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Best Informative Speech Topics in 2024

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: January 25, 2023
Last update date: March 22, 2024
11 min read

What is an Informative Speech?

Circumstances in which you would be required to deliver an informative speech are ridiculously common. In fact, chances are you have delivered one without even knowing at some point in time. Has there ever been a time you answered a question or presented your homework before the class? Chances are you delivered a short and somewhat basic informative speech.

However, they aren’t necessarily related to higher education. Topics for informative speeches are many and diverse. There must have been a time when you corrected your friend or sibling on something and went ahead to show off your knowledge proudly. Aloha, informative speech! Now considering it in a more professional light, what exactly is an informative speech?

Simply put, possibly in its simplest form, an informative speech is a speech that is delivered to inform a target audience. With a bit more effort, it can be viewed as an address or presentation that was put together by the author with the aim of educating, teaching, or guiding an audience on a particular discourse. It is also important to know how to write a speech about someone to be prepared for your performance or just as an assignment from your teacher. For these reasons, topics for informative speech are usually associated with higher education.

As such, in putting together an informative speech, you must have it as a state of mind that the audience has some learning to do as regards the topic or field in question. From here onwards, you can tailor your research, language, and delivery to enlighten them and raise their knowledge to the level you desire. Informative speeches can fall under various categories depending on the approach you take to pass across your information. These include:

  • Argumentative Speeches: This kind of informative speech takes the form of a debate. The speech topic is designed to persuade the audience to support the writer’s idea or belief as against other alternative positions.
  • Descriptive Speeches: Descriptive speeches employ vivid and descriptive language to paint a topic or a position to the audience. It seeks to portray a thing, process, or concept in the form of a free-flowing descriptive narrative.
  • Demonstrative Speeches: Demonstrative speeches border on teaching the audience on how to do something. This is the approach many self-help speeches and TED Talks adopt, and is one of the most popular kinds of informative speeches.
  • Illustrative Speeches: These are speeches that are constructed with the intention of explaining a particular concept or process to the audience. It involves detailing an aspect of a relatively obscure phenomenon e.g., the creation of the universe.

How do I choose an informative speech topic?

Delivering an informative speech may seem rather straightforward in theory, but is much more complex in practice. Having explored the nitty gritty of what informative speech is, it goes without saying that your journey to concocting an excellent speech begins with having the perfect topic. Whether this is for you or for a busy colleague that asked you “please, write a speech for me!”, this stage of the development of your informative speech might just be the most difficult you would encounter.

The foundation of whatever would become of your speech is set down here, with the subsequent development of your content being hinged on the quality of your topic. Among the most common ones are those related to artificial intelligence, cultural traditions and, more recently, mental health related to working conditions. But popularity is not enough. There are a few factors to consider and steps to follow in order to come up with a blockbuster topic for your informative speech. These include:

  • Your Field. The first area of consideration in your quest to find a suitable topic for your informative speech is what field your topic should come from. For instance, if your speech is to address a history class, then your topic would likely revolve around history. Likewise, if you were invited to address an audience in the capacity of a medical doctor, your topic would probably revolve around medicine or its practice. So, you should deliver a health informative speech based on your medical branch.

  • The Audience. This is an equally important determinant in your consideration of informative speech topic ideas. After identifying the field your topic should come from, you should endeavor to become acquainted with the target audience of your speech. This helps to know the level of complexity the speech’s research and language would require, as well as how to make the presentation enjoyable without compromising quality and correctness.
    For instance, the complexity that would accompany a medical speech meant for an audience of medical professionals is different from a medical speech meant for an audience of students. In this case, understanding the right delivery to use for different audiences is the difference between presenting a rapturous speech and failing to communicate altogether.

  • Interestingness. The next step is to find a topic that is not only relevant to the audience’s interest but also interesting enough to captivate that interest until the end of the speech. This could be done by assembling a variety of potential topics and picking whichever one that flows best for you. A topic could be within your field and be equally appropriate for the audience but be incredibly boring still – a tag you do not want your speech to carry. Although you could make any topic sound interesting with the right semantics and delivery, some topics make it much easier than others.

Finally, it is also crucial to have the right tools to prepare your discourse. Aside from research, Google also offers other tools. For instance, you could use Google docs for writing or making a presentation. Make sure to have a powerful enough computer or laptop, and don’t be shy to head to the local library for additional sources.

