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How to Write a Classification Essay: General Writing Tips

Written by Sarina Jones
Posted: December 15, 2022
Last update date: March 22, 2024
6 min read

Many students want to learn how to write a classification essay, and your wishes have been granted at last! We bring you a short article on how you can structure, organize, and perfect this essay writing skill. So, get your pen and paper and start reading!

What is a Classification Essay?

People may give different definitions of classification, but we want to simplify it for you here. It basically means formal writing that is used to showcase your superior skills in generalization and categorization.

Writing classification involves organizing the elements into different groups and providing examples under each group. The criteria for this are up to you to decide. However, don’t forget to provide good reasoning behind it.

IIf you want to know how to write a good classification essay, then you must sort the sections properly, which must also follow a single principle. Moreover, you must give good examples of what you are trying to convey so that your readers are clear about them.

How to Construct a Classification Essay?

Now that you have a better understanding of what a classification essay definition is, you may want to proceed further with this topic. Having said that, you can begin by learning how to write an outline.

The outline plays the most important role here. That is why we want to stress the outline. Follow the construction below to create an effective classification essay outline. You can add more paragraphs as required.

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Introduction paragraph

As usual, you can start with the essay introduction. Some people prefer to do the intro after they are done with the body. That way, you are clearer about what the readers can expect in the paper. However, there is nothing wrong with getting started with the introduction.

In this section, you have to identify the topic that you are covering, which is the case with most assignments. Explain what you will be categorizing and why you chose these categories for your work.

Once you are done explaining all these things, you can conclude your introduction with a thesis statement. The statement will give a short explanation of each criterion that you have chosen.

Body Paragraphs

To craft a classification essay, you also need to include body section. In the essay body, you can expect to have 3 or more sections. Each paragraph in the classification paper must deal with different issues and explain them properly.

The best way is to begin by introducing the criteria and then go on to discuss the strengths and weaknesses. After that, you can add some examples to explain what you are writing about. When you are doing a classification essay, make sure that the transitions appear smooth.


The final section of the assignment is the conclusion when you learn how to write a classification essay. If you have written assignments like these before, then you know what you have to include here.

In this section, provide a brief summary of all the categories that you have discussed. If the context allows, then you can recommend one category over the other.

Moreover, you can even get essays help if the context is too difficult for you. But if you have the confidence, then create a nice conclusion by yourself!

How to Write a Perfect Classification Essay?

Students can perfect their school papers in many ways, and we are going to show you some tips over here! But before you proceed, know that you can’t begin with the first draft in this case. You need to have a proper plan of action for such assignments.

Here are some tips that you should remember to do a classification essay:

Brainstorm Ideas

Generally, your college professor will help you to choose from some available topics. If not, you have to brainstorm with your group members or by yourself for that. Develop your ideas around a group of things that can be divided and explained.

Depending on the word count, come up with 3 to 5 categories to discuss. If you take on more than you can chew, you won’t be able to finish the paper. In case of emergency, you can ask a custom essay writing service to get it done for you!

Don’t forget to use the contrast technique when you are writing about those categories. Compare them with one another and present them nicely in an academic paper. This is also the stage where you should learn how to write a classification essay outline because it’s going to set the stage.

Create a Thesis

The thesis statement is going to be a part of the classification essay introduction. Even though it is a short sentence, it will contribute by introducing the evidence in your essay. In fact, if you can do this part early on, it will help you keep track of the topic.

You can begin by informing the reader what you are categorizing, listing them one by one, and explaining how you have classified them in the assignment. In fact, the thesis statement can also identify the actual purpose of classifying the categories.

Pick Your Categories

After you have chosen the topic that you want to talk about, think about the categories for the paper. Since you may find that some categories or types have too many options, college students have to really think about which angle to focus on.

Make a draft on a piece of paper and cross out the ones you can’t talk about. It does help to choose topics that are easier for you to do. Note down important points, ideas, and types, and include them in the final paper!

Organize Everything

When writing your papers, you must ensure that the outline is appropriate and the sections are well organized. To help you with the order, you can use bullet points to note down what you want to discuss.

You can even refer back to the issues you have discussed in the passage. This will help you to compare the content of the paper. Even the discussion under each category must be in order so that the sentences make sense.

Mistakes to Avoid in Writing a Classification Essay

By now, you have figured out how to construct the outline and some tips to do the paper, and we can move on to the next process. People often mistake when figuring out how to start a classification essay and how to conclude a classification essay.

So, we have shared some common mistakes in this section and how you can successfully avoid them!

Thesis Statement Issue

Many people may end up crafting a vague thesis statement due to tight deadlines or negligence. To come up with a strong thesis, make sure to include why aspect. When you have a proper argument, it sounds more convincing!

Not Editing Properly

When you are under a lot of pressure, it is easy to miss important processes that need to be completed. One of those steps is editing. Some people edit as they go, while others do it all at the end. But you have to choose the system that is suitable for you.

Hard-to-Read Sentences

Yes, you have some great ideas on the topic. But if you can’t express them properly, your professor won’t be able to understand them. There is no doubt that your professor is highly educated. But try to create sentences that are understandable, so he can process them.

Unorganized Construction

The last mistake to avoid is creating a classification assignment is about maintaining a good structure. If your outline is not up-to-mark, then you may not get a good grade on that paper. If you want to write essays for money, then you must get this skill polished!

The best approach is to create a draft plan and get all the important ideas jotted down. Then, transfer that to the Word file after reviewing the layout.

Classification Essays & Other Types

You may want to study a bit about the different types of passages, which are not limited to the following:

  1. Reflective
  2. Descriptive
  3. Diagnostic
  4. DBQ

In a diagnostic essay, the topic is already known, and it diagnoses your writing ability in that given topic. Since you will have limited time to finish this paper, you won’t have a chance to use your brain!

On the other hand, a DBQ (Document Based Questions) paper determines students’ analytical and comprehension skills. Writing a DBQ essay may be used to let them think outside the box, which is an important life skill.

You will come across many types of assignments during your academic life. So, it does help to get familiar with some of them in advance! In fact, learn as much as you can to boost your confidence!

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