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Dissertation Topics in Marketing Actual in 2024

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: March 12, 2022
Last update date: June 20, 2024
9 min read

We’ve compiled a list of about 100 of the best international marketing dissertation topics. Use these examples comfortably and create your idea.

How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Marketing Dissertation

To choose the right topic for your dissertation, you have to pick something actual and relevant to the field. Moreover, your choice must be interesting for reading. But not something filled with many scientific terms.

The idea must be based on a case that other people have already researched. That will give you enough credible sources to use for your work.

When writing your dissertation, remember that it revolves around data. Thus, using credible academic references with correct information is best.

While doing that, a good thing to remember is to look for ideas with gaps that have great potential. They will allow you to create a good piece that will be interesting to read. But given how hard these are to notice, you should get dissertation assistance. You can get help from our team of professionals or ask your professor for suggestions.

Branding Dissertation Topics

Branding is a term that comes from the business world, and you will often see it in the field. The word refers to many processes that give meaning to various organizations, businesses, services, and goods.

In that sense, branding can be a way for the company to promote its products and achieve an edge over competitors by building its brand. It can be a promise to the customers or the appeal of a good or service.

  1. Brand value, and how the consumers perceive it. Case of Pepsi versus Coca-Cola.
  2. The company branding and its effect on business productivity.
  3. What is the significance of social media marketing for brand development?
  4. Is there cultural meaning in brands, and why?
  5. Branding and its nature. Comprehensive evolution study.
  6. The relations between the brand, customers, and their emotions.
  7. Why is brand management essential for achieving profitability?
  8. Branding and the importance of having a top product that attracts customers.
  9. How can the use of digital methods increase brand standing?
  10. Smartphone apps, and how businesses can use them to improve their brand equity.

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Without a doubt, this is the future of commerce in the current age. That is due to the significant increase in online shopping. With the growth of online sales and new e-commerce, experts must develop unique strategies to boost their sales.

Because of that, we have prepared a few ideas about digital marketing thesis topics for you:

  1. Modern customers and how social media applications can affect their behavior.
  2. Marketing and landing pages, and why they are so important to have.
  3. Google and Amazon ads and how they are a necessity for online commerce.
  4. Digitalized platforms and the adoption of automated service interaction. How they affect clients and companies.
  5. What exactly is the role of the Internet? How does it influence customers’ behavior?
  6. Smart devices and their effects on boosting company sales.
  7. Is it essential to analyze the consumer’s psychology in marketing strategies?
  8. How have stars and influencers affected online sales and strategies?
  9. Digital marketing. Is it better for the customer to interact with a machine or an employee?
  10. Email strategies. Are they outdated, and what are the most common mistakes of this strategy?
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MBA Marketing Dissertation Topics

Having a Master’s can be essential as it opens a new path for you and allows you to learn more. In that sense, it also shows you know about marketing in general. So, picking the right dissertation topic is crucial because you have to prove your knowledge.

  1. Digital and mobile marketing. What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Note the difference between offline and online market goods and how clients respond to them.
  3. Management and its response to boycotts. What is the proper reaction?
  4. What are the customer’s reactions during periods of recession and crisis?
  5. Customer profile gender, age, and ethnicity. How do they affect online purchases?
  6. What is the importance of a successful branding strategy, and how does it attract loyal customers?
  7. How does color relate to brands and affect sales in the clothing industry?
  8. Strategies about charity. Why are they important, and how do people regard them?
  9. Best sales strategies that make consumers buy food online.
  10. E-commerce, and how a loyalty program encourages the customers to spend more.

Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics

No matter what you are writing about, you must pick an interesting topic. Then you will have an easy time researching and writing.

Marketing is a field connected to a lot of data, and that can make writing your Master’s dissertation hard. Thus, striving to pick a compelling case to write about will help you immensely.

  1. Should we combine offline with online techniques to increase sales in the digital business model?
  2. Politics and their effects on marketing strategies.
  3. What are the best and worst parts of SMS marketing? Is it an actual concept?
  4. The concept of standardization in the field and how it affects the clients.
  5. How does brand value affect the customer’s decision?
  6. How do retention and innovation go hand in hand? What are the effects?
  7. Family packs and oriented online commerce strategies.
  8. Online trends and their impact on marketing techniques. How have they changed during the past ten years?
  9. The power of customization in e-commerce and how it affects sales.
  10. Market segmentation and its effects on sales channels. Is it a good or bad strategy?

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

In the current commerce world, many, if not most, marketing campaigns and deals take place online. With that, the importance of social media and other widespread online platforms increases. So, social media marketing strategies are a must for the success of any thriving business.

  1. Are Google, Amazon, and Facebook ads convenient for digital trade?
  2. Effects of social media and the impact they have on customers.
  3. Marketing, E-commerce, and the importance of proper SEO. Effects and aftermaths.
  4. Is it good for huge corporations to use social media and focus on younger customer groups?
  5. How can products and online services affect customer loyalty to the brand?
  6. Are influencers and famous actors a good strategy to increase your audience?
  7. Social media and its significance in modern marketing promotion campaigns.
  8. How can online content marketing build a larger presence and loyal customers?
  9. Are social media suitable for branding or just boosting a company’s sales?
  10. Should a company build online value through transparent customer reviews? Best ways to do it.

Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics

Customer association is crucial for the success and good sales of every business. Thus, customer relationships are often vital to a good marketing approach. That is because such techniques rely on how well you know your customers and what you want to focus on when approaching them.

