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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Throughout the years, Basketball has advanced from a classic to an increasingly modernized game. For instance, things changed from perimeter two-point shooting to long-distance 3-point shooting; from straightforward layups to very much well-played alley loops and creative dunking. Basketball is popular to the point that pretty much every nation in Asia, Europe, and the USA plays the game. 

Most individuals realize how to play the game. I have seen individuals playing inside and outside so often, yet it is generally played outside along the streets.

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How might one portray basketball? Well to just put it basketball is a round of runs, hustle, and heart, constant activity, technique, skill, and only a dash of physicality. Including the extravagant dribbling, stunning passes, high flying dunks, and long-range shots into blend does not hurt either. This game tends to draw out each feeling in its players and its fans. In a matter of a couple of assets or even a couple of moments, one could discover their feelings going from overjoyed to dishearten.

To genuinely comprehend the sport of basketball, one must know its starting point. Basketball was made by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. The game previously progressed toward becoming advanced through the YMCA and the U.S. Armed forces who regularly played it. Basketball saw its first extraordinary jump towards fame in schools having diversions played by colleges as right on time as 1893 and with progressively current guidelines as early as 1896. With each one of those advanced guidelines currently executed into basketball, the 3pt line was not one of them. For a very long time, the 3pt line was viewed as a joke to everyone professionally and collegially in the basketball industry. 

The primary recorded use of the 3pt line was in 1961 in the American Basketball League (ABL), yet that barely lasted for less than 2 years and once it disintegrated so did the 3pt line. The 3pt line was reawakened lastly acknowledged with great enthusiasm in 1979 in the National Basketball Association (NBA), during Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s rookie session. The 3pt line was not consistently ingrained into collegiate basketball until 1986 and with high school basketball a year later.

In the sport of ball, there are numerous components that go into winning games. Statistics might be esteemed more than the rest, all things considered, there are various statistics that contribute to winning like, turnover (TO), assists (Ast), field goal percentages (FG %), blocks (Blk), and steals (Stl). Of the considerable number of statistics that factor into winning, where does team efficiency (TE), 3pt shooting (3PT %), and total rebounding (Reb) fall?

Significance of the Study

The significance of this study is to either demonstrate or negate that team efficiency through 3PT efficiency and total rebounds relates to winning ball games at the collegiate level during the 2017-2018 WBB season. Most old-school basketball mentors will affirm that they like to dependably score as near the circle as could be allowed and that they are not enormous devotees of shooting a large number of 3-pointers. These same coaches will likewise clarify that the highest rate shots draw close to the basket, which in principle, combined with rebounding the ball inside gives a team a more noteworthy possibility of winning. 

Basketball is changing far from its conventional way, which was pounding the ball inside and score as near to the basketball as could be allowed, to now showing out with flashy moves and shooting from a 30 to 40 feet range away from the basket. Increasingly present-day coaches will say otherwise. These coaches will express that 3-pointers are indeed a deadly weapon when there is an absence of inside scoring capacity. They will also express that a high 3PT rate likewise combined with rebounding will give leverage that will result in wins. 3-pointers are an energizing piece of the game however we should check whether a high 3PT rate combined with total rebounds results in more successes.


First, it can be assumed that the data provided by NCAA and NAIA WBB conferences is accurate. Second, it can also be assumed that a higher 3PT percentage and a higher number of total rebounds increase team efficiency. Finally, it may also be assumed that greater team efficiency will translate into more wins.


The 3-pointer and rebounding is becoming a second-nature to most basketball players and fans as years past. Presently like never before 3PT shooting and rebounding are at a record-breaking high since each level of basketball worries about it now, particularly collegiate and professional teams. Not having the capacity to shoot the 3PT shot can prompt a competitor to get ignored by schools and might even get signed by Pro groups. Not having the capacity to rebound can hurt a competitor’s incentive to coaches and professional scouts.

 Coaches will contend that shooting admirably from pass the arc gives teams a more prominent preferred standpoint at winning, particularly if the team isn’t strong at scoring close to the hoop. Coaches additionally will shout that restricting the other team’s amount of contact of the ball, mostly by rebounding, will give their team a superior shot at winning too. Rebounding additionally is said to wind up a major factor to all coaches in the world all over. All things considered, here are some dependable sources talking with respect to rebounding, and 3PT shooting.

Importance of Rebounding

Rebounding is an issue. On some plays, it’s the absolute most vital thing you can do. One rebound can turn into a legend or win a title. Bouncing back (also known as rebounding) is vital in basketball on the grounds that the team that rebounds better as whole control the momentum of the game. At the point when a team bounces back superiorly to their rival, it constrains the number of chances the rival needs to touch the ball. Thus, the team that bounce back better declines of a number of endeavors their rival needs to score. On the other hand, for the better rebounding team, it expands their number of opportunities to score and gives them easier ways to score closer to the basket. 

According to the coaching staff at PowerBasketall (PB), “Great rebounding is going to present more scoring opportunities for a team, while giving the opposing team less scoring opportunities. Just think about it, one rebound could possibly, in the best-case scenario, add a 6 point swing to a team’s score! Good rebounding is going to give a team more possessions, which means more scoring (PB, 1998).” Which makes sense because most coaches believe that when we rebound offensively and defensively it will not only limit the other opponent from scoring but will give us the advantage to score after second attempts. PB also expresses that, “Great rebounding will improve a team’s scoring percentage. 

Often, offensive rebounds are put-backs from a close distance. These are easy shots that are converted more often than not. Additionally, defensive rebounds can result in a great pass that often translates to fast break scores before the opponent’s defense can even get set up. These are also easy and high percentage shots. Great plays start with a great rebound; the better a team is at it, the higher their percentages will go (PB, 1998).” This is the reason ensuring your team realizes how to oversee those missed shots is so important. It has an enormous effect on how viable your team is, at both ends of the court.

Importance of 3-point shooting

Having the capacity to shoot 3-pointers has become an important skill in basketball in the past couple of years now. Shooting them productively enables a team to spread the floor and stretch the defense out, which makes it simpler to score while attacking the lane. The 3-point shot additionally allows littler teams to rival teams that are predominant in tallness. Teams are shooting these shots and shooting it increasingly more viably as the pattern of 3-point shooting advances. A USA Basketball article was done by Ryan Wood in 2011 backings these cases by expressing, “Whereas size was once a critical factor in player match-ups in the past, the 3-point line gave smaller teams a great equalizer (Wood, 2011).” Also backs up these cases in saying, “There is also a significant decrease in 3-point shots failed (3PF) from 2010 to 2011 for the under 20 years old (U20) category, reinforcing the idea of improving the 3-point percentages of even with increasing the 3-point line (3PL) distance.” Many people will prefer to shoot the 3 rather than a short jumper because they want to accumulate more points.


There is a lot of profitable data on the significance of rebounding, 3PT shooting, and their joint impact on team productivity. It is critical for the individuals who mentor basketball to structure their teams around 3PT shooting and bouncing back so as to build their odds of winning. Many coaches will agree that 3 pointers and rebounding are essential to the game in this era.

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