Knowing the Presidents: Andrew Jackson

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Updated: Mar 01, 2021
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Andrew Jackson was the president of the United States during March 4, 1829 – March 4, 1837. Some people think andrew jackson was a good president but others thought different. Other people thought he was a horrible president and didn’t know how to be in charge and make laws for the united states. There is many reason why every person had their own opinions about him being president. Some of the good thing he did was the he lead his country to many military success and achieved a stunning victory of new orleans. These victories gave him the nickname from the people as a ¨ national hero.¨ He became the leader of the new democratic party. Andrew Jackson also opposed what’s called the ?hig party and congress to polarize anything they had in mind that they thought was an issue. One of these things that they polorized was the second bank of america which made more people start to look at him as a better president. Even though he did do a lot of great things, he also has done bad things as well. He held as many as about 300 people as slaves. Georgia claimed millions of acres of land. All of this land was granted to the cherokee indians under federal law by Andrew Jackson. Ander JAckson still didn’t take a stand during this situation. While he was president he also started something called ¨ The Trail of Tears¨ which ended up with deaths of thousands of people.

I personally think Andrew Jackson wasn’t the best president he could have been. When you are president of the united states your job is to do everything in your power to keep your country safe and under attack. You’re also supposed to make sure you update unnecessary laws and orders In my opinion ANdrew JAckson failed at this job. Therefore Andrew Jackson was not a good president. I would prefer andrew jackson to repeat his presidency again because even though he might have done a lot of good things while he was president, he also did a lot of horrible things and made a bunch of mistakes during his presidency that should have never happened. I believe andrew jackson failed at his job and if would never be forgotten.

Knowing the Presidents: Andrew Jackson essay

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