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Literature Review Writing Guides

Literature Review Outline Example

16 Apr 2019

If you've ever attended college than you know what a literature review is and how to write it correctly. For those of you who don't, let me explain. Typically, this is a part of a more significant paper like a thesis or coursework, based on further investigation of a complex issue. This is where you are required to review a lot of credible resources that you will use to back up your own ideas later on. In this article, we will consider a literature review outline that will suit any topic you will have to deal with.

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Writing A Literature Review: General Guidelines

25 Mar 2019

Writing a literature review for a research paper is a daunting task because it takes lots of time and effort. It involves listing, analyzing, concluding, and summarizing all useful academic sources used to write a research paper. These will include books, journals, case studies, magazines, online sources, and any other approved academic sources to get information for your assignment. This might sound confusing, but learning how to write a literature review for a research paper can help you finish your task on time.

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Guidelines on Formatting a Literature Review

11 Jan 2019

What is a literature review?

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How to Write an Article Review: Practical Tips and Examples

31 Oct 2018

What Is an Article Review?

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Example of A Literature Review Structure

24 Sep 2018

Example Of A Literature Review Structure

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What Is The Purpose Of A Literature Review?

20 Sep 2018

There are many things you need to take care of much earlier than when you start crafting your undergraduate dissertation and submitting a properly formed and relevant literature review is exactly one of those small but extremely important things without which you can’t write a top-notch dissertation!

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