Biomedical Ethics

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Updated: Dec 22, 2022
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Most advanced democratic societies provide for the right to health care. This is ensured since the entire population deserves public health protection against injury and disease. Furthermore, life security on medical issues is critical for the optimal functioning of individuals and communities.

Institutions are often set up to assure individuals with no financial capability access to healthcare services. Despite not having life insurance cover, United States citizens from the poor and middle classes are afforded the right to emergency services.

Other developing nations provide the right to health care by establishing policies that do not primarily meet the health care needs of the population.

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There are a variety of health care systems that embody the legal right for health care (Manning et al., 2007). This ranges from government providing health care services to providing national health services.

There is a tremendous range of different types of legal rights concerning healthcare. This is reliant on the degree of the insurance coverage the person is on, type of mental health reproductive technologies, and long-term services care. There are positive and negative rights that are given as medical care where the positive right requires a favor to the right bearer while the negative right requires a refrain from doing something harmful to the right bearer (Manning et al., 2007). This is given, for instance, when a person requires going beyond what is allocated by the cover.

In essence, access to health care should be a right given equally to all people regardless of financial situation. The nation should try and change the health care system and ensure that all citizens have access to affordable health insurance.

Healthcare is an important contribution to the economy as it protects and ensures the capitalization of opportunities by healthy and fully functional individuals. It safeguards every individual’s normal functioning and makes all people equal competitors and cooperators.


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