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Funny Presentation Speech Topics for Students: Make ‘Em Laugh

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: December 18, 2023
Last update date: March 22, 2024
7 min read

Crafting a compelling speech that keeps your audience engaged and amused can be a challenge, especially for students. However, with the right topic and approach, you can transform your presentation into an unforgettable experience. This article is your ultimate guide to mastering the art of humor in speeches. Whether you’re preparing for a college assignment, a Ted Talk, or simply looking to entertain your peers, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of funny speech topics, hilarious presentation ideas, and much more.

Explore how to inject humor into your speeches, discover funny topics that resonate with college students, and learn the secrets of delivering funny, motivational, and even informative talks. From clever opening lines to humorous demonstration ideas, this article is packed with inspiration to help you craft a speech that’s not only engaging but also memorable. Dive into our collection of funny expository, entertaining, and impromptu speech topics to find the perfect fit for your next presentation.

Ready to make your audience laugh and learn at the same time? Keep reading to uncover the keys to a successful funny speech and turn your next presentation into the highlight of the day. Let’s turn those giggles into full-blown laughs with our expert insights and unique ideas!

How to Make a Speech Funny

Injecting humor into a speech transforms it from mundane to memorable. Begin with a strong foundation of funny persuasive speech ideas or funny argumentative speech topics. These topics naturally lend themselves to humor, making your job easier. Next, consider opening jokes for a speech. A well-placed joke at the beginning not only captures attention but also sets a lighthearted tone. However, balance is key. Mix humor with substance to maintain engagement without detracting from your message.

When exploring humorous speech ideas, aim for relatability. Jokes or anecdotes that resonate with your audience’s experiences significantly increase the impact of your humor. Additionally, for fun topics for an informative speech, choose subjects that are inherently amusing or have a quirky side. This approach keeps the audience intrigued and amused throughout. Remember, the essence of a funny speech lies in its ability to entertain while delivering a clear message. Keep it light, relevant, and engaging to leave your audience both informed and smiling.

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Funny Speech Topics for College Students

Selecting the right topic is crucial for college students aiming to craft a funny speech. From funny sports speeches and hilarious presentation topics to humorous speech topics and motivational themes, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s for a classroom assignment or a campus event, engaging topics like these ensure it is both entertaining and impactful.

Funny Ted Talk Topics

  1. “The Secret Life of Cats: What They Do When We’re Not Looking”
  2. “Misadventures in Cooking: Tales from a Kitchen Novice”
  3. “Why Laughter is the Best Medicine: A Comedic Exploration”
  4. “The Art of Procrastination: A Humorous Guide”
  5. “Confessions of a Serial Plant Killer: My Botanical Misadventures”
  6. “Short Funny Speech: The Art of Keeping it Brief and Amusing”
  7. “Awkward Social Situations and How to Navigate Them”
  8. “The History of Bad Haircuts: A Visual Journey”
  9. “Mysteries of the Universe: Explained (Incorrectly)”
  10. “Life Lessons from Cartoons: A Nostalgic Look Back”

Funny Motivational Speeches

  1. “Embracing Your Inner Weirdo: Why Being Different is Awesome”
  2. “The Power of Positive Failing: Learning from Mistakes”
  3. “Overcoming Laziness: A Guide for the Perpetually Unmotivated”
  4. “Finding Humor in Life’s Challenges”
  5. “Funny Introductory Speech: Making a Memorable First Impression”
  6. “Why Being Average is Actually Extraordinary”
  7. “Turning ‘I Can’t’ into ‘I Can’t Believe I Just Did That!'”
  8. “The Joy of Not Knowing What You’re Doing”
  9. “Breaking the Rules: A Guide to Creative Success”
  10. “Finding the Funny in Everyday Life”

Fun Persuasive Speech Ideas

  1. “Why Every Home Needs a Pet Rock”
  2. “The Undeniable Benefits of Procrastination”
  3. “Why Pineapple Belongs on Pizza: A Delicious Debate”
  4. “The Case for a Four-Day School Week”
  5. “Why Adults Should Have Mandatory Nap Times”
  6. “Superheroes vs. Villains: Who Really Has More Fun?”
  7. “The Importance of Learning to Dance in the Rain”
  8. “Why Breakfast Foods Make the Best Dinner”
  9. “The Need for a National ‘Speak Like a Pirate’ Day”
  10. “Funny Topics for a Speech: Thinking Outside the Box”

Fun Impromptu Speech Topics

  1. “If Animals Could Talk: What Would They Say?”
  2. “Inventing a New Holiday: Celebrating the Ordinary”
  3. “Life as a Superhero: My Super Power Would Be…”
  4. “If I Were President for a Day: Humorous Policies I’d Implement”
  5. “The Ultimate Time Travel Destination: Past or Future?”
  6. “Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse: A Practical Guide”
  7. “Creating the Perfect Alien Encounter Story”
  8. “The Strangest Dream I Ever Had”
  9. “How to Survive a Week Without the Internet”
  10. “Funny Speeches for School: Entertaining and Educational”

Funny Speech Opening Lines For Students

  1. “I asked my phone for a topic. Here’s what Siri suggested…”
  2. “I told my dog I was giving a speech today. He looked more nervous than I am!”
  3. “I was going to start with a joke, but my mom says I’m already a joke. Thanks, Mom.”
  4. “They say honesty is the best policy. Honestly, I wrote this five minutes ago.”
  5. “Good morning! Or afternoon? I’ve lost all sense of time since I started college.”
  6. “I read that a good speech is like a comet: Dazzling, eye-opening, and over before you know it. So buckle up!”
  7. “I’m here to talk about [topic]. Yes, I’m as surprised as you are.”
  8. “My last speech was so good, my professor asked me to turn it into a silent film.”
  9. “I promised myself I wouldn’t be nervous. But here we are, heart racing faster than when I see a ‘test graded’ notification.”
  10. “They say to picture your audience in their underwear to ease nerves. Let’s just say, it’s not helping.”

