Good Definition Essay Topics For College

The objective of writing about a good definition essay topic is to explain a particular terminology or concept. But a definition essay can be deceptively simple since all you need to do is define a term or a concept. However, the definition should be more than a simple dictionary description. In this case, you are required to extend the meaning by providing examples to help the reader understand the term or concept you are discussing.

Since your definition essay will be based on a single word or concept as mentioned above, it is advisable to avoid basing your title of essay on an object like a table or glass since they have a lighter meaning that can be defined with ease and you can’t write an entire essay to define these types of objects. Thus, you should use abstract terms that have more than one meaning and those that leave room for interpretation. For example terms like honor and love are abstract, and they have more than one meaning. Another essential factor about definition essays is that they provide more in-depth explanations of terms to the audience by giving opinions about the same terminology.

Good Topics for a Definition Essay In 2019

The knowledge about how to write a definition essay is a critical skill which can be used to express ideas on particular issues, concepts or terms. Some of the current definition essay topics for 2019 are mentioned below.

Current Definition Argument Essay Topics

A List of Definition Essay Topics on Taxes Include

  • Taxation. What is taxation? What is the importance of taxes? What is the purpose of the tax?

  • Fiscal policy. Define fiscal policy. Distinguish between automatic and discretionary fiscal policy? What are the possible contributions of fiscal policy in an economy

  • Income tax. What are the merits and demerits of income tax? What income does one have to pay taxes on?

Health Care System Topics Include:

  • Basic medical plan. What does basic medical insurance cover? How much is basic health insurance?

  • Health insurance policy. What is a health insurance policy? How to choose the best health insurance plan.

  • Premium- What is meant by premium in insurance? Is premium credit? How to calculate insurance premium

Topics On Immigration Include:

  • Assisted voluntary return. What is voluntary return immigration? Can one come back to us after voluntary departure?

  • Emigration. What is the difference between emigrating and immigrating? What causes emigration? How does emigration affect a country?

  • Naturalization- What is the meaning of Naturalized US citizen? What qualifies you to be a US citizen? How long does it take to become a US citizen?

Also, we have some examples of essays about Immigration and Illegal Immigration.

Topics about War:

  • What is war? Can it be defined as simply killing, or can warfare exist without bloodshed? What causes war?

  • Was cold war a ‘war’?

  • War and society: is war a cultural or biological phenomenon?

Also, we have some examples of essays about War.

List of Definition Essay Topics on Internet Safety

Topics on Internet and Privacy

  • Cloud computing- Why is cloud computing? How do you use cloud computing? Who uses cloud computing? What is the future of cloud computing?

  • Firewall- What is a firewall on a computer? What are the types of firewalls? Where are firewalls typically located?

  • Cyberstalking- What is computer cyberstalking? What's considered stalking? What are the types of stalking?

Topics on Social Media

  • Social media and marketing. Has social media positively or negatively impacted marketing? How do business benefit from social media?

  • What are the different types of social media that exist today?

  • Why do students use social media? Why do students use social media? How social networking affects students’ academic performances?

Also, we have some examples of essays about Social Media.

List of Definition Essay Topics on College Education

  • How necessary is college education? What are the benefits of a college education?

  • What is the purpose of a college education essay?

  • Can a college degree make you healthier and happier? Are college graduates more successful?

  • Why education is important in our life? Does education come to an end or is it a continuous process?

  • Does your major really matter? What are the most successful college majors?

  • What are the types of degrees? What are the highest paying degrees?

Parenting Definition Essay Topics

  • What is good parenting? What are the types of parenting styles?

  • How does parenting style affect child development? What determines parenting behavior?

  • What is motherhood? What are the six pillars of safe motherhood?

  • How do you deal with a demanding child? What causes bossy behavior in children?

  • Why is routine and schedule important in parenting? How does routines help a child?

  • How long should a baby sleep by age? How do you sleep train a baby?

Creative Definition Essays Topics

Topics On Art Include:

  • What is art explain? What are the classification of arts?

  • Do we need art? What is the most popular art style?

  • Can you make money selling art? How do I get your artwork noticed?

Topics on Humanities:

  • What are the humanities subjects? What are the humanities majors?

  • How do you define humanities? Why should you study humanities?

  • What is the importance of humanities in our lives?

Topics on Culture:

  • What exactly is culture? What are the types of culture?

  • What are the forms of culture? What are the different cultures around the world?

  • How does culture develop? Which country has the richest culture in the world?

Topics on Future:

  • What technologies are the future?

  • Can the Sun explode anytime? What will happen to the Sun in 5 billion years?

  • How long will a day be in a billion years?

Funny Definition Essay Topics

These topics can also be termed as extended definition essay topics because the writer can express concepts in their own words. Coming up with a funny definition essay requires a sense of humor and analyze what is funny or in contrast, silly.

  1. How to annoy parents. Ways to get out of cleaning your room. Ways to get your parents to give up on trying to get you to do any chores around the house.

  2. How to write a paper an hour before it is due. Should one be prepared for a heart attack?

  3. How high school stereotypes are good for you.

  4. How to get your parents to give you money

  5. Why men should be stay-at-home dads.

  6. How to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

  7. How to tell a white lie and get away with it.

  8. Why can’t we have the Un-Hunger Games?

  9. Difference between what girls wish guys knew and what guys wish girls knew.

  10. How to pretend to enjoy watching sports.

  11. Why you should have been your parents’ only child.

  12. What your driving instructor never told you.

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A definition essay can seem easy, but in reality, it’s not. In such a paper, you are required to write a personal yet academic definition of a specific word or subject. You have to research and support your description while assuming that your reader already knows the implied meaning of that particular word, term, or subject.

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