The Story of LeBron James how he Became a Star

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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“He dribbles up and makes an amazing move to get past the first defender! If Lebron James makes these two points, they will win the world championship! He keeps dribbling and BAM! He slams down the ball and scores the final two winning points! Lebron James is the All-Star MVP once again!”Inner City Poverty   Lebron James is a very rich and famous person, but it wasn’t this way 30 years ago. Lebron was born in 1984. very poor family. Lebron never had enough food or water to drink at his house.

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When he was two years old, his parents bought him a basketball and a miniature basketball hoop. Ever since Lebron has been glued to basketball.

In Between ages 5 and 8, Lebron moved 12 times! Finally, when Lebron was 9, his mother didn’t have enough money to take care of him anymore, so she sent Lebron over to his basketball coach, Coach Dru. Lebron realized he could use basketball to escape his circumstances at a young age. “Use basketball as a vehicle to get to where you want to go,” Coach Dru told Lebron. Broken AnklesLebron has won many championships, but all that winning comes at an extremely high cost. Lebron has been injured more than 20 times in his NBA career! That is 18 more than an average person’s injuries in their life! Q&AReporter Jason Jordan interviewed Coach Dru. Q: “When did you know he’d be not just a pro but a potentially legendary pro?” A: “I knew at the ABCD Camp (America’s #1 Basketball Camp for Decades) between his sophomore and junior year when he destroyed the No. 1 player, Lenny Cooke, that LeBron would never play a moment of college ball.

He was just destined to be a pro. It was evident.”StatisticsLebron James has been through a lot of extremely tough times, but he pushed past those hard feelings and did what he loved to do, play basketball. Lebron’s average points per game are 86 points! An average NBA players’ points per game are only 10 points per game! That is about 76 more than average players! Lebron is 6’8’’, and weighs 250 pounds! A basketball game is about 48 minutes, (not counting the stopping time), and Lebron is up there for an average of 42.2 minutes a game! OverallLebron is definitely the #1 best basketball player in the world. He has been through some of the worst times and just pushed them aside like they were nothing. As Lebron James says himself, “I FEEL CONFIDENT BECAUSE I’M THE BEST IN THE WORLD.”

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