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  • How to Write a Case Study in APA Format

    Whether you study social sciences or life sciences, you’re likely to come across a case study in your academic journey. These papers demand a lot from students. First, you must have impeccable research and analysis skills. Sample populations, parti...

    20 Sep 2021 • Case Study Writing Guides

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  • Main Tips On How To Write Case Study Analysis

    A case study analysis is a form of academic writing which analyses a situation, event, place or person to form a conclusion. They are useful for phenomena that can’t be studied in a laboratory or via quantitative methods.

    17 Sep 2021 • Case Study Writing Guides

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  • Different Types of Case Study

    This type of academic work can be a very useful tool in the educational process. If students have real-life examples, they can learn more effectively, and synthesize information on a new level, which makes such projects one of the best ways to lear...

    03 Sep 2021 • Case Study Writing Guides

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  • Writing a Case Study: Tips for Creation

    So, you have received the task and are ready to start working on it but there is one small problem: you are not sure what your professor wants from you. What is a case study? What to do, who to ask? Many students find themselves in a situation like...

    26 Apr 2019 • Case Study Writing Guides

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