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Useful Tutorial On How To Edit A Research Paper

26 Jun 2018

After you made it so far and you think that the paper is already completed – remind about one important thing left. Editing is one of the most important parts and to skip it is the biggest mistake. Today we will share with you the great ideas and methods of editing and proofreading that you may use when writing texts.

Also, we have to say that these methods are not suitable if you write in the genre of free-writing – It's for texts that other people will read. Let's check how to do science research paper writing better and why it’s important! We already noticed that some of the college and university students are faced with the problem: how to write relevant, give a clear structure to the Academic paper. At the same time, the level of literacy of authors also suffers.

How To Edit A Paper Professionally?

At first, we have to hi-light 5 reason why it’s important:

  • Euphony: change the order of words, work on the rhythm and dynamics, replacement of expressions characteristic of the colloquial style, removal of clichés and clerical.
  • Brevity: short and concise is better than long and senseless.
  • Truth: in the document must be only proven facts or specify the source of the data.
  • Literacy: proofread to see if there are any punctuation, spelling, syntax mistakes, typos, and all other mistakes that violate the rules of the English language.
  • Pause: you need to separate the stages of writing and correction to give yourself a break from the material, and the material — from you.

Tips on writing a paper without plagiarism can do the writing process easier. How to edit your paper to get a brilliant result:

Take a break

Creative and critical processes should be separated. When you write - you stay in the flow, while thoughts and ideas are spinning in your head, do not restrain yourself. The writing process is very important. When you will finish - make a pause – distract your thoughts for at least a day before editing.

Why is it necessary? While writing, emotions play brightly in you, each sentence is filled with intonations, everything seems important and necessary. In other words, you are bound to the text. The main point of the pause is to break this connection. To objectively approach the editing, you need to forget that the text you wrote, you need to edit with an open mind: the way you would edit other people's texts.

If you have deadlines, immediately put the time for pauses in the work schedule and do not neglect them. Otherwise, there is a risk to pass poor-quality material. First, write — write out — and then pause (the duration of the match inner feelings: someone with only a couple of hours, some for weeks).

Literacy is important

Give to the publication the text with mistakes — not to respect the reader. And you have a chance to lose authority in the eyes of a competent audience. The text should be clean and tidy, to every comma and letter – that’s why editing research papers are important. How to avoid it? If you can admit that, a high level of literacy is not about you- don’t despair. Literacy is more of a technical aspect of writing than a creative one, your audience is primarily interested in the topic and benefits of the text. Anyway, it’s important to make qualitative research paper editing. To avoid mistakes you may find any grammar checker or check it by yourself. The second solution will be wiser because Microsoft world can’t see all the mistakes and many other checkers too.


All statements and facts in the text that can be checked, you need to check. If you are unsure or unable to verify, you do not have the right to publish the material. Forget the phrase "most people", "many people think/see/know" and everything like that. Can't confirm the numbers-admit that you think so that it is the words of friends and acquaintances or the results of voting among your subscribers in social networks. As a writer, you have a certain responsibility. If you take data from any publications as a basis and there are no references to sources, do not use this information or check it by yourself.


Cut everything you can, delete all senseless sentences or phrases. Work at different levels: sentences, paragraphs, and entire text.

Don’t Do These Mistakes In Research Paper Editing

There are common mistakes that you can do while making research paper editing; 

  • Don’t leave everything for the last moment; make sure that you have enough time to check everything properly.
  • Make sure that you follow the rules and requirements of your assignment. If you have an exact task and an exact number of words-try to follow it;
  • Don’t skip facts/information checking;
  • Proofread your work after you get some rest and don’t hesitate to ask your peer or relatives to read it as well;
  • Create files in Microsoft word and don’t neglect its spelling check, it can be quite useful;
  • Don’t hurry and check slowly… it's easy to miss a mistake if you read too fast.

It’s really hard to follow all the rules and many of students prefer to ask to edit your paper. That’s a great solution. It may save your time and bring you a high grade! After a long time that you spend on writing, you may have no enough time and nerves to edit your scientific paper. There is your choice!

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