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Sparking Laughter: Entertaining Speech Topics for Engaging Presentations

Last update date: January 11, 2024
6 min read

When it comes to public speaking, entertaining speech topics are a delightful way to engage and amuse your audience. Unlike traditional informative or persuasive, entertaining informative speech topics aim to delight the audience with humor, personal stories, and insightful observations.

They are a nice change from the usual and give the speaker a chance to get to know the crowd better. What kind of speech or talk are you giving? It doesn’t matter. The goal is to entertain while getting your point across. If you pick the right subject, your speech will be fun and easy to remember. This will make the talk fun and interesting.

Key Elements of Entertaining Speech

The essence of entertainment speech topics in high school lies in their ability to resonate with the audience through humor, storytelling, and relatable content. It should be fun and entertaining, with no serious or controversial topics. Usually, personal stories, smart notes, and a bit of fun make a speech exciting.  It’s not just about making people laugh; it’s about creating a connection with the audience. The speech should also have a clear beginning, middle, and end. This way, the information moves smoothly, and the audience stays interested. This structural integrity makes sure that the speech to entertain runs well. It keeps the audience’s attention and makes them interested throughout the whole presentation.

Tips for Delivering an Entertaining Speech

It’s an art to make a speech to entertain. Try to do it by balancing storytelling and keeping the audience’s attention. Whether speaking at a business meeting or a party, how you say what you want to say is as important as what you say. You should do a few critical things to make an impact that lasts. Some of these tips are to know what your audience is interested in. They also tell how to use comedy in a funny and polite way.

  • Know Your Audience: Tailor your content to suit the interests and sensibilities of your audience.
  • Use Humor Wisely: It is a key element, but it should be appropriate and not offensive.
  • Tell Stories: People love them, especially personal and relatable.
  • Practice Delivery: Good timing and delivery can enhance the impact of your speech.
  • Keep It Concise: An entertaining speech should be brief and to the point to keep the audience’s attention.
  • Engage with the Audience: Interaction keeps the audience involved and makes your speech more dynamic.
  • Use Visuals if Applicable: Props or slides can add an extra entertainment element.
  • Be Yourself: Authenticity is crucial; your speech should reflect your personality.

Getting involved with your fans using these examples of entertainment speech can make your own much more powerful.

List of Topics for Entertaining Speech

These entertainment topics to talk about are designed to spark creativity. They offer various entertainment speech ideas catering to different interests and audiences. It is making your next entertaining speech a hit. They are curated to provide diverse themes, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

