How Harriet Tubman Change the World

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Updated: Sep 09, 2023
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Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave that led to be one of the most prevalent civil rights activists in the 1800s. Not only has she saved many men and woman from slavery, she has also led soldiers in Union operations and brought light on the corrupt industry that was slavery. Tubman’s contributions to the civil rights movement in the 19th century have greatly affected our lives and could possibly one of the most remembered civil rights activists.

I think it’s important to mention how it began.

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Harriet’s legacy started off through a passionate attempt to save her family. Harriet, who was sick at the time, was angry at her owner for trying to sell her off due to sickness diminishing her value. She tried praying, asking God to make him a better man. However, she eventually grew tired; she began to pray for his death. Coincidentally, he ended up dying and her family were going to be sold away. She ended up planning to escape with her brothers, but her brothers had second thoughts and returned back to their plantation. Later on, she escaped without her brothers and walked 90 miles to the free states. She traveled by night and gained assistance from conductors, telling her to sweep or clean to appear as a slave. This journey could have taken from 5 days to 3 weeks.

Ensuing this life changing decision, Tubman spent most of her life working towards the abolition of slavery. She secretly traveled through Maryland and led around 70 slaves to freedom, and gave instructions to 50-60 slaves who escaped on their own. After that, Harriet Tubman contributed her insight towards The Civil War. In her eyes, a Union victory was a step in the direction to abolish slavery. She joined a group of abolitionists and assisted fugitives, and was a nurse in Port Royal. She fixed remedies and took care of wounded and sick men, and while other blacks weren’t offered pay, she refused her government rations and sold treats she made for money.

Unanticipatedly, Harriet Tubman was asked to lead 150 African-American soldiers in a major Union operation during the war. This was the first woman to lead a military operation. Harriet traded classified info to slaves regaurding hidden torpedoes from rebels in exchange for freedom. Harriet rescued over 750 slaves from the Confederate states. Rebels later found out, however, their attempts to stop the Union failed miserably. Harriet Tubman did not only contribute to the civil rights movement, she made it what it was and led it through to a social victory. Harriet Tubman will always be remembered as a leader, and the true “Moses” of her people.

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