Harriet Tubman – 1,000 Slaves Escaped Per Year

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“Did you know about 1,000 slaves escaped per year? But the women who started it was a brave african american name Harriet Tubman. She had many dangerous missions to save slaves but she had a quote that said “ I would fight for my liberty as long as my strength lasted, and if the time came for me to go, the lord would let them take me”. But the brave Harriet Tubman had a hard life with many challenges. She was an important women and had many important events in her life.

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Did you know till this day no one really knows the exact year Harriet Tubman was born? Arminta Ross was born on January 29 around the 1800s. She was one of the eleven children of Ben Ross and Harriet Green. She was born into slavery and her nickname was Minty. When Arminta was age 6 she was sent to a couples home to do weaving and was beat frequently. When she started to get lazy the couples made her check the muskrat traps. After the couple said she was incompetent she was taken in by a housekeeper and was a nursemaid but was sent back to brodas her real master after eating one of the housekeepers sugar cube.She had many bad injuries but a medal weight was thrown at her and she got headaches and seizures for the rest of her life. A quote she said was “ I was a neglected weed – ignorant and liberty, having no experience of it”. Arminta Ross had a harsh life she was sent to many places to work at a young age and was beaten many times. And also had a bad head injury that is very serious.

Did you know the start of Harriet Tubman saving slaves was because she didn’t want to be sold. When Harriet was 25 she married John Tubman in 1844. She was scared to be sold cause she didn’t want her marriage to split. She dreamed of going to the north but her husband was holding her back from going north. He asked questions like when it is nighttime how can she see and threaten her that he would tell her master. On 1849 she left her husband and went to Philadelphia. When she got there she had a piece of paper with names of abolitionist. The people told her were the first path to freedom was. When she got to her destination she was covered by a sack and was driven to the next destination. Some people told her some of the safe houses and she has to cross the Mason-Dixon line. Then she hitched a wagin where a man and women who were passing by. They were abolitionist and drove her to Philadelphia. She found a job and got some money and settled in Philadelphia. A quote she said was “ Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman dreamed of going to the north but someone held her back but she followed her dream and went to the north.

The first people she helped was her family. She send a message to her sister’s son saying to board a fishing boat in Cambridge. The boat would sail to the chesapeake bay where they would meet harriet in the bodkin’s point. She guided them from safe houses to safe houses in Pennsylvania until they reached Philadelphia. On 1850 she was pronounced a conductor in the UGRR. That meant she knows all the routes in the Underground Railroad. She did a second trips to help her brother James and some friends. She did 17 more trips to help slaves escape. Harriet Tubman did about 19 trips to help slaves escape to freedom.

Harriet Tubman had a harsh childhood but was a important african american and did a lot of important things. She helped a lot of people to freedom a quote she said was “ I freed a thousand slaves I could freed a thousand more if only they know they were slaves”.”

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