Funny Demonstration Speech Topics College Students

  1. “How to Make a Gourmet Meal with Just a Microwave”
  2. “The Art of Sleeping in Class Without Getting Caught”
  3. “Mastering the Perfect Selfie: Tips and Tricks”
  4. “Survival Skills: Making Coffee Without a Coffee Maker”
  5. “Building the Ultimate Pillow Fort for Adults”
  6. “Fun Demonstration Speech Ideas: Creative and Engaging”
  7. “Crafting an Excuse Letter for When You Oversleep”
  8. “Turning Your Laundry Pile into a Fashion Statement”
  9. “Impersonating Famous Celebrities: A How-To”
  10. “DIY Escape Room: Transforming Your Dorm Room”

Funny Informative Speech Topics

  1. “The Evolution of Emojis: Decoding Digital Expressions”
  2. “Bizarre Food Combinations That Actually Work”
  3. “The History of April Fools’ Day: Pranks and More”
  4. “Exploring Unusual World Records: The Weird and Wacky”
  5. “Misconceptions About Common Sayings”
  6. “Strange Laws Around the World: A Humorous Look”
  7. “The Science of Laughter: Why We Giggle”
  8. “Curious Wedding Traditions from Around the Globe”
  9. “The Origins of Superstitions: Black Cats, Ladders, and More”
  10. “The Art of People Watching: A Guide to Human Behavior”

Funny Presentation Topics

  1. “Why My Cat Should Run for President”
  2. “The Secret World of Socks: Where Do the Missing Ones Go?”
  3. “Life Lessons Learned from Watching Cartoons”
  4. “If Historical Events Were Reported Like Gossip Magazines”
  5. “Social Media Mishaps: A Collection of Humorous Stories”
  6. “The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle: A Comedic Investigation”
  7. “How to Survive a Family Reunion”
  8. “The Future According to Sci-Fi Movies: What Got Right and Wrong”
  9. “The Joys and Perils of Online Shopping”
  10. “Mythical Creatures in the Modern World: A Funny Take”

Funny Expository Speech Topics

  1. “Exploring the Art of Doing Nothing Successfully”
  2. “The Psychology Behind Binge-Watching Shows”
  3. “Unbelievable Yet True Historical Facts”
  4. “The Hidden Life of Everyday Objects”
  5. “Decoding Teenage Slang: A Parent’s Guide”
  6. “The Oddities of Language: English’s Weird Quirks”
  7. “Famous Blunders in History: A Humorous Perspective”
  8. “Celebrity Look-Alikes: Separated at Birth?”
  9. “The Secret Lives of Teachers: After the Bell Rings”
  10. “The World of Competitive Eating: A Gastronomic Adventure”

Funny Entertaining Speech Topics

  1. “How to Become a Professional Couch Potato”
  2. “The Unwritten Rules of Social Media: A Satirical Guide”
  3. “Why Being Clumsy is Actually a Talent”
  4. “Fantasy Sports: The Unseen World of Imaginary Teams”
  5. “Behind the Scenes of a Reality TV Show”
  6. “The Art of Making Boring Things Sound Interesting”
  7. “The World’s Worst Superpowers: A Comical Analysis”
  8. “How to Speak Fluent Nonsense and Confuse People”
  9. “The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Chores Creatively”
  10. “Life as a Meme: The Ups and Downs”

Funny How To Ideas For Speech

  1. “How to Survive a Bad Hair Day: A Step-by-Step Guide”
  2. “Mastering the Art of Being Late Gracefully”
  3. “How to Pretend You Understand Art”
  4. “Becoming an Expert in Useless Skills”
  5. “How to Throw the Perfect Unbirthday Party”
  6. “Navigating Awkward Social Gatherings with Humor”
  7. “The Do’s and Don’ts of Regifting”
  8. “How to Break the Ice: Unconventional Conversation Starters”
  9. “Training Your Pet to Take Over Household Chores”
  10. “Creating an Alias: A Guide to Fictitious Identities”

Famous Funny Speeches

Funny famous speeches often come from a variety of sources, including movies, stand-up comedy, political figures, and public events. Some notable examples include:

  • Ellen DeGeneres’ Commencement Speech at Tulane University (2009): Known for her wit, Ellen brought humor to her speech, making it memorable and entertaining while also imparting wisdom to the graduates.
  • Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech (2005): While primarily inspirational, Jobs included humorous anecdotes from his life, adding a light-hearted touch to his profound messages.
  • John F. Kennedy’s Speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (1961): Kennedy was known for his charm and wit, and his speech at this event was filled with humor and self-deprecation, a rarity for a sitting President.
  • Will Ferrell’s Harvard Commencement Address (2003): Ferrell, known for his comedic roles, delivered a speech filled with his trademark humor, keeping the audience laughing while also sharing genuine advice.
  • Jon Stewart’s Speech at the Rally to Restore Sanity (2010): As a renowned comedian and satirist, Stewart’s speech was a mix of humor and social commentary, making it both funny and thought-provoking.
  • Mindy Kaling’s Commencement Speech at Dartmouth College (2018): Kaling, an actress and comedian, infused her speech with humor, sharing funny personal stories and observations while also offering inspiring advice to graduates.
  • Winston Churchill’s Speeches: While Churchill was known for his leadership during serious times, he often used wit in his speeches, making some of his remarks quite humorous in the context of otherwise grave situations.
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