The Life of Harriet Tubman

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Harriet Tubman also known as Araminta Ross was born on January 29,1822. She thought she was born in 1825 since they had no record. Her parents are Bob Ross and Harriet Greene she lived in Dorchester County, Maryland She was born into a slave family. She worked in the house until she was twelve. At twelve she was moved to the fields with her mother, father, and older siblings. When she was thirteen she had a 2 lb weight accidentally thrown at her head while trying to help another slave escape .

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The damage would cause her to have sleeping spells .She would sleep anywhere and anytime but sleeping spells come and go without warning.

Harriet Tubman escaped Pennsylvania at the age of 29.After that she a made vow to make sure that her family would gain freedom as well. From that moment she became involved with the city’s large and active anti-slavery organization with the organizers of the Underground Railroad. After some time she met John Tubman a free black. In 1849 Harriet Tubman heard rumors that she was going to be sold.Tubman fled to Philadelphia leaving her husband,parents,and siblings behind.In Baltimore, Maryland of December 1850 is where she help free her sister and two children from being sold.

Harriet Tubman’s journey was the first of some 19 increasingly dangerous for ways into Maryland. In which,over the next decade she conducted upward 300 fugitive slaves along with the Underground Railroad to Canada by her extraordinary courage, ingenuity, persistence, and iron discipline(which she enforced upon her charges). Tubman became the Railroads most famous conductor and was known as “”The Moses of her People”” it has been said that she never lost one of her fugitive when she was leading them to freedom.

Harriet Tubman is famous because, she fought for African American woman rights.She risked being her free by helping slaves even though it was illegal and dangerous she helped other slaves gain the freedom she never had as a child. She used the stars to navigate the slaves and the other conductors to the north and to freedom.she worked in the army as a spy Harriet Tubman died March 10th 1913 of Pneumonia. “”I grew up like a neglected weed- ignorant of liberty had no experience of it,””.said Harriet Tubman

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