Blue Devil Basketball Offensive Philosophy

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The Blue Devil Offensive Philosophy is that our best offense is our defense. Players will use strong defense to create primary break opportunities. The EHS basketball program places great importance upon getting the ball into the front court with great urgency. By pushing the ball up the court, we force the defense into numerical disadvantages which can create easy scoring opportunities for our athletes.

The emphasis is placed on getting the ball in the paint in order to create scoring situations. It is the basketball coaching staffs’ firm belief that good things will happen when the ball is dribbled or passed in the paint. It will result in a high percentage shoot attempt or a pass out for an open three-point opportunity. If a scoring situation does not occur through our primary break, we will run one of our two base offenses or a variety of set offenses.

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The program’s two base offenses come from two very successful college basketball programs: Villanova and Wisconsin. The primary base offense is the Villanova Motion Offense, while our second offense is the Swing Offense that was developed by legendary coach, Bo Ryan. The Blue Devil basketball program believes that great offense is all about creating advantages and then attacking them. Thus, the spacing within the Villanova Motion Offense helps our athletes read the defense, then exploit mismatches by quick ball reversals and good shot selection.

All of our offensive sets and plays will be geared toward the strengths of our team. This means that players will need to understand their role on the team. All of our offenses will require team togetherness, communication, and unselfishness. The coaching staff wants players that play for EHS to understand the value of every possession. We also want players that will attack the offensive glass to create more scoring opportunities.

Lastly, we as a coaching staff believe that offense should be kept very simple. Great offense occurs by Players should understand that great execution on offense is the result of good preparation in practice, hard cuts, solid screens, and good shot selection. All five players on the court must be basketball players, this means that they can each shoot, pass, and score.

Blue Devil Basketball Defensive Philosophy

The Blue Devil Defensive philosophy is that defense is the key ingredient in producing championship teams. The Blue Devil Coaching Staff recognizes that the following statement is true in the game of basketball, “Offense sells tickets, but it is Defense that wins games.” We also feel that defense is something we have complete control over. All players have the ability to get into a stance and pressure the basketball. Defense requires a great deal of effort, energy and enthusiasm on each possession. We as a coaching staff will motivate players in the entire basketball program to take charges, block out every possession, and play help-side defense. Our base defense will be man-to-man.

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We will also utilize some trapping strategies, full court pressure, and a few zone principles depending on the situation. Our philosophy on defense will be centered on making the offense feel as uncomfortable as possible, with tremendous ball pressure. We will do our best to control ball movement, forcing the offense to do things that they do not want to do. The Blue Devil Basketball Athletes will understand the importance of putting your body in help side defensive positioning, closing out on shooters, jumping to the ball, blocking out, and taking charges. Blue Devil Basketball Athletes will be expected to give 100% effort, energy, and enthusiasm on every defensive position.

Blue Devil Basketball Athletes should understand that great defense creates great offense. By creating turnovers, this allows us to run our primary break. When defense happens, the game becomes very exciting and fun for everyone involved.

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