Andrew Jackson was a Villain

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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“Many people would say Andrew Jackson was a villain and their were some people say he was a hero, but if you had to ask me, I wouldn’t be able to choose a side, for I don’t believe he was either. I would have to say that he was raised to be the man that he was; strong and independent, but in the same time he didn’t pay attention to what was smart.

Before you go on making a valid opinion on Andrew Jackson and his presidency, you would have understand where he came from, as a child Andrew Jackson didn’t have a father to look up to, and so he had his mother and brother, living in poverty.

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He had a rough childhood to live with, for a long time he lived in hate and anger, but out of all that, he also learned respect.

Let’s start with the good that he has done during his lifetime; at the age of 13 he joined the militia to fight in the American Revolution, which means he, in a young age, was already fighting for his country, and was one of the very few who survived. He has also fought in the Battle of New Orleans, and became a hero after defeating the British in 1812. As I said before, Andrew Jackson had respect to certain people; he was very found of women, children, and animals. During the war against the Indians he was fighting against them, but when the war was over he found an Indian baby stranded, and adopted him out of pity, for their was no one around to look after the child. As Andrew Jackson grew up he applied for a presidency and won the most popular votes, but did not win the majority of the electoral votes… but during this time, he represented farmers, workers, basically people who were poor, which means that he cared for the poverty people very much, and didn’t think that the rich were all that. Just to make something clear, he lost his first election to John Quincy Adams, but as time went by, he ran for president again, and this was the first time men without property was aloud to vote and, of course they mostly voted for Jackson, and so he became the seventh president of the United States.

Though Andrew Jackson did many good things, he also did some bad things, making people give a second thought to how they view him. To start everything off, he was known for his bad temper, his drinking, and his bad habit of gambling. I’ve got to say that I don’t believe he though some of his ideas through, because I can see that he made some decisions that most people disagreed with. For example, Andrew Jackson trusted more of his kitchen cabinet rather than the cabinet, which means he took advice with people he loved and supported him rather than the people that are experienced and gives advice for a living. Now this can cause many problems because even though he trusts and love his family and friends, they probably don’t have the qualifications to give him professional advice and could cause a massive problem with the whole country if he doesn’t have the right information that he needs, and even if they did have the right qualifications, they still have the risk of not giving him the right kind of advice for if they ever pitied him instead of doing their job. Along with kitchen cabinets their was also the spoil system that Andrew Jackson followed. Now there is nothing wrong with Andrew Jackson wanting his supporters to work for him, but he should know the consequences along with that decision, it’s almost the same as the kitchen cabinet issue because he still replaced some of his servants with his loyal supporters (democrats) and rewarding them, basically he’s playing favoritism. There was many more that he did, that many people didn’t like; he had some issues with the Southerners with the Nullification Crisis; where the Southerners wanted to nullify the tariff laws that Andrew Jackson placed, and even though he lowered the taxes they wanted ————, he had some disagreements with the Bank of the United States, and he caused a cruel Indian Removal Act that made many people suffer.

In my opinion I feel like Andrew Jackson cared only for his people, making him only a good man to the people he loved. I also think that he knew the right from wrong, but didn’t approach this thought correctly… he was fighting for his country, but did not know the consequences. I would have to say that he was probably a better person than he was a president… Andrew Jackson had too much power in his hands and he didn’t know how to properly use it.”

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