Key Figure in United States History – Andrew Jackson

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Updated: Aug 30, 2023
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Andrew Jackson was a key figure in United States history, quickly rising from the Tennessee militia to major general, eventually becoming president. A champion of the common man and a bold leader, he accomplished much over his lifetime. Before his presidency, Jackson was a military hero, active during both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. He began his ascent in the military by defeating the Creek Indians in present-day Alabama and then went on to negotiate treaties with other tribes to gain land for the United States in multiple southern states.

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For his command and leadership skills, Jackson was promoted to major general. Additionally, he is well-known for his victory at the Battle of New Orleans, where he defeated the more numerous British forces with superior tactics, despite having less skilled fighters.

During his presidency, Jackson paved the way for expanded voting rights, pushing hard to ensure all white males had the ability to vote. This course was not easy, but voting rights underwent considerable expansion under his presidency. The property ownership requirement was eliminated with the intent of giving the poor a chance to vote, and more open voting policies introduced in the new western states pressured east states to revise their voting qualifications, or risk their populations migrating west. Jackson also introduced the spoils system to the federal government. He didn’t dismiss more federal employees than his predecessors, but he allowed those already in office to appoint their supporters. In this way, he was able to populate the government with individuals who supported him and his policies. Lastly, he authorized Henry Clay’s peaceful resolution to the contentious nullification crisis. South Carolina wanted to nullify the tariff they believed was causing an economic stall, but rather than resorting to violence, the Jackson administration agreed to gradually lower the tariff.

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