Harriet Tubman’s Impact on Today’s History

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Updated: Apr 14, 2021
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“The topic I’m researching is about a lady named Harriet Tubman. I choose Harriet Tubman as a topic because she is a great part of today’s history. She stuped solitude and showed an individual that subjection is terrible she was a decent individual that put her life on the and cherished others

When Harriet Tubman was an infant, she would get whips that grave her lasting and passionate scars, when she was 12 years old she saw somebody going to toss heavyweight at a man during the event it hit her head when she got too close got cracked in the event. She raced to the house didn’t have a bed or something to lay on, so laid on the ground, and she felt like she was dying. After this took place it took a while for her to recover. In 1840, Harriet father was set free she thought she would be free too, but a new owner refused to let them be free, so he keeps them.

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Around 1844 Harriet wedded John Tubman, a free man, and changed her last name from Harriet to Tubman. They have thought of departure from segregation, so they intended to escape from servitude. On September 17, 1849, Harriet looked for some employment and become a maid. She needed the opportunity for her adored one and her comparison as well. The 1850 Outlaw Slave Act permitted fugitive and free slaves in the north she turns into an underground railroad conductor. Because It was difficult to lead slaves further north to Canada, so conveys a firearm with her each time she goes somewhere. So at that point, she drugged infants and youthful youngsters to avoid slaves catchers from hearing their cries. When the civil war broke out in 1867, Harriet found new to fight slavery She works as a nurse, cook, and laundress Harriet uses her medicine to help the sick soldiers and fugitive slaves.

After the civil war, her husband John died in 1869, so she got married Davis in 1869, and they have adopted a girl named Gertie a few years later. In 1896 Harriet settled with family and friends on land she owned in Auburn, new york, Harriet purchased land adjacent to her home and opened the Harriet Tubman home for aged and indigent colored people. Pneumonia took Harriet Tubman life on March 10, 1913, but her legacy lives on. They said 2016 they are going to replace the former president and slave owner Andrew Jackson and put Harriet’s image on the twenty-dollar bill.

The reason I pick her for my research she is a good person to risk her life for us because she helps us stop slavery. She was one of the most important people in history because without her slaves wouldn’t have gained the courage to stand up to their masters. She did not free all the slave, but she risked her own life to make a contribution to free her people makes her a hero to this very day.”

Harriet Tubman’s Impact on Today’s History essay

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