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What is a Definition Essay?

Definition essays are a type of academic writing that contain definitions of a particular term or subject. Such essays are written on topics on which opinion varies from individual to individual. Objective items like chairs, cupboards, kites, etc., have constant meanings for everyone, but emotions like love, happiness, and sorrow hold different meanings to different subjects. Definition essays, hence explain the variety of meanings of a specific term.

Words, phrases, and ideas have variable meanings in different contexts. A single word or phrase with a confined meaning may not be able to convey its message in an entirely different backdrop. Therefore, definitive essays aim to define and discuss several definitions of the same term.

The purpose of best definition essay topics is to inform the readers just like a dictionary, which gives meanings to a particular word. But such writings are more elaborate and view a specific topic from different perspectives. The writer endeavors to interpret a phrase from a multidimensional lens and then adds his understanding of the term.

The writer may also give examples to educate his readers.

Extended definition essay topics can also be written, which are more explanatory and open to discussion. It may contain arguments, counterarguments, and ambiguities related to the topic. Similarly, definition argument essay topics can also be chosen to write a definition essay that is more explanatory than a simple definition essay.

How to Choose a Definition Essay Topic?

Like any other essay, the success of a definition essay depends upon its topic. The topic must be intriguing to catch the attention of the reader. It is best if it contains words that have dual or multiple meanings. Choose an abstract word that has complex meanings. By doing so, you can have plenty of material to contemplate your essay. Using words like home, freedom, success, etc. is advised as these are subjective with their explanations depending on one's perception.

Before selecting a topic, check the word's dictionary definition and its origins. It will help to understand how the word came into existence and in what context it was primarily coined. The writer's understanding of the term is the cornerstone of writing a good definition essay. You must be well aware of the term and its various contextual meanings. Avoid selecting a topic, particularly for definition essay topics for college, on which you lack the grip. In the trickiest cases, it will be helpful to buy an essay online to be sure that your paper has the appropriate topic. 

Writing a definition essay by compiling its multiple definitions without giving your view about the topic makes it boring and unappealing. Your interpretation and analysis will add depth to the essay.

Here is the list of good definition essay topics list that will help in different realms of education.

Definition Essay Topics for College

  1. What is success?
  2. Islamophobia post 9/11
  3. Is democracy the best form of government?
  4. Freedom of choice
  5. Materialism
  6. Pros and Cons of eBooks
  7. Technological advancement
  8. How social media has affected the youth?
  9. Xenophobia
  10. The role of religion in politics
  11. Social responsibility
  12. Gender equality
  13. Global warming, a myth or reality
  14. What is Feminism?
  15. Effects of Digital Revolution

Essay Topics for High School

  1. Traits of a good personality
  2. What is courtesy?
  3. Should there be separate classes for boys and girls?
  4. What constitutes wealth?
  5. Importance of extracurricular activities
  6. Appropriate age for having a cell phone
  7. How to boost self-esteem?
  8. Power of money
  9. Bullying in schools
  10. Qualities of a great leader
  11. How patriarchy has affected women?
  12. The class system in a society
  13. What is happiness for you?
  14. Characteristics of a good friend
  15. What is a good movie in your opinion?
  16. Should cell phones/cameras be allowed in schools?

Definition Essays about Friendship

  1. The company of a wise friend is better than 100 books. Agree or Disagree?
  2. A man is known by the company he keeps
  3. Loyal friend versus Royal friend
  4. Does friendship demand time?
  5. Is trust necessary for being friends with anyone?
  6. Poor friends, who can't financially assist you in your needy times be considered good or not?
  7. Social media friend versus school friend
  8. A friend to all is a friend to none. Is it true?
  9. Best friends forever is a myth or reality
  10. Can friends be better than blood relations?
  11. How long it takes you to trust someone?
  12. The litmus test of a true friendship
  13. Can friendship be plutonic?
  14. Is one friend enough?
  15. Can cousins be friends?
  16. How does grading among students affects friendship?

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Definition Essay Topics about Family

  1. What is a perfect family?
  2. Joint families vs. private families
  3. Is the middle child always neglected?
  4. The firstborn is the smartest.
  5. How technology has affected the institution of family
  6. The concept of private space among siblings?
  7. The effect of surroundings on the upbringing of children
  8. Do overprotective parents raise meek children?
  9. Elements of a strong family
  10. Money or family values?
  11. Gender Socialization and family
  12. Nature vs. nurture
  13. The responsibilities of a family
  14. Discrimination in family
  15. The impacts of separation in the family

Extended Definition Essay Topics

  1. The rights of citizens
  2. A good teacher
  3. What is a healthy weight?
  4. An ideal mother
  5. True friendships
  6. A brilliant student
  7. Who is a responsible citizen?
  8. What is a conservative mindset?
  9. What constitutes misogyny?
  10. Racism in developed countries
  11. A perfect spouse
  12. How poverty can be eradicated?
  13. Identifying a narcissist
  14. Strict parenting
  15. Goals of a successful person

Funny Definition Essay Topics

  1. The perks of being a celebrity
  2. How to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  3. Ways to procrastinate
  4. How to be cute?
  5. Why do girls love shopping?
  6. Are boys too status-conscious?
  7. Are all girls gold diggers?
  8. The merits of being a homeless
  9. How singlehood is better than marriage?
  10. Ways to sneak into your house at late night
  11. How to eat quietly at 3 a.m?
  12. Characteristics of a dumb roommate.
  13. Is traveling better than studying?
  14. Why there shouldn't be exams?
  15. Why should you not add your parents on social media?

