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How To Write A Good Speech About Another Person

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: January 8, 2022
Last update date: March 22, 2024
6 min read

Students are often asked to write a speech about other people. You can be assigned to talk about your friend, relative, teacher, or famous person. To do it well, you should concentrate on what you can tell about this person to others and what you can write about him or her. It is necessary to understand how to write a speech about someone if you have such a task and should do it quickly. It is not very difficult, but it requires some research on the subject of your essay and analysis of information.

Be careful with what you write on paper. If those whom you describe are close to you and you surely met them personally, try not to expose their secrets or any information they don’t want to be shared with others. You should also do in-depth research to create a good study of a famous writer, actress, etc. If you already have specific facts, it doesn’t mean that they are true. That’s why all information should be checked.

Tips On Writing A Persuasive Speech About Famous Person

Here are a few tips for those who are creating such a presentation. These tips could be useful if you have to develop a short or funny speech about someone you don't know or if you don’t understand how to work with such a type of assignment.

  • Start when you feel like it. This is a simple tip, but a huge one. How to start a speech about someone? Just start as you are talking to something. All speeches are designed to be spoken. They are not something you will read while in your bed! As you are moving forward, add the main points and just continue. You can always edit and make the content better afterwards.

  • Use short words and very short sentences. In order to write an informative speech, your writing process will have to change. You need to make sure the main points are there you need to write as you talk. This means short words and also short sentences. The main point here is to make the whole paper sound easier and more appealing when you read it out loud. Now, write a speech and try using this tip. Then, complete another with long words and longer sentences. Read out loud, both. You will see the difference, and you can imagine the effect on the audience's attention. Yes, you still need to write a speech outline.

  • Even if you are a friend of the person you describe, if he or she inspires you, it would be recommended to do some additional research on his or her biography, find more facts, and use them. Many facts about interviewed famous people are not true, that is why you need to analyze them wisely.

  • Check everything you read, and be sure you use only verified information. Get facts from credible media and make references to them in your paper. If it is needed, it is recommended to use many forms of media, and you will get information from different sides.

  • Define the goals of your graduation or other speech. You may want just to talk about a person, concentrate on their childhood, highlight their most notable achievements, or show how clever or friendly this person is.

  • When you work on a speech for someone, you should always try to relate and make a personal story told. In most cases, when you work on a speech for someone, this is not an option. But if it is, make sure to include it.

  • Always make a catchy introduction to your speech. Try to grab the attention of your audience in the first few seconds. An informative speech will sound much better instantly. It is one of the main points we all need to know about.

  • Don’t be prejudiced. If you admire the subject of your paper and want to speak from the heart, you shouldn’t repeat too many good words or invent good facts. If you dislike them, you should explain what the reasons for disliking the person are.

Writing a speech about another person can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know them very well. However, with careful research and creativity, you can craft an informative and inspiring speech that will bring your subject to life. To get started, write your personal essay in a relevant way by including new information about the person you are talking about. Research their life, accomplishments, and experiences to provide context for your audience and create a meaningful connection between the subject of your speech and the listeners.

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How To Write A Speech About Someone You Know?

Writing about people you already know is both a simple and difficult task, simply because you are familiar with these people and can tell many stories. It is also difficult because you should pick only a few stories that describe them correctly. Here you can find a few tips on writing a speech about someone you admire, about your friends, relatives, classmates, and other people you know and want to tell your readers about them.

  • Concentrate on the objectives of your essay. You can describe people from different sides, and you should define any points of view before working on the paper. People can be described as good relatives, kind and reliable friends, or professionals in their jobs.
  • Provide all information that isn’t available to your readers. If you connect with people well, you may not notice that others don’t know your subject as well or even didn’t know about the subject before your speech.
  • Even if you work on a speech for someone, you will need to try and include a personal anecdote. This does make a lot of difference and can help you. Now you can write a speech that sounds much better and more interesting.
  • Don’t expose any information about the subject of your speech that shouldn’t be shared. In the story of every person, there are many private moments, and you should think wisely about what moments should be described.
  • He is the hero. When you try to introduce someone in this form, readers will want to know all about him. As such, you can try to make him a hero of the story. If you’re writing about a close friend, he or she will be grateful in the end.

If all these things don’t help, you can order speech writing services from an academic essay writing service. They work well with such tasks and write them fast. Writers of these services are experienced in working on different types of papers.

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What Will Make Your Speech About A Person Excellent?

If you wonder how to write a good speech, you should read it several times before you show it to others. This is mandatory for all types of writing, and there are no other means you can use to get the same effect. Also, be especially focused on small elements of the life of that person and definitely include appealing and interesting ones that your audience wants to know. But you are probably going to write this in the form of an essay for a professor, and he already knows those things. As such, you need to add possible things about the person and make an accent that they are controversial, but the audience still needs to know about them.

If you have to tell your speech to a big audience, you should try it in an empty room or with friends before. You can also use multimedia devices to screen your speech and watch it later and find mistakes.

Notice that there are different methods of writing a speech about famous people. That is why you should check your requirements before starting your writing and define your goals, then, you can start creating your draft.

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When writing a speech of this kind, always try to put yourself in your audience's shoes. What do they want to hear? Why they are even reading this? What do they want to know specifically? if you answer these questions in a proper manner, you will have excellent content and your reader or readers will be impressed.  You can even use a speech writing service because it can help you with any type of task and hire the best quick writers experienced in this field.

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