LeBron James Biography Facts, Childhood and Personal Life

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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LeBron James was born in Akron, Ohio, 1984. His mother gave birth to him when she was only 16 years old. His father figure was non existent. Being a single mother, she struggled to provide for LeBron and they continually had to move around. One year, LeBron had to move 7 times and moved schools over and over again. He also had to leave his mother at times and live with a foster family. LeBron had a difficult childhood and can relate to many Americans who are underprivileged today.

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(LeBron James Bio)

LeBron and his Mother had an unbreakable bond and it was difficult for him to leave her when he had to go live with others. The one thing that gave him security was being out on the basketball court. LeBron found security when he went to St. Vincent St. Mary High School. His teammates became his best friends. LeBron was also quickly becoming a dominant athlete on the court and he became the top ranked player in the country. He led his team to multiple state championships and he was on a fast track to the NBA. In his senior year he was named Ohio’s Mr. Basketball, USA Today All-USA First Team, and Gatorade National Player of the Year for the third time. LeBron was drafted first overall in 2003 to his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. (LeBron James Bio)

Even with all of the hype and pressure, LeBron delivered immediately in the NBA. One year out of high school, LeBron was named the Rookie of the Year in the NBA. Over the course of his career, LeBron has won 3 NBA championships, multiple Olympic gold medals, and has broken many individual records. He is considered the best player in the NBA and is compared with Michael Jordan in a debate of who is the best all time. LeBron is one of the most accomplished basketball players of all time and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. LeBron is a hero for thousands around the country with his highlight dunks and trackdown blocks. He has brought hype and interest to the game of basketball. But LeBron isn’t just a basketball player.

Lebron James is a generous philanthropist. He never forgets where he came from and is always ready to give to those in need. In 2010, LeBron was a free agent in the NBA and the big question that everybody was thinking was, where is LeBron going to go? “”ESPN promoted Lebrons dilemma in 2010 with a one hour special entitled ‘””The Decision””‘. Lebron was reluctant to do the special but decided to donate the profits to charity. Sadly for Cleveland fans, Lebron chose to play for the Miami Heat. Despite some backlash about his disloyalty to his hometown, the money from the special was a big reward because it raised more than $3 million for charity and the special was watched by 10 million people. Lebron gave most of the money to Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the country and the rest to other charities with similar interests in helping children.”” Many people thought that LeBron was a traiter from leaving his hometown. Many believed that it was a selfish act to take part in an hour long show and that he was self centered. The public was unaware that LeBron donated all of his earnings to charity. Money that would help thousands of under privileged kids. They misunderstood his intentions and many people resented him for “”The Decision.”” People posted videos online of them burning LeBron’s Cleveland jersey. This was the first time a player had a special on ESPN just to reveal which team he was going to be playing for. LeBron didn’t intend to offend anyone and it wasn’t a self centered act. LeBron was thinking of others and not himself.

LeBron has had tremendous success playing the game of basketball. The 4 time MVP never got a big head. He created the LeBron James Family Foundation. The organization donates tremendous amounts of money to specific charities.

Lebron’s Foundation began the After-School All-Stars for the children of his hometown, Akron. The goal is to keep kids in school and encourage them to graduate. It begins in the third grade when students need to reach state standards to move up to the fourth grade. The program provides reading and math help for children who need the mentoring and discourages them from dropping out of school before graduating. Lebron’s Foundation has raised over $40 million for the program.

Another charity that LeBron has donated to is the Boys and Girls Club of America. As mentioned with the Decision, LeBron donated 2.5 million dollars from the earnings he made. LeBron fixed up the Boys and Girls Club in Miami where he was living at the time. He and his wife replaced the roof and fixed up the children’s work space. They donated 1000 new computers to 59 Boys and Girls Clubs throughout America. (LeBron James)

LeBron’s Family Foundation donates to ONEXONE. Its major focus is on supporting children. “”Their mission includes taking care of children by helping them with the 5 pillars: hunger, health, education, water and play. Like After-School All-Stars, the organization uses donations to provide help to those children who need it and encourages them by giving them hope and a sense of pride. The program provides healthy breakfasts in schools, water, medical help, educational help and after school activities.”” (LeBron James) LeBron focuses on giving back to the children. He remembers the struggles he had as a child and wants kids to have support in their lives.

LeBron knows first hand what it is like to be underprivileged and unguided. As a fourth grader, he missed 83 days of school. James started the I Promise School in Akron. It is a public school for children who are underprivileged. The school is designed to inspire this children and guide them toward a better future. Each student who graduates gets tuition to the University of Akron. The school is guiding these children toward success giving them mentors to help them along the way. Nutrition is a huge part of the school’s mission. Every single day students will receive free breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks. “”James says that, as a kid, he used his bicycle to explore different neighborhoods of Akron ? so he gave one to every incoming student.””Zahn, Max) LeBron is changing the lives of thousands of children around the country for years to come. LeBron’s charity work is unbelievable and hopefully it inspires others to help.

LeBron has done great charity work and has inspired so many children by donating his money to help. James also uses the power of his words to inspire and make change. LeBron wants to make sure that he is not only known for being a great basketball player. LeBron has spoken out about racial issues and he has spoken out against President Trump. LeBron wants to send children messages that he believes are important. He doesn’t care how it affects his popularity. “”At the end of the day, when I decided I was going to start speaking up and not giving a f— about the backlash or if it affects me, my whole mindset was it’s not about me,”” James added. “”… My popularity went down. But at the end of the day, my truth to so many different kids and so many different people was broader than me personally.””(LeBron James)

LeBron James has been a revolutionary figure in the game of basketball. He is a once in a lifetime talent and has dominated the league the last decade. He has done amazing work with countless charities and has donated enormous amounts of money to help out children in need. LeBron also has used his status to speak out about problems in America that need to be fixed. He is a voice to the new generation. LeBron is working to transform this world into a better place. He will not only be known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time; he will also be known to have changed the lives of thousands of children through donations and using the power of his words. LeBron is truly a revolutionary figure in the world today and continues to make change.

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