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List of Informative Speech Topics

In spite of having some of the factors to consider for you to have a winning informative speech topic, it can still be a real piece of work to actually follow through with the entire process. There is still the speech itself to be written, so the task could look daunting. You could choose to shoulder the entire process yourself regardless. However, getting a little extra help would not hurt. One particularly helpful measure to consider is informative speech ideas.

Easy Informative Speech Topics for College Students

In higher education, informative speeches could come by way of an assignment in a course. In this case, you may be assigned to act as a speech writer and find something interesting for the professor. On the other hand, your speech could be for a more independent cause for which you would want an interesting topic for the audience. Some fine examples of good informative speech topics for college students include:

  1. Balancing a rich social life and academics in college.
  2. The effects of interpersonal relationships on academic and professional excellence in college and beyond.
  3. How to identify and pursue your college goals as a freshman.
  4. Achieving minority inclusion in the college community.
  5. Why should more people consider studying abroad?
  6. Ways colleges can better prepare students for future jobs.
  7. Grades and versatile involvement – what makes a great college student?
  8. How to prevent burnout in college.
  9. How can multilingualism in education prepare high school students for the global village?
  10. At what level should students be involved in politics?

Informative Speech Topics on Social Media

Social media can hardly be tagged as a developing phenomenon in modern society, although it is still largely topical. As such, it is no surprise that many informative speeches border on this phenomenon. Here are our suggestions of informative speech topics on the matter:

  1. The impact of social media on business development.
  2. Positive and negative effects of social media on education – tipping the scales.
  3. How does social media promote real-life violence?
  4. The importance of social media in modern communication.
  5. How has COVID-19 impacted social media traffic?
  6. Should “free speech” be allowed to exist on social media?
  7. The impact of social media on political apathy.
  8. Should age restrictions exist across social media platforms?
  9. Cyber bullying – how to put an end to it for good.
  10. How to convert your social media presence to money.

Informative Speech Topics on Business

Delivering an informative speech centered on business could be quite tricky, considering the array of topics to choose from. From information on starting up a business to scaling it, here are some easy informative speech topics on business for you:

  1. Growth hacking ideas for your 21st century business.
  2. Leveraging digital marketing for scaling small businesses.
  3. Tax avoidance – maximizing profits on the right side of the law.
  4. One-on-one or delegated leadership – which way to go for your business enterprise?
  5. How to dabble into profitable franchising.
  6. Step-by-step starting and managing a small business.
  7. Best practices in customer retention.
  8. The use of workflow tools in the post-COVID workplace.
  9. Human resources and its impacts on workplace productivity.
  10. Is your business working with AI or competing against it?

Informative Speech Topics on Psychology

Informative speech topics on psychology could be rather technical if you are dealing with the professional field itself. However, there are several topics which even a neutral crowd would find relatable. These include:

  1. The impact of social media on depression statistics.
  2. Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient – striking a balance between the two.
  3. How to effectively deal with Emotional Burnout Syndrome.
  4. Managing stress as a 21st century career chaser.
  5. Teenage Rebellion – How to deal with it.
  6. The role of the community in a child’s development.
  7. Phobias – what they are and how to manage them.
  8. Psychological effects of conflicts between kids and parents.
  9. The biological and social factors behind Bipolar Disorder.
  10. How can low self-esteem be cured?

Informative Speech Topics on Environment

Our planet is our home, and we can never talk enough about it. There are more than the usual informative speech topics about animals or global warming. Here are 10 good informative speech topics about the environment:

  1. Possibilities of climate change being partly a natural effect.
  2. Recycling as a sustainable waste management measure for developed countries.
  3. The feasibility of hydrogen-powered cars in the 21st century.
  4. The pros and cons of nuclear power.
  5. The Sustainable Development Goals so far – successes or failures?
  6. Maritime zones and their projected effects on environmental pollution.
  7. Should humanity be blamed for the situation of endangered species?
  8. Ozone depletion reversal – is mankind winning again?
  9. Global warming and its cyclical effect on the environment.
  10. Flooding in coastal areas – Ways forward.
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Informative Speech Topics on Health