  1. The Art of Being Lazy: A Guide to Masterful Procrastination – Exploring the humorous side of putting things off.
  2. Why Pets Are Better Than People – A lighthearted comparison between the loyalty of pets and the complexities of human relationships.
  3. The Struggles of Being the Youngest Sibling – The comical challenges and unexpected perks.
  4. Confessions of a Serial Netflix Binger – Funny anecdotes about how streaming services have changed our lives.
  5. Misadventures in Online Dating – People have had funny and sometimes strange things happen to them while online dating.
  6. The Great Debate: Pizza Toppings – An argument over the best and worst pizza toppings.
  7. Tales from the Worst Job I Ever Had – Sharing funny and outrageous stories.
  8. My Smartphone, My Life: A Modern Love Story – An exploration of our deep attachment to smartphones.
  9. Travel Fails: When Vacations Go Wrong – Comedic stories about travel plans that didn’t quite go as expected.
  10. The Mystery of Missing Socks – Investigating the age-old question.
  11. DIY Disasters: My Attempts at Being Crafty – When DIY projects went wrong.
  12. Fitness Fiascos: Gym Stories – Real life and fitness attempts.
  13. Awkward Family Gatherings: A Survival Guide – Navigating the pitfalls of family events and reunions.
  14. The Evolution of Dance Moves – How dance styles have evolved over the decades.
  15. Fashion Faux Pas: My Life in Bad Outfits – Recounting past fashion mistakes.
  16. Cooking Catastrophes – Sharing tales of culinary experiments that didn’t happen as planned.
  17. The Joys of Parenting: Funny Kid Stories – Anecdotes from the parenting journey.
  18. My Life Without Gadgets – The funny side of struggling with modern technology.
  19. How to Be a Perfectly Imperfect Friend – What makes friendships so unique?
  20. A Day in the Life of a Serial Procrastinator – A comical look into the daily routine.
  21. Coffee Addicts Anonymous – How it shapes our daily lives.
  22. The Secret Life of Teachers – Observations from the other side of the classroom.
  23. Social Media Mishaps – Lessons learned from social media blunders.
  24. The Unspoken Rules of Public Transportation – The humorous dos and don’ts.
  25. Why Being an Adult is a Trap – A look at the expectations vs. reality of adult life.
  26. The Guide to Surviving a Bad Haircut – Turning the tragedy into a comedic tale.
  27. My Attempts at Being a Plant Parent – The challenges of keeping houseplants alive.
  28. The Battle of Household Chores – A funny take on the never-ending war against chores in the household.
  29. Shopping: A Tale of Triumph and Tragedy – The ups and downs of shopping sprees and retail therapy.
  30. The Fine Art of Doing Nothing – Humor found in moments of laziness and relaxation.
  31. Holiday Disasters: When Family Gatherings Go Wrong – Stories of holiday plans that didn’t quite work out.
  32. Life Before and After Smartphones – A comparison of how life has changed.
  33. The World of Online Gaming: A Noob’s Perspective – The trials of a newcomer in gaming.
  34. Why I Should Never Be Left Alone in a Kitchen – Accounts of culinary misadventures and mishaps.
  35. The Great Outdoors: Camping Misadventures – The unexpected side of outdoor adventures.
  36. Life Hacks: Expectation vs. Reality – The disparity between viral life hacks and their often less-than-successful real-life application.
  37. The Chronicles of a Clumsy Person – Relatable stories of daily life.
  38. The Perils of Public Speaking – The challenges and embarrassments of speaking in public.
  39. The Awkward Art of Small Talk – Navigating the awkwardness and humor in casual conversations.
  40. Fashion Trends I Wish I Never Followed – Reflecting on past fashion trends that should have been avoided.
  41. The Trials of Learning a New Language – The funny moments while learning a new language.
  42. My Experiment with Veganism – A look at the trials of trying out a vegan lifestyle.
  43. The Joy of Doing Absolutely Nothing – Embracing the bliss of idleness and leisure.
  44. Why I’m Not a Morning Person – The struggles of dealing with early mornings and the quest for more sleep.
  45. The World According to My Cat/Dog – Imagining the world from our pets’ perspective.
  46. The Secret World of Introverts – Exploring the aspects of being an introvert in an extroverted world.
  47. The Mystery Behind Lost TV Remotes – Investigating the comical phenomenon of how TV remotes always seem to disappear.
  48. Quirky Family Traditions – Sharing the unusual traditions that make each family unique.
  49. The Adventure of Grocery Shopping – Finding humor in the everyday experience.
  50. The Wonders of Watching Paint Dry – An exploration of finding entertainment in the most mundane activities.
  51. The Highs and Lows of Being a Sports Fan – The emotional rollercoaster of supporting a sports team, with all its ups and downs.
  52. Binge-Watching: A Survivor’s Tale – The humorous side of a marathon-watching TV series and its effects on our lives.
  53. The Art of Avoiding Responsibilities – A look at the creative ways we dodge tasks and duties.
  54. The Unpredictable World of Weather – Laughing at the forecasts and their impact on our plans.
  55. The Glorious World of Comfort Food – Celebrating the happiness found in our favorite comfort foods.
  56. A Tribute to Bad Hair Days – Finding the humor in those inevitable days when our hair has a mind of its own.
  57. The Challenge of Staying Fit – The struggles and realities of maintaining a fitness routine.
  58. The Quest for the Perfect Selfie – The comedic journey and the lengths we go for it.
  59. The Mystery of the Disappearing Wallet – The occurrences of misplacing our wallets and the search that ensues.
  60. The Art of Overthinking – A look at the complexity and absurdity of overanalyzing every situation.
  61. The Thrill of Last-Minute Shopping – The excitement and panic of shopping just before a deadline or special occasion.
  62. The Saga of Sleep Deprivation – The realities of living in a state of constant sleeplessness.
  63. The Perks of Being a Night Owl – Describing the unique lifestyle.
  64. The Trials of a Tech Newbie – Challenges faced when keeping up with the latest technology.
  65. Why I’ll Never Be a Master Chef – The humorous acceptance of one’s culinary limitations and kitchen disasters.
  66. The World Through the Eyes of a Child – Seeing the world from an innocent perspective.
  67. The Great Debate: Android vs. iPhone – A debate over the merits and pitfalls of the two dominant platforms.
  68. The Oddities of Office Life – Aspects of working in this environment.
  69. The Chronicles of a Coffee Shop Dweller – Observations and funny stories from spending time in coffee shops.
  70. Why Every Day Should Be Pajama Day – Advocating for the comfort of spending the day like that.


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