  1. How has customer retention changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and how does that affect marketing strategies?
  2. Modern consumer behavior. Is it reasonable to push clients to change their customer style or not?
  3. How can the decision-making process affect cultural or ethical influences?
  4. Big corporations and their strategies. Why do customers stay loyal and abide by global marketing rules?
  5. Why is it important for a company to learn more about its client’s psychoanalytical model?
  6. Differences between the classes and racial discrimination when targeting different ethnicities.
  7. E-commerce and shopping application. How can customers achieve satisfaction through verbal communication?
  8. What is the risk when dealing with unhappy customers and boycotts?
  9. When is it reasonable to change prices, and how do clients see these changes?
  10. Customization: The best way to personalize your company’s product to suit your customers.

Marketing dissertation topics can include areas such as pricing strategy, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, etc. Writing a dissertation on a marketing topic can be a difficult task. That is why services such as custom dissertation writing services are available to alleviate this stress and make the process easier.

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

Fashion marketing aims to resolve or create promotion issues connected to a clothing brand. Many of the strategies in the field include publications on specialized blogs. They can also have websites, Google Ads, and campaigns with influencers.

Below, we have prepared a few exciting topics from that field. Please take a look at them and gain inspiration about your dissertation topic:

  1. Are fashion marketing strategies mainly aimed at women, and why?
  2. Social media applications and their influence over fashion commerce strategies.
  3. Fashion marketing techniques and logistics. The importance of proper planning.
  4. What are the best ways to identify your clients in fashion marketing?
  5. Best ways to create the ultimate customer experience in fashion.
  6. Should fashion strategies spin around famous influencers or not?
  7. Can sales be predicted effectively in fashion marketing, and how?
  8. Best ways to attract younger customers. Goal-oriented campaigns and their benefits.
  9. How can data suggest the best decisions in fashion promotion, and why?
  10. The importance of researching and properly planning product prices.

Sports Marketing Dissertation Topics

In the modern world, sports are present in everyone’s life. So naturally, sports-related advertising significantly impacts a company’s brand sales and income.

Given how important that is, we have prepared a few of the best marketing-related dissertation topics in the field. Use them to gain inspiration and choose a suitable case.

  1. Is it a good idea to use famous sports stars in promotion strategies?
  2. World Cup 2022 and its importance for great marketing campaigns.
  3. How can Esports be a suitable advertising platform? Best practices in the field.
  4. Are behind-the-scenes images a good move in promotion strategies or not?
  5. Advertising and betting platforms. Correlations and how these companies advertise on sports media.
  6. How can bets influence sports marketing, and how are they connected?
  7. Best advertising strategies. Teasers and previews before the start of a competition.
  8. Women in sports and how they advance sports marketing.
  9. What is the role of artificial intelligence, and can it change the shape of marketing in sports fields?
  10. Ticket purchases. Why is it one of the best promotion revenue streams?
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Ethics in Marketing Dissertation Topics

Marketing ethics are concerned with various business practices and company responsibilities. They are usually influenced by the clients’ behavior or change in attitude.

Nowadays, these are common, thanks to the influence of social media platforms. Below you can see a few suggestions for such topics.

  1. What is the impact of goods labels on the clients’ purchase behavior?
  2. Exploring the depths of Amazonia jungles. Is it green or greenwashing?
  3. How do corporate behavior and ethics influence customer sales? Investigation.
  4. Why does labeling matter, and what are its effects? Vegan versus the cruelty-free label.
  5. How have spam rules and laws improved online ethics for consumers?
  6. Pharmaceutical representatives and their gifts. Business ethics and morality investigation.
  7. Gender difference and its impact on corporate social responsibility perceptions. What is the corporate marketing outcome?
  8. The effects of the code of conduct of some stores. How does it affect customers?
  9. Ethics, marketing, and the relationship between CSR. Are they a priority to the stakeholders or the common good?
  10. How WizzAir online fare pricing influenced the customer demand trends. Marketing pricing strategies.

Consumer Behaviour Dissertation Topics

Consumer behavior in marketing often refers to the customer’s needs. How they meet them with the purchase of goods, and how they use them. The same also refers to various services and even expands to clients disposing of goods.

An effective marketing strategy knows the ropes around consumer behavior. So, before starting a campaign targeted at a specific group, you must research. Here are some topics examples:

  1. In what ways does a company determine consumer behavior and maximize the benefit from it?
  2. Modern digital tools. The practice of finding consumer behavior and its benefits for social marketing strategies.
  3. Client behavior study. Why do women purchase more fashion goods than men?
  4. What are the aftereffects of neglecting your target group’s consumer behavior?
  5. Consumer behavior. How can the use of indecent language influence the young population to buy more?
  6. Why have goods like masks and disinfectants increased in popularity during and after the pandemic?
  7. Client’s behavior and why it is difficult to market goods in today’s busy world.
  8. Innovation is a way of retaining a brand’s value even after a recession.
  9. Product outreach and the consumer’s behavior towards it.
  10. Beauty product sales and male clients. Consumers behavior investigation.

Suppose you have read everything. Now you know more about the different types of marketing dissertations. You saw great examples of marketing topics related to the field and now can easily use them to gain motivation for your work.

Selecting a compelling topic for a marketing dissertation can be overwhelming. However, with the help of the PapersOwl writing service, you can easily identify a focused dissertation topic that aligns with your research interests. Their team of experts will guide you in choosing the most relevant and interesting topics that will help you make an impact in your field of study. With their support, you can be sure to produce an exceptional marketing dissertation that stands out from the rest.

Remember, inspiration is crucial, as marketing students’ thesis topics revolve around it. So get your motivation, select the suitable case that interests you, and form your thesis.

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