Health is one of the most topical aspects of our lives. The more information we share, the better the quality of life gets. In a bid to further boost the quality of life, here are some health informative speech topics:

  1. Preparing for the next pandemic using COVID-19 as a case study.
  2. Obesity – the silent pandemic in the developed world.
  3. The health benefits of blood donation.
  4. Acupuncture – if it works and how it works.
  5. Sorting out the myths and facts surrounding vaccines.
  6. Where is cancer research today?
  7. Diabetes in children.
  8. Contributors to skin cancer in developing countries.
  9. Settling the age-long debate between abortionists and pro-lifers.
  10. Should euthanasia be available in global healthcare?

Informative Speech Topics on Entrepreneurship

Innovation has driven mankind to where we are and will continue to propel us forward. To contribute a quota to innovation and development through entrepreneurship, here are some informative speech ideas for entrepreneurship topics:

  1. The growth of tech and the corresponding increase in entrepreneurs.
  2. Contributions of social media to the growth of small businesses.
  3. The technicalities of venture capital in entrepreneurship.
  4. How to excel as an entrepreneur.
  5. The dos and don’ts of scaling a startup.
  6. Examining the difference between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
  7. Why you should consider hybrid operations for your startup.
  8. The role of governments in the growth of entrepreneurship.
  9. Customer retention strategies for every startup to consider.
  10. How to survive as a small business in the post-COVID business climate.

Informative Speech Topics on Economy

Considering the myriad of factors and happenings in national and global economies, there are a million and one informative topics on economy for you to consider. Here are ten of them.

  1. The Russia-Ukraine war and its effects on the global supply chain.
  2. The East vs The West – the battle for economic dominance using China and the US as case studies.
  3. Exploring the feasibility of progressive taxation in developed countries.
  4. Establishing a nexus between education and economic development.
  5. How to navigate your business through an economic recession.
  6. Devaluation as a countermeasure against inflation.
  7. How subsistence farming could eradicate poverty.
  8. The global energy transition – what next for oil-based economies?
  9. Communism – an egalitarian economic government or a sham?
  10. The history and effects of the gold standard in the United States.

Informative Speech Topics on Financial Management

Financial management involves the practices adopted by a person or organization to manage their finances effectively in line with their goals. Delivering an informative speech on financial management can be particularly technical, but is very doable nonetheless. Some topics to consider include:

  1. Tax evasion vs tax avoidance – spotting the difference.
  2. Should you consider investment apps in financial management?
  3. How to earn more credit.
  4. Why you should earn consistently as a student.
  5. Spending habits for you to adopt in 2023.
  6. Why your financial officer is key to your business growth.
  7. Tips to consider when applying for a student loan.
  8. Working with a budget and sticking to it.
  9. Dollar cost averaging – how does it work?
  10. Furnishing your house with quality without breaking the bank.

Informative Speech Topics on Politics

Politics is a very touchy field with many potential topics available. When delivering an informative topic on politics, it is important to bear it in mind that political topics are very subjective. Informative speech ideas on politics include:

  1. The politics of warfare.
  2. Party interest vs Constituency interest in leadership.
  3. Opposition politics in the parliament.
  4. The history of democracy.
  5. The effects of political apathy – how to eradicate it.
  6. Pros and cons of the Electoral College.
  7. Influence of the World Wars on global political systems.
  8. How far is too far in student politics?
  9. Right wing vs left wing – which is the winning side?
  10. Regional politics in the United Nations.

Informative speech topics are a great way to engage an audience and increase their knowledge on a particular subject. However, for those who are having trouble coming up with a topic, an essay service can be a great resource to help generate ideas and provide guidance on the writing process. Additionally, an essay service can help provide additional resources and tips to ensure that the informative speech is well-written and effective.

The key to a perfect informative speech is choosing the perfect topic. However, there are a million similar keys in the closet from which you need to find the best fit. The best fit is not set in stone but is entirely dependent on you. In fact, the success of your speech is all down to you. The extensive research, the crowd-erupting delivery, the flawlessly designed presentation deck, and the attention-grabbing mannerisms are all you. Choosing the right topic could be greatly satisfying, while an unfit topic could make it equally harrowing, possibly leaving a lasting mark on your credibility and confidence as a speaker.

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