Harriet Tubman Biography

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Did you know that harriet tubman was an african american that helped many hundreds of slaves from the southern state get their freedom back. In addition Harriet Tubman built the underground railroad.Harriet Tubman was born in the 1820’s in Maryland. Harriet’s family and herself were slaves. “When Harriet Tubman was about 6 years old she was working” (Pebblego). Also harriet built the underground railroad too. You will also be learning about her early life.

Early life

In this paragraph you will learn about Harriet Tubman’s early life.

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Harriet tubman’s real name was Araminta Ross. Also harriet had some nicknames were Minty and Moses. Harriet’s parents were harriet Greene, and her father’s name is Ben Ross. Harriet tubman escaped from slavery in 1849.

In addition, She was born in the 1820’s, also she was born in Dorchester County, Maryland. She also had 7 siblings their names where Mariah Ritty Ross, Soph Ross, Linah Ross, Ben Ross, Robert Ross, Henry Ross, Rachel Ross, Moses Ross. Harriet tubman was born into slavery. Harriet died on march 10, 1913 in Auburn witch is in Cayuga County, New York, US. Harriet tubman was buried at Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn New York, US. Harriet Tubman had two spouses their name were here Nelson Davis, and John Tubman. (John tubman was born in 1840 and died in 1950) she has one child and her or his name is Gertie. “When Harriet was 13 when she suffered a severe blow to her head while trying to intervene between a fleeing slave and his master’’.(Beckner,Chrisanne) Harriet Suffered from headaches(Headaches pain in your head from other people yelling), seizures( Seizures are Are sudden attacks of illness caused by abnormal brain activity) , and narcolepsy. ( Narcolepsy can cause you to fall asleep suddenly and be uncontrollably )

Life’s Work

In this paragraph you will be learning about harriet’s tubman’s life’s work. Harriet Tubman became apart of the underground railroad for helping slaves escape slavery. Harriet and the slaves secretly underground went to house to house. Harriet Tubman led about 300 slaves along the underground railroad. She helped slaves escape in 1849. After arriving in Philadelphia, Harriet Tubman vowed that she will return back to Maryland and help liberate other slaves. Harriet Tubman made her first 29 trips back shortly after Congress the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Harriet tubman became a conductor on the underground railroad. Tubman carried a gun and promised to use it on anyone who Harriet was also assisted by a white and free black man abolitionists. She also got help from members of a religious sect known as the quakers.

Later years

“The civil war ended in April 1865”(Doak,Robin) During the civil war Harriet Tubman worked for the north, she was a cook, nurse and a scout. Once the north won slavery was illegal in all states!!!!!!! Then once slavery was illegal Harriet tubman moved to New York. Then she continued to still help black people. Once the slavery was over harriet was worried about money because she had to care for aging parents and herself too because she was growing older too and her health was beginning to fail on her. Yet she still continued to fight for what she believed in.

Harriet Tubman devoted the rest of her life to supporting the many family members who still lived with her. Tubman set up a small brick-making business in her backyard. In 1869, a biography about harriet tubman’s life increased her fame, sales of the helped her repay some of her debts. In the 1880’s and 1890’s harriet tubman began traveling again, this time she spoke for women’s rights, she joined the NWSA (National Woman Suffrage Association. Finally on March 10, 1913 after a lifetime of action 91 year old Harriet Tubman died of pneumonia. (pneumonia is a serious disease that causes the lungs to become inflamed and filled with a thick fluid that make breathing difficult


In Conclusion, I hoped you enjoyed, In the essay you learned about Harriet Tubman’s Early, her Life’s Work, and her Later years too. You also learned that harriet tubman helped many many slaves from slavery, and she joined the NWSA (National Woman Suffrage Association)

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