Society Definition Essay Topics

  1. What does family mean?
  2. Does the prosperity of any society depend on its rich people?
  3. How patriarchy has affected women?
  4. What does women empowerment mean?
  5. Why driving should not be gender-specific?
  6. Biggest responsibilities of parents towards their children
  7. What is male chauvinism?
  8. Problems of a joint family system
  9. Are both parents responsible for an ill-mannered child?
  10. How to up bring a responsible child?
  11. How separation between parents affects their children?
  12. Why single parenting is bad?
  13. Is religion a private affair of any individual?
  14. What makes a society more connected?
  15. Ways to deal with drug abusers in a society

Definition Essay Topics for Science and Technology

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. What is fifth-generation warfare?
  3. How to make money from social media
  4. How digital revolution is a key to success?
  5. What are clean energy projects?
  6. How does recycling work?
  7. How to reduce pollution?
  8. What comprises digital theft?
  9. Ways to counter cyber bullying
  10. How science has benefitted man?
  11. Effects of gadgets on the youth
  12. Human brain vs. computer
  13. How space is the new zone of global competition?
  14. Pros and Cons of technological development
  15. Impacts of Covid 19 pandemic on science and technology

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Creative Definition Essay Topics

  1. How to overcome laziness?
  2. Ways to remain alert while studying
  3. What is a lavish lifestyle?
  4. Why has progress not eradicated poverty?
  5. Should there be capital punishment?
  6. The downside of globalization
  7. Why average students are more successful in life?
  8. How to discern pleasure from happiness?
  9. Is the concept of best friend overrated?
  10. Is love at first sight true?
  11. Ways to overcome fear
  12. Can risk-taking make you more confident?
  13. What portrays a psychologically stable family?
  14. Are religious people more trustworthy?
  15. What is a decent job?

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History Definition Essay Topics

  1. The outcomes of a revolution
  2. What does independence mean?
  3. Importance of cultural heritage
  4. How ancient civilizations were different from today's civilization
  5. What does conquest mean?
  6. What caused the decline of the Mughal empire?
  7. Psychological impacts of war on soldiers
  8. How have nuclear weapons made the world more insecure?
  9. What makes a leader charismatic?
  10. What is a just war?
  11. Was WW1 the cause of WW2?
  12. How did the second world war change family traditions?
  13. How the first world war empowered women?
  14. Why Hitler was the man year in 1938?
  15. Vietnam war 1975 vs. Afghan war 2021

Structure of Definition Essay

A good definition essay has three basic parts; introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory part contains the topic sentence where the writer states the word with its literal meaning. It helps the reader to get an understanding of the term with its dictionary meaning. The writer then needs to taper down the essay from a general format to a specific one. He drags the attention of the readers to his specific interpretation of the term, what is called the thesis statement.

A thesis statement is the crux of the essay. It should be stated in such a way that it gives the main idea of the essay. You should define the term in your own words in the thesis statement. Do not elaborate on the term but rather give just your idea about it. A good thesis statement should not exceed four to five lines.

The body is the part of the essay where the term is elaborated. You should use all the methods and techniques to explain it in the best possible way. The essay topic should be interpreted from various perspectives and its contextual meanings should be well explained. Arguments can be built and supported with examples. Separate paragraphs should be made for giving different explanations of the topic to make it an interesting definition essay.

In the last part, start concluding your essay by summarizing all the main points of the essay. The topic sentence of all the paragraphs can be seen to write a concluding note. You can add your opinion about the topic in the end, or may end it by sharing a personal experience that supports your idea of the term.

How to Write Definition Essays?

If you want to write a definition essay, make sure you properly grasp the basic idea of essays. Here are few tips by which you can write good definition essays:

  • Choose the topic wisely. The utmost thing for writing a captivating definition essay is your topic. Go for the abstract terms that have multiple meanings, particularly for funny definition essay topics. Use words that are trending and talk of the town.
  • Research the topic that you select. Be well informed and aware of its history and its usage in a different context. This will help you to explain your topic in the body paragraphs.
  • Analysis of the term is necessary for writing a definition essay. you need to analyze the term by breaking it into parts. For example, the word 'courtship' be broken separated into 'court' and 'ship'. It helps in the basic understanding of the word and its origins.
  • Classify the term by specifying what parts of speech the words belong to. This is done to give an idea about the context in which the term can be used.
  • Give all the explanations in which the term has been used traditionally.
  • Give examples to support your explanations of the term. While writing a courtesy, you can give examples from your daily life.
  • Use negation to explain what the term does not mean. It's important to make your readers understand the circumstances in which it cannot be used.

Although paying to write an essay may seem tempting, it can hinder learning. Try to choose a topic you are passionate about to gain a deeper understanding and produce a more authentic essay. Feedback from peers and reading of PapersOwl blog can help to refine ideas.

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