Harriet Tubman and her Journey Towards Freedom

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Could you imagine the life of a african american back in the south during the 1820’s. Having the lack of freedom, doing hard labor in the burning heat, or doing rough labor in the bone chilling cold. No we really can’t. With the amazing freedom everyone has today in this amazing country. Today all races can go around the United States without getting beat or even killed. Today everyone is treated with equality. But the world was not always so grand.

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Thanks to all the amazing abolitionist, especially the big help from Moses herself Harriet Tubman. The world will be forever changed because of this amazing woman.


“Harriet Tubman was born as Araminta Ross. She was born around 1820-1822 near Bucktown in Dorchester County.” (Clinton 4) The reason the date is not known is because slave masters did not keep the exact date of birth of each slave. “Harriet Tubman’s birth mother was Harriet Greene and her birth father was Benjamin Ross.”. (Clinton 5) “Harriet Tubman had 8 siblings, her siblings were Linah Ross, Soph Ross, Henry Ross, Ben Ross, Mariah Ritty Ross, Robert Ross, Moses Ross, and Rachel Ross.” (Early Life harriet-tubman.org) Harriet Tubman’s first husband was John Tubman, the reason why Harriet Tubman remarried was because John Tubman and Harriet Tubman got separated after Harriet Tubman escaped to freedom.

John Tubman was already free. By the time they met again John Tubman already married to somebody else. Then Harriet Tubman was married to Nelson Davis. Harriet Tubman never had an education, but was born a slave and started doing big jobs as a slave as young as 5 years of age. “Harriet Tubman died at the age of 90-91 due to pneumonia.” (Clinton 213) “She died March 10th 1913 in Auburn New York .” (Clinton 214-215) The reason why I chose to do research on Harriet Tubman was because she is the definition of a strong and passionate woman, she fought for her freedom but was also willing to risk her life for anyone she could.

Fame & Its Attainment

What brought Harriet Tubman to want freedom? To be honest the person who inspired Harriet Tubman to want freedom is really unexpected. The slave owners inspired Tubman. Now before you think Tubman had a full on conversation with the slave owners about wanting freedom, or the slave owners talking to her about how grand it is to be free, that is not how they inspired her. They showed Tubman that people should not be treated badly and how being a free individual gives you an abundant amount of rights. Tubman realized that becoming free will be dangerous but will be worth this dreadful journey. The journey towards freedom was called the Underground Railroad.

Throughout the Underground Railroad one obstacle that Harriet Tubman went through was watching out for the slave patrols and slave catchers and their dogs (bloodhounds). “Harriet Tubman’s fame came from bringing 300 slaves to freedom without ever losing one and without ever getting caught.” (Harriet Tubman pbs.org) She once said, “I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say; I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.” (Clinton 216)

Harriet Tubman showed the world what great determination was. She showed that when she wanted freedom she was going to work for it. She was so determined she was going to let anyone talk her out of what she wanted to do; (2)She was very giving. Tubman wanted to help anyone she could. She helped 300 people escape to freedom, when she could have just stopped when she found freedom for herself. So she sacrifices her life for 300 people. ; (3). She helped slaves escaped because she was the conductor of the Underground Railroad. She was WANTED by slave hunters. “She was also a nurse, Union Spy, and a woman’s suffrage supporter.” (Harriet Tubman history.com)

Today Harriet Tubman would be astonished at the way the world is. The world has come to such a change. She would be so proud that in the United States of America from the North to the South has become a free territory. She would be so excited to see that all african americans are not slaves and are working for themselves to support their family. She would be so happy that after 246 years of slavery it ended. She would be so proud of the amazing jobs that are giving to all types of races. All together, she would be amazed at the great kind of change that showed that people who would have been a slave are free and able to go wherever they want without any trouble.


Today is much different than 1619-1865 when slavery took place. But thanks to Harriet Tubman she showed many slaves what it is like to be free. From just growing up as an average slave, she grew up as a strong, smart, passionate woman. She was an amazing woman known as Moses who was the conductor of the Underground Railroad. So thanks to Harriet Tubman for helping some slaves that had no sense of freedom know what freedom felt like. She helped us realize what a determined, and giving person was. Who has inspired many of us today.

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