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Duke basketball has a lot of impact in men’s college basketball. This is because of Mike Krzyzewski. He is the Duke men’s head coach. This man has had an impact on Duke men’s basketball by coaching the NCAA Championships they won. He also was there to coach the 10 Sweet 16’s. This man and his staff have made great athletes into strong men. He and his staff have helped the university in many ways.Coach Mike Krzyzewski is the head coach of Duke men’s college basketball. Coach K has a wife and 3 daughters. His wife’s name is Mickie Krzyzewski and his daughter’s names are Jamie Spatola, Lindy Frasher, and Debbie Savarino. Coach K mentioned in his speech to the press that his family means everything to him. “My family is my everything. I would give the world to them if I could. I love all of them so much.”Coach K refers to Duke as his 2nd home. In the book, Duke Basketball he told Bob Woodward.” Duke is like my family. Duke has so many amazing people there who care about me and my family. They are supporters of us and everyone at Duke University.” Coach Krzyzewski hired Chris Carrawell as the assistant coach. 

Coach K has a specific coaching style. Coach K is a hard coach to play for. Coach K believes in hard defense, and he likes to run the ball which means to transition from offense to defense. He does not like when one of his players is not playing hard. His beliefs are that if you do not have a good attitude, hustle, go after every loose ball, or play hard, then you will sit on the bench and not play. According to his book he mentioned, ” If you do not hustle you will not play for me.” In other words, Coach K explained, ” Playing time is not given it is earned.”Duke men’s basketball has won 4 NCAA championships. The first NCAA championship was in 1991 against Kansas. The score was 72 (Duke)-65 (Kansas). 1992 was the second win against Michigan. Duke won by 20 points, 71 (Duke)-51 (Michigan). The 2010 championship was played against Butler. Butler was so close, and then the championship slipped away, 61 (Duke)-59 (Butler). 2015 was the final championship won by Duke so far. It was not an easy win, but they beat out Wisconsin by 5 points. These 4 championship teams were led by Coach Mike Krzyzewski. Duke men’s basketball have won 10 sweet 16’s. Sweet 16 NCAA means the first round of the NCAA tournament. The Sweet 16 is the goal for most lower-seed teams. It is named the Sweet 16 because there are 16 teams in this round.Duke men’s have many coaches for there team. Here are the coaches names and positions. Mike Krzyzewski (Head Coach), Nate James (Assistant Head Coach), Jon Scheyer (Assistant Head Coach), and Chris Carrawell (Assistant Coach).

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There are many recent NBA players that went to Duke University including, Kyrie Irving (Celtics), Jayson Tatum (Celtics), Seth Curry (Dallas Mavericks), and Luol Deng (Los Angeles Lakers). These 4 players have been very successful in the NBA. This is because Duke University teaches players many life skills they need for the real world.Marvin Bagley is 19 years old and is 6″11. He averages 21 points per game. He also averages 3 offensive rebounds and 7 defensive rebounds. Marvin is a 63% free throw shooter. Marvin Bagley is a freshman in college. In college, he plays with #35 on his jersey. Marvin Bagley is an American basketball for Duke. He is considered one of the top eligible picks for the 2018 NBA Draft. Bagley was having an interview with Coach K for Coach Krzyzewski’s book. Bagley exclaimed in the interview, “I feel like I am a good student. I need to be a good student-athlete because if I am not then I won’t be able to to have my scholarship to Duke.” Trevon Duval is 19 years old and is 6″3. He averages 12 points per game. He also averages 2 rebounds, 5 steals, and is a 63% free throw shooter. His jersey number is #1. Trevon is an American college basketball player for Duke.

In January 2017 Trevon was a Mcdonalds All-American. Trevon Duval was born on August 3, 1998. He went to High-school at Saint Benedict’s Preparatory school. Trevon is a Freshman going into his Sophomore year in college. He is the starting point guard for Duke.Wendell Carter is 18 years old and is 6″10 and is averaging 13 points per game. He averages 2 assists, 8 steals, 2 blocks, and is a 73% free throw shooter. Wendell is a Freshman is a college. He wears the #34 on his jersey. Wendell Carter went to High- School at Pace Academy. He is also one of the strongest players in the country. Wendell Carter has helped Duke men’s basketball in so many ways. His parents are Wendell Carter Sr. (Dad) and Cylia Carter(Mom). Wendell was born on April 16, 1999, in Fairburn, GA. Wendell Carter fouled out against Kansas Jayhawks in the Elite Eight 2018.Gary Trent Jr. is 19 years old and averages 10 points per game, and is 6″6. He was averaging 14 points per game, 8 defensive rebounds, and 5 offensive rebounds. Gary averaged 1 block per game, and 6 steals per game. He is a 87% foul shooter. Gary Trent is a Freshman going into his sophomore year. He wears the #2 on his jersey. He went to high-school at Prolific Prep in California. When he was in high-school he was the star of his basketball team. Gary’s parents helped him through the way of life. His parents are Gary Trent and Roxanne Holt.

A point guard is one of the five positions on the court. When you are a point guard you bring up the ball and distribute the ball to your teammates. To be a good point guard you need these skills. Here are the listed skills, you need to be able to dribble with your eyes up, be able to distribute(pass) the ball to your teammates. A shooting guard has one of the most important positions on the court. This is because his/her job is to score points for his/her team. To be a good shooting guard you need to be able to shoot from anywhere on the court and you need to have the ability to get open and create space he/she can get an open shot. To be in this position you need confidence, good shot form, and trust in their teammates. A power forward is one of the five positions on the court. The power forward is usually referred to as a post player. The power forward plays a similar role of the center. Power forwards have a good amount of strength and body mass. A small forward is referred to as a three or a wing player. A wing player/ small forward is a position and its job is to get open and set screens for his/her teammates. The small forward is also a rebounder. This position can also be used as a point guard or shooting guard. 

A Tweener is a player that is used as a player who can play two positions but not be suited to one position. Usually the tweener plays small forward or center for a tweener.A swingman is a player that is capable of playing multiple positions in their game. This is a very hard position.Grayson Allen is 22 years old and graduated Duke college in 2018. He was the starting shooting guard for Duke. Grayson averaged about 30 points per game. This year he graduated from Duke men’s basketball. He finished his career at Duke with 1,996 points putting himself 12th on the Blue Devil’ career scoring list and 7th on the free throw percentage list with 83%.

Over Grayson Allen’s career he has played 142 games and started 97 of them. Grayson Allen also score with double digits 93 time, including 46 games with at least 20 points . He also has four double-doubles. The best thing overall that he did in his career was get his highscore overall of 40.Duke basketball is an amazing basketball team. For example, they have great players that work hard and make the program great. Duke also has good history throughout the years. Finally, Duke would not be the great program they are without their coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach Mike Krzyzewski has made many players including Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum the Celtics super stars. Duke is one of the biggest universities. This is because this college has so many amazing people that make this a phenomenal school.

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