues in The 21st Century.
  2. The Changing Role of Human Resources in Organizations.
  3. Global Human Resource Management Methods.
  4. Managing a Multicultural Workforce.
  5. How to Build an Anti Crisis Personnel Management to Navigate through Business Crisis.
  6. The Impact of Technology on Management bias.
  7. Employee Retention and Turnover.
  8. The Role of Human Resources in Organizational Change.
  9. Human Resources Management Bias and Performance Management.
  10. The Challenges of Human Resources Management in the Nonprofit Sector.
  11. Building Personnel Management Systems that are Effective for a Growing Business.

Case Study Topics for Marketing

Marketing case studies help individuals gain insight into real-life marketing challenges and strategies. They cover topics such as product development, brand management, advertising, strategic thinking for brand development, and individual purchasing decision making.

By examining successful companies in various industries and data analysis you can better understand the current marketing landscape and develop skills in market analysis.

  1. Male target marketing methods and their effectiveness.
  2. The different marketing styles of Steve Jobs and how they worked for or against him.
  3. Online marketing dangers and how to avoid them.
  4. Marketing research and its importance in marketing decisions.
  5. Marketing methods and their effectiveness in different industries.
  6. Physical marketing and its effectiveness compared to online marketing.
  7. Marketing case studies and what we can learn from them.
  8. The changing nature of marketing and its impact on businesses.
  9. Marketing trends and how do they help german automotive industry.
  10. How to use marketing to achieve business goals.
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Social Media Marketing Case Study Topics

In todays world, social media has become an important tool for business. It allows them to engage with their target audience from all over the world. Case studies based on the topic of social media management offer insights that are valuable and in-depth.

There can be several topics pertaining to social media, including influencer marketing, advertising, social media dangers, the influence of social media groups, and community management. Whether its MLA format or APA format case study, the first task is to decide on an interesting topic. These topics allow individuals to understand how to use insights to increase customer engagement and even drive website traffic growth for your business. Here are some topics pertaining to social media that you can take inspiration from:

  1. The use of social media in marketing and how it allows for global management.
  2. The Impact of Social Media on Business Operations and Customer Engagement.
  3. The different types of social mediums and how they can be used for marketing purposes.
  4. How can we use online social channels in order to improve customer support and management?
  5. How to create effective social media marketing campaigns.
  6. The use of social media analytics to measure the success of marketing campaigns.
  7. The impact of social media on SEO and website traffic.
  8. The use of online marketing and social platforms in e-commerce.
  9. The dangers of online social platforms and how to avoid them.
  10. Comparing Social Media Marketing Strategies: What is the Most Effective Approach for Your Business?

Information Technology Case Study Topics

One effective method of showcasing how IT solutions can tackle specific challenges faced by businesses or organizations is through the use of IT case studies. These studies enable us to concentrate not only on software development but also on other key elements like hardware, networks, and integrated IT solutions.

Given the significant role technology plays in today’s world. They cover a range of topics, including cloud computing, data transfer methods, and artificial intelligence.

  1. The impact of information technology on organizational performance.
  2. How can information technology can help eradicate improper examination methods.
  3. How can we use information technology for mechanical engineering studies.
  4. The impact of information technology on the organization’s ability to compete in the marketplace.
  5. Can artificial intelligence revolutionize modern programming methods?
  6. How information technology influences teaching methods?
  7. The impact of information technology on the organization’s ability to innovate and marketing methods.
  8. The impact of information technology on the organization’s ability to manage risk.
  9. The use of information technology and tools in European middle schools.
  10. How can information technology help in making police operations more efficient?

Human Rights Case Study Topics

Case studies in the field of human rights explore issues that are both complex and controversial. These are usually related to the context of human rights. They provide real world examples.

Some of the common case study topics includes age gap differences, gender-based violence, refugees and asylum-seekers.

  1. What role does international law play on the use of death penalty.
  2. The root cause of human trafficking and its many forms.
  3. Challenges and successes of promoting and protecting LGBTQ rights.
  4. The various dimensions of refugee crisis and how can government play an efficient role.
  5. Complex issue surrounding the regulation of firearms.
  6. Legal, ethical, and social implications of abortion.
  7. Examining the impact on minimum wage increase on the labor.
  8. Access to healthcare system and realization of human rights.
  9. Effective strategies and approaches to motivate children in education.
  10. Sustainable development strategies to promote social, economical, and environmental stability.
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Case Study Topics for Nursing

There are different issues that nurses face in healthcare. Nursing case studies explore theories, principals, and practices in real world situations while analyzing the challenges and successes in the field of nursing.

Case studies are a platform to experience and learn from each other, here are some example topics to get inspired.

  1. Reducing Nursing Stress: Effective Methods for Promoting Well-being in the Healthcare Environment.
  2. The Crucial Role of Nursing In Healthcare system and Overall Health Outcomes.
  3. The Advancement and Impact of Modern Nursing Methods.
  4. Nurse-patient communication and How It Impacts Healthcare Outcomes.
  5. The Impact of Technology on Preserving Patient Privacy.
  6. The Critical Role of Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare Outcomes and Quality of Care.
  7. Nurses’ Roles and Responsibilities In Ensuring a Positive Environment.
  8. How does the Nurses’ Work Environments Impact Their Productivity.
  9. Nursing Stress Reduction Methods and How They Can Impact Healthcare Outcomes.
  10. Nurses’ Professional Organizations and How They Impact Nurses.


Choosing a topic for your case study doesn’t have to be intimidating – our list of topics covers various academic subjects and provides great ideas if you’re feeling stuck. Plus, by taking the time to research thoroughly, sketch out the problem parameters, and explore potential interventions and results.

With these steps in hand – and an optimistic outlook – you’ll surely become a leader among scholars and business professionals